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The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
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600k Stretch Goal Reached! Compact TOUG is born!

Posted by Wood Robot (Creator)

Hi all.

First, our thoughts are with those in the Florida and South East area of the United States as one of the largest hurricanes on records approaches. We were up all night last night ourselves working to get family out and safe. Be careful out there.

Next - We have reached the $600K Stretch Goal - The Compact Table of Ultimate Gaming 2.4 is released! Amazing work by our all of you has made this possible and it is the first TOUG model that comes in under the $500 mark.

 Here are the initial coffee table height table dimensions. Note that table carries a full 28" wide by roughly 48" length play surface! (1215 X 714cm) We call it a 2.4 model but the play surface is much bigger than 2'X4'. This little table plays big!! But it is really the perfect smaller coffee and gaming table size.

This is a fantastic new premium "full meal deal" addition to the TOUG line. It has ALL the features and benefits of the larger 3.5 and 4.6 tables but in a more compact package. These features include in-table power, two depth play surface, modular decoration system (Dragons, Skulls, Celtic, Cthulhu, and Castle designs), multi-height legs available and much more. This makes it perfect in the coffee table style for a smaller living room, in the standard table size for a smaller kitchen or gaming room, or even with the taller legs as a place to play by the bar with stools! Buy extra legs to change out the table height and style in the future!

The Compact TOUG 2.4 accepts and is compatible with ALL of the accessories that work on the 3.5 and 4.6 larger models. These accessories include cup holders, campaign screens, card organizers, modular quick-change decorations, large player pads and much more! It is also available in the standard table colors of natural wood, grey, black and stained wood. Also, there is a choice of four standard mat colors; green, red, blue and black. An options full top can be added to complete full table look and add a load of functionality for daily use. These two top sections store inside EITHER end of the table and can be also pulled out as two built in desks!

 Here are the initial standard table height dimensions

 Here are the tall/counter top height table dimensions

Finally, if you wish, it can be used to attach to our largest 4.6 table to extend the playing surface into a table that is 4' wide by over 8' long! See image below

 Maybe combine two 2.4 Compact TOUGH model tables for a table that is about 4' wide by 4'6" long! See image below, with and without the optional full table covers.

 4'X4' play with room to spare!

It is a robust and solid unit and carries a tremendous amount of wood and feature content in the smaller package. We now have a pledge level for the 2.4 Compact TOUG in the campaign. You can choose the base table and add-on dollars for accessories now or add them in the post-campaign survey. It is, of course, a little lower in price than its larger brothers too! The Compact TOUG 2.4 starts at under $500 in the Kickstarter making it the most affordable TOUG model yet!








The Compact TOUG 2.4 Model is another Table of Ultimate Gaming that you simply cannot outgrow! Pledge now to secure one at a discount for just a few more days!


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    1. Mark on

      Wow weeeeeee ! The options are endless.

    2. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      For those 4 pledges in the first 2.4 pledge level, there were typos, so I just limited that one. You can leave your pledge or cancel and repledge the CORRECTED pledge. And if all four of you do, I can delete the other one I think. No worries either way, We got you covered even if you leave it.

    3. Justin Boehm

      Nice! Now about that purple mat...