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The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
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Table size adjustment - Smaller "3x5" tables gets a little more space, larger "4x6" tables remain the same

Posted by Wood Robot (Creator)

Hi all,

We have been looking at the production, engineering and sustainability (waste) of the Table of Ultimate Gaming. In a nutshell, in order to maximize all aspects of the tables production and usability, while minimizing waste, the smaller table (in all heights) is now about 5 inches wider and 1 inch shorter. This will come as good news to those who wanted a little more room in your tables. The smaller standard table now has a net gain of 259 sq inches. This standard table - which we call the 3x5 - will now have these dimensions:

ALL of our photos on Facebook and inside the Kickstarter depict this slightly larger table dimension as we have been prototyping it and it made it to the photoshoot and GenCon event. Of course the cost will not change but you get more square inches of play surface to enjoy.

The larger 4'x6' table will remain the same. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jamie MacBain Collaborator on

      @Stehen "Stoibs" D, Thats great to hear!
      @Randy King, the shipping prices WILL NOT increase.

    2. Missing avatar

      Randy King

      Will the size change for the 3x5' table increase shipping costs? I assume this change will have an impact on your packaging size and increase the weight for the table for shipping.

    3. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      As much as I'd like the 4x6 for some of my larger games, it's just not feasible in my current living arrangements.

      This news makes me much happier and confident by going the 3x5 route now :D

    4. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Willie we might surprise you if your order is in already.

    5. Missing avatar

      Willie R Clay Jr on

      I like it, just don't like having to wait until next for my table lol

    6. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      DrLegend - yes working on that for tomorrow update

    7. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Sam Murdock - it should fit fine. Jamie take a look also please

    8. Sam Murdock on

      Gah.... 47.84 x 71.94... that's gonna be agitating when trying to place in a 48 x 72 gaming mat, lol

    9. DrLegend on

      This is good to know.

      Is it possible to get a dimension chart like this from views at the other angles as well?