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The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
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Initial Accessory Update and Prices

Posted by Wood Robot (Creator)

Hi all, as promised this is the initial list of extras that you can add-on in the post campaign survey that we will send you. You can pledge the amounts now if you wish. Then you select the actual details along with your table details in the post campaign survey. It actually saves us money if you pledge now rather than post campaign but up to you!

If you want to order only accessories you can pledge a dollar so you get the survey after the campaign and you can order what you would like. 

Shipping details for each item are coming soon. These costs will be very reasonable as these are mostly smaller items. We are working on packaging sizes now so we are working on shipping costs as well.

The accessories will be available in all main table colors. Right now that means natural wood, grey and black. If we hit the stretch goal for the dark stained wood we will make the accessories available in those as well.

We are looking at two hell tower versions right now. One has the addition of the flip-open desk top. Also the Hellbox boxes are listed with pricing. These are not plastic storage boxes please keep this in mind. These are all wood, pre built by hand, and include deep multilayer decorations and ornate details. They should be the place for your special storage needs. They are amazing. The hell towers will roll under the standard and tall tables or sit alongside the coffee table. They will be available in the same deco patterns we currently have including Castle, Dragon, Celtic, Skulls, Cthulhu and no-deco. In the colors that we currently have as well. 

The dice tower listed is the portable version. We are looking at a rail mount version also but that is not listed yet. The colors and deco for the dice tower are coming soon.

All accessories listed fit all the tables including 3x5, 4x6 and any other tables in the future.

We will continue to show photos and details as we get them on all these accessories. We will add more detail sheets next week in the campaign on each of these as well.

Thanks for your ongoing support, input and encouragement! Jamie and I might be a little slow on answers next few days as it is a holiday in the States and our families seem to want our attention :) We will do our best to get to you ASAP!

I will also post this to Facebook and inside the campaign.

Peace and Gaming

Patrick and Jamie


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    1. Josh Christ on

      Is the Hellbox and Storage bins still an option? I am not seeing them on my pledge manager.

    2. Justin Porter

      To second Daniel, could we get the dimensions of the GM screen/cup holds?

    3. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      ANALOG GAMES thanks!

    4. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Daniel Jödemann the accessories are really designed for the TOUG as far as attaching them. While we can give general dimensions, we cannot say they would attach to any other table reliability as they are designed to attach perfectly to the TOUG.

    5. Daniel Jödemann on

      Hello! If I'm only interested in ordering accessories like the cup holders and screen, it would be great to know a few more details about them: To what kind of tabletops can you attach them? (How thick and so on. Also: what's the maximum diameter of cups that fit into the holders?) Same with the screen. It would be great if you could answer this or maybe present the dimensions in a future update?


      Count me in on a landscape DM screen as well. Great KS and great looking tables! Can't wait to see what else pops up to order . . .

    7. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      eric and Kriv we will take some pics so you can see and look at the landscape also

    8. eric

      i agree with Kriv below. Any possibility for a landscape DM screen instead of portrait? That's the type of screens i usually go for.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kyle Ripley

      I really like the look of the DM screen. However, it looks pretty tall. When sitting behind it, are you able to see the table over the top of the screen, or do you have to peak around the sides of it to interact with players/the table?

    10. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Mr Anderson - yes they can match the tables! All the designs are available. Castle, Dragon, Celtic, Skulls, Cthulhu and others if we can add. Also the wood color of your choice and deco color.

    11. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Amy Baldwin - hey that is a great idea. Let me work on it

    12. Missing avatar

      Amy Baldwin on

      I am assuming that the Hell Tower price is for an empty one. Any chance of a package deal for the Tower and full load of boxes?

    13. Mr Anderson

      As much as I love the Storage Tower, I'm going to have to pass and stick with my Ikea Alex units. A few Hell Boxes might be in my game room in the future though.

      Are the designs on the Hellbox our choice or is there only the one design? Can they match the table we get?