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The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
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Revised Campaign Screen / Dungeon Master Screen Accessory - Redesigned to Lower Landscape "mode"

Posted by Wood Robot (Creator)

We have taken some great feedback from you all in the community and revised the Campaign Screen/Dungeon Master Screen to a lower profile landscape mode. All images are computer rendered and not indicative of the final color or wood grain. 

Cost is listed in the campaign and it mounts to ANY of the Tables of Ultimate Gaming. You can see the difference in the lower profile in the last slide.

 This will be available to add to your order in the campaign manager that we will send you after the campaign ends soon. It will be available in all main table colors. At this point that is gray, black, natural wood and stained brown wood.

We have retained the exciting features including the figure staging area, book and paper clips, as well as the reveal screen where can reveal things to the party that they see including maps, artwork, images or visuals from your iPad or other tablet devices. 

Finally, I know you will ask again if this can be bought separately. Yes, bid a dollar and we will send you a survey and you can order any accessories. I know you will ask if it can be used without the TOUG rail table mount. Yes, but it is not designed for that so your results may vary from a stability standpoint. But there are those answers. Thanks!





 Brown stain wood is computer rendering and not representative of final look or wood grain. It is just an example. 


See below: New landscape design (on the right side) is easier to see over the top of. Better for game play and as it is somewhat wider it still retains great storage and organization areas. 



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    1. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Kriv yes for sure. You can order accessories however you like - deco too, everything really

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyle Ripley

      Love this! Thanks for making a landscape version of this. It should make it a lot easier to see into the vault of the table without having to peek around the side. Quick question - I plan on ordering the stain wood table and am wondering if I'd be able to choose a black DM screen to match the top of the table.

    3. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      I dont think you are rude or negative FoolsBane. I did not get my info anywhere other than sitting behind the actual table and screen in question. In that respect I have a pretty good idea. For us the ergonomics work well. It may not be right for everyone. We may offer other versions in the future. Yet this works well in this case. No idea what works for other tables, other situations or in other cases. Our table is unique and of a certain size where this makes the most sense. Thanks for the question and your interest!

    4. FoolsBane on

      Dont want to sound negative or rude but where did you get your infos? From my experience in RPGs, there is a lot more GM screen in the portrait format than in the landscape one. I may be wrong but I rarely see the landscape format. Just saying.

    5. Tristan on

      Great Work on this one. I shared the same concern on this DM screen but now count me in for one !!!

    6. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Landscape only Jens - the other was too tall -

    7. Jens Hoegen on

      Are now both versions available or only the landscape one?

    8. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      We have a lot to update you on. Hands down please :)

    9. Kēvin Zoren

      *waves hand in front of your face* this is not the update you're looking for.