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The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
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    1. Costa

      Kickstarter takes about 10% of the pledge amount.

    2. Missing avatar

      DalekSane on

      Meanwhile, they told me today (April 7th 'first orders' e-mail, no updates since) that the fulfillment company us having trouble, and they can either keep searching for the 'missing tables', or get another sent over. No mention or any June 20th shipment, quality control, etc. To add insult to injury, they want to keep 8% for Kickstarter fees to refund my money.

    3. Chris Detlef on

      "HI Chris, thanks for your note. We have been waiting for a big data update from our factory and we had gotten that last night. Melissa is working on a big update for tonight. In a nutshell all tables will either be arriving between Monday in the states and latest will ship from factory about June 20th. So all is in order and thank you for your patience. We chose to slow down to eliminate any quality issues rather than hurry up and disappoint. Thanks"

    4. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      @Thomas Rizzi can you tell us when you got your email to confirm your address and when you actually go it? also do you happen to know how big the box(es) are? Thank you! I live in the same state as you so just trying to get some info

    5. Chris Detlef on

      You're going to start to get cancelled orders and demands for refunds soon if you don't give more detailed/frequent updates.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      I was under 30th to back and the fact that people that backed on indeegogo got something is really infuriating. Since it's a Kickstarter I figured there was going to be a delay. But the fact that I backed earlier than a lot of people that have already gotten there's sucks. With the amount of time it has been delayed I could have got a custom table built.
      Let's get some updates. Stop pimping new products and get these ones delivered.

    7. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on

      I've taken to facebook again asking for an update and warning their new pre-order customers that things aren't what they seem. I'd like a full comprehensive update on all kickstarter backers tables and when they are due to arrive.

      I (and I am sure I am not the only one) am looking for an update broken down by region > table > accessories.

      Then you need to update us weekly from this point on using that email as a template. If you can't or won't do this, I'll be requesting a refund.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas Rizzi on

      I got my table and put it together. Looks real nice except the table tops didn’t come yet. Has anyone any info on table tops not beimg in the shipment.

    9. Costa

      By the way, if you look at their indiegogo campaign, they are getting exactly the same updates (word for word) as here, even though technically kickstarter backers were supposed to get their tables first.

    10. Costa

      They are putting updates on Facebook regularly...mostly about the Warhammer themed tables though.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicole Miller on

      "They" being Carolina Tables which is only a few hours away. Good people.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicole Miller on

      Benjamin Mealer, I am with you. I contacted them this December when woodrobot first started being flakey. They are really nice people who invited me and hubby to come to their showroom and check out their goods. Their stuff is legit. I found out about them after this Kickstarter. The Tablezilla is still not big enough for my group but I am considering seeing what we can work out for a custom build if I can't take it anymore and decide to give up. I was teetering on getting my card company to reverse the charge. Considering the amount of money spent and the time wasted on trying to work things out with these guys, I'm confident that Chase will be more amenable due to being a long time customer with a solid payment history.
      I really want this to work but it seems like the only people who care are those of us who put in for this. I knew that there would be delays and I realize that 'Kickstarter is not a store's however when I give someone a few grand, I expect the party with my money to have some accountability. I am through being placated with unsupported claims that everything is fine.

    13. Costa

      It is better to be present and comment to set expectations and inform your customers of the truth, than let rumours (like yours) get traction. It is just common sense.

    14. Sam Murdock on

      My assumption is (just to add my two cents) is as stated in the update, there are 4 containers traveling and 2 at the factory. The delays and 'waiting to hear' are most likely them waiting for information on the new mats they were looking into after the continual feedback of wrinkles.

      And honestly if I was them I wouldn't be touching this chat with a 10' pole either...

    15. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Mealer on

      I am giving this until Sunday to get a meaningful update that shows me that they did not lie when they said our containers went out to the east coast in the middle of May. If I don't, I will be asking for a refund and will work with Carolina tables to get my table. I am over it at this point...

    16. Phillip Fromer on

      Here's what bothers me. A) Two attempts of contact to them and zero replies. Still wondering what the deal is with the shipping pricing being off. B) How is it there are 115 backers on Indigogo and at least one of them got their table two months ago?

    17. Costa

      We would just complain how slow the boat moves :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Amy Baldwin on

      @DrLegend if they just posted the names of the ships at sea we could track them ourselves. Which might occupy people enough to not post so much here.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Barnhart on

      @costa Exactly. I asked if there was any shipping update. I got a response that they were waiting on a Factory update. That reads like my table is still being made.

      Asked for clarification - no response!

      So at this point at what am I to assume?

    20. Costa

      Ninja'd by Matthew :)

    21. Costa

      But that's anecdotal information...someone may have misheard, misunderstood...who knows. Until they post something concrete, and I don't know about you, but at least for myself, I have no idea what the status of my table is. For all I know, it is still somewhere in China.

    22. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on

      @DrLegend that is exactly how the misinformation I was talking about spreads "I talked to x at game expo y, and he said my table is being carried across the desert on a camel's back"

      As much as the backers here seem like decent people, there is no way to verify the information until it comes from an official source.

    23. DrLegend on

      @Costa I'm not speaking about the updates alone but rather, from the information gathered from individuals in these comments. Some of them spoke with the creators directly at the latest UK Gaming Expo as well and provided some helpful insights into the current state.

    24. Costa

      I am not sure how you are coming up with the "According to their latest info, nearly all the containers have left". In fact, according to their latest update, there are further delays "This has added some time to production, but I do not yet know how much. Hopefully, I'll get updated production estimates this week".
      "SOME" tables have left for east and west coast. 2 more shipments were supposed to leave next for destinations unknown. Is that more for US? Canada? EU? Mars? Who knows? Apparently not even them.

    25. DrLegend on

      I think what this comments section has turned into is: any news is good news and no news is bad news.

      Yea, I'm sure we'd all love daily updates with specific lat/long tracking coordinates of our individual tables but that's just not feasible. However, I do agree with many of you requesting at least some form of update. Even Ninja Division who has taken a beating on KS as of late and has even vowed to leave the platform for good always releases weekly status updates.

      From my best estimate, I believe the reason they haven't posted anything new is because there is nothing new to post. No matter what they say, until the tables are in our homes, any update they offer will come under scrutiny by this community so they probably figure that the best thing to say at this point is nothing at all until there is something meaningful to report.

      I was told that a shipment of 4.6 tables should have reached the west coast on the 4th and haven't asked nor heard of anything different since. According to their latest info, nearly all of the containers have left and there are just a couple of more left to support EU and AU backers at the very end.

      Right now, Wood Robot is focusing on making sure the tables arrive in our homes as pristine as they possibly can be. I'm still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's remember that everyone who has received their tables so far has done nothing but praise them. That is a rare feat on KS.

    26. Missing avatar

      Shayne. on

      @Mega that's actually helpful. The container leaving the week prior to the 5/20 should arrive sometime between 6/18-6/25 +/-. I wonder if those are the two containers (East Coast and West Coast containers) mentioned previously?

    27. The Mega Meeple

      @mihailis Same here. Got mine in April and assembled it (you can read my review of the experience on my website)
      Me & my room mates eat in the living room watching tv anyway so Oh Well - however people are asking more frequently here “didn’t this table come with tops?” Other than what has been shared in the updates, I have no additional info.
      Still waiting on a replacement for a damaged side shelf and 2 small pieces that were missing.
      Was told by Mel via email on May 20
      “The replacement parts are in our current container. They were shipped last figure 5 weeks-ish?”

    28. Missing avatar


      @Shayne, I'm in KY and got mine with the Walnut stain.

    29. Joshua Van Horn on

      When is the last time we even got a comment here from @Woodrobot. You know they are looking but can’t even be bothered to respond.

    30. Missing avatar

      Brad DUrso on

      For an order of over a thousand dollars, we deserve a lot better communication than we have received. Just tell us where the containers are. What the time line is. It is not a hard or difficult question. I mean, Yikes! I would get fired at my job if I updated like this company.

    31. Missing avatar

      Shayne. on

      @Mihailis what state are you in? Was your table natural, black, or dark stain?

    32. Missing avatar


      I received my 3.5 table almost two months ago, but I'm still waiting for the tabletops to arrive so that I can actually assemble it. Unfortunately, I can't put it together without getting rid of my current dining room table and the open-topped design is great for playing 40K, but not so much for having friends over for dinner.

      I'd love to have some idea how much longer all these pieces are going to be cluttering up my office. If I'm still waiting for them by GenCon, I'm going to be more than a little perturbed.

    33. James Z Smith on

      Do they offer refunds? I'm getting super concerned at the lack of updates. People are actively making fun of me in my friend group for getting scammed at this point. An update would be nice.

    34. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Mealer on

      Right... not talking about their tables... talking about ours as in where it is in production...

    35. Missing avatar

      Gutpile on

      Another day, another complete lack of giving a shit about communicating with your backers.

    36. Missing avatar

      Shayne. on

      @benjamin some people (not sure how many) already have their tables and have posted pictures, reviews, questions about strangely shaped pieces they wanted to know where they went, etc.

    37. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Mealer on

      So guys... one thing I have been paying attention to is their "preorder for such and such delivery on the front page of their website. I have seen it move from June and in May it was August and now in June, it is showing September... They clearly have an update of an idea of what is going on with production but... they are not sharing because I can assume it is not good news... I highly doubt any tables went out in May.

    38. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on

      Gaps in information and lapse of communication with backers is a sign something is up.

      This is the time where misinformation and rumors start. I remember Zombicide season 2, there was a rumor it was delayed by 6 months because they couldn't find cardboard boxes big enough. A ridiculous rumor that came from local shipping companies not taking more than 4-6 big boxes a day, which slowed down shipping.

      Whatever the problem, let us know. I prefer to have more transparency than nothing.

      In addition I live close to Long Beach. If I need to pick up my table from your distribution center, I will absolutely do so and not look at recouping shipping costs...

    39. Missing avatar

      derek on

      I would greatly appreciate some sort of communication and comprehensive update. Details such as the status of the 4x6 tables and the accessories.

    40. Skydark on

      I don't mind the delays, but it's nice to be informed of whats going on. Even if its just we are waiting to hear from the factory kind of update.

    41. Missing avatar


      I want my table....

    42. Missing avatar

      Mark K on

      @Michael Barnhart. I too got an email reply from Melissa that she would get me a factory update on my table ASAP. That was on 5/29. To this day nothing.

    43. Erich Cranor

      Delays are no big deal really, although it is indeed more annoying than usual after all the initial assurances that this ks would be different. The sporadic updates that seem to be either entirely half-assed or willfully cryptic are pretty exasperating though. The best scenario I can come up with is that they are afraid of exposing details of their business because of worry about rivals. [which might have some merit but really seems like insufficient excuse] The other possibilities are that no one there really knows any more than they are telling us (in which case, wow they are probably screwed) or they just can't be bothered to have someone well informed spend literally 15 minutes to give a few clear comments. Others have already perfectly illustrated exactly what "clear" would be and how far south of that mark they have been running.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tim Czajkowski on

      I think people are after just a bit more detail in the updates more than anything. The previous mentioned a few containers, but not much of an indication where a few of them are headed. Would be interested to know if the one bound for Australia left at the end of the month as per a previous update.

    45. Sam Murdock on

      Yeah but Brad, you're talking about getting a lot of information, some vague, some time sensitive and the majority of probably the the marketing team isn't privvy to themselves (have to ask through other people) versus cut and paste of Facebook... think about it.

    46. Missing avatar

      Brad DUrso on

      I think at this point having a weekly update seems like a fair request. Even if the update is "No change from what the factory/shipping/fulfillment folks have said last week" A commenter posted below a good format for that; listing the containers and their status. If they just wrote it out once then all they have to do is change the last bit for each update. They have time to update their Facebook almost daily about their Warhammer tables and reviews, so they should be able to carve out a some time once a week for the folks that helped kickstart them.

    47. Costa

      I dont see that everyone is acting like promised. People were hoping for an update, we didn't get it; people are disappointed. That's all. No need for a lecture.

    48. Matt on

      Everyone here is acting like they promised an update. The last update says "Hopefully, I'll get updated production estimates this week. If I do, I will post them next Friday." I want an update as much as everyone else, but you're acting like they guaranteed info yesterday, when they really didn't.

      Wood Robot, you could definitely stand to be more communicative here. You've got a lot of people wondering what's up. But as backers, we should probably also not invent promises where there weren't any. Let's stick to the legitimate concerns and grievances.

    49. Costa

      Friday is long gone!

    50. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on

      Friday has come and is almost gone and no new update...

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