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The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
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    1. Missing avatar

      Sebly just now

      Just wanted to throw out some questions to the 6x4 owners:

      Has anyone played board games on it at the lowest depth setting? Is it awkward for players to reach across into the centre of the board.

      Does the higher depth setting have any impact on changing out the mats? I'll be keeping the plain colour mat down for board games but rolling out different mats for miniature games.

      Trying to decide what depth to set mine at when I get it. I play 40k as well (which was the main reason for getting a 6x4 table and originally planning on setting it at it's lowest but I also host regular board game nights and I don't want to have to force players to stand up all the time to reach the board (if the lower depth setting does have any affect on this).

      I assume even at highest depth setting I won't have any issues with dice coming off the table?

    2. Missing avatar

      Willie R Clay Jr 6 minutes ago

      lol Costa I'm in St Louis U.S.

    3. Chris Detlef about 1 hour ago

      1st table took me 5-6 hours with a second person helping with the long rails.

      2nd table took 2.5 hours solo

    4. Missing avatar

      Brad DUrso about 1 hour ago

      One thing folks should consider, especially if you have table but no toppers yet, is that you need a certain amount of space around the table to insert the toppers into the shelves for them. You need almost 4 feet of space on all sides to get the toppers in, so keep that in mind. So if you have a 4 by 6 you need it centered in a 13 by 15 room. That is a lot of space, but a way around that is to install furniture sliders under the legs while/after building. Loving my table so far, just finished first puzzle on it. First game sert up for Saturday. Terraforming Mars!

    5. Costa
      about 1 hour ago

      It would help if you said where you are :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Willie R Clay Jr about 2 hours ago

      No one can see me right now but I'm doing my happy Dance. Just got my shipping orders :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Sagar Patel about 3 hours ago

      Has anyone found a good way to get the ripples out of the mat??

      I'm not even sure if they are actually there because I can't feel them but when I look at the table there are multiple ripples on the mat. Weird. I've tried heavy object and tried to straighten them out go days but no luck. I've also tried tape to stretch the mat out but no luck on that either.

    8. Missing avatar

      Devin about 3 hours ago

      I got my 4x6 black in this past week and finally was able to put it together. Only issue I had is the TOUG metal emblem is on top of the arm rest. Not horrible but I assume it is a accident in the construction. Has anyone else had this problem and successfully removed it? Sent an email to the support site but curious if anyone has experienced this issue.

    9. Missing avatar

      Amy Baldwin about 7 hours ago

      @ Hengst
      My 2x4 the mat was about an inch too long. On 4x6 #1 it was a couple mm long only at one corner. I don’t know about #2 yet because we are renovating that room and have to assembled it yet.

    10. Missing avatar

      Craig McGill about 8 hours ago

      Has anyone received a birch 4x6 table? Or is this one of the combinations that will require parts from a future container?

    11. Michael Glambeck
      about 9 hours ago

      Has anyone who had their top all banged up gotten a response? I haven’t received mine yet but am scared it’s going to come damaged coming all the way from Toronto to Alberta

    12. Tim Cox
      about 11 hours ago

      So I put the 4.6 table together yesterday and it is beautiful! And big! Luckily it fits where I wanted it to be.
      Sadly, I had to revert it down to shallow depth after the initial build because at deep depth it was just to tall for my wife to sit at comfortably. I really wish there was an easy way to go from shallow to deep and back without having to undo a dozen screws and have people lift the edges (Maybe some type of lever system or rails to have it slide between the two? Something to possibly look at for the future?), but it's a minor issue. I'll just have to leave it at shallow depth. My only other complaint is that the tops had some minor dings to the corners.
      All in all I am very happy. I can't wait to break it in and actually play something on it! Looking forward to the accessories now!

    13. Missing avatar

      Hengst 2404 about 12 hours ago

      What sized table had issues with the mats being too long? IS it all of those tables, some?

    14. Michelle Greuel about 14 hours ago

      Mina also confirmed last night that cutting it should be fine. So we tried using a box cutter to cut it and It turned out perfectly. We’re really happy with how it looks now.

    15. Missing avatar

      Amy Baldwin about 21 hours ago

      Use a very sharp blade and you will be fine. The one for my coffee table was about an inch too long and that is exactly what I did.

    16. Roger Pray 1 day ago

      So I had to share that this Kickstarter has proven to be the most expensive one that I have ever participated in.

      I received the table around 3 months ago, but my wife said I couldn't put it together until we put the new dricore flooring down in the basement.

      That in turn required new carpeting to put down, followed by removing the old drop ceiling and putting in a new drop ceiling including new LED lights that fit into the ceiling.

      The new lighting in turn revealed how bad the windows in the basement were so we had to replace those - and since we were replacing those, why not do all the windows in the house?!

      But I've finally finished assembling my TOUG and cannot wait to play on it! We're taking the Labor Day weekend and having a weekend long inauguration event for the TOUG. We are referring to this as the Weekend of Ultimate Gaming!

      Can't wait for the rest of the parts to arrive, but I wanted to share how much we already love our 3x5 table!

    17. Michelle Greuel 1 day ago

      For people who have received their tables with a mat that was too large...did cutting the play mat with a carpet knife work out well for you? It is bunching up too much on the shallow setting because it is about an inch and a half too long.

    18. Breotan 2 days ago

      Thank you, Costa.

    19. Breotan 2 days ago

      Well, my email to was just kicked back as undeliverable. I know it wasn't a spelling mistake because I copied Wood Robot's address and double-checked it after getting the Postmaster notice. Is this happening to anyone else?

    20. Sam Murdock 2 days ago

      I have wooden floorboards and a power point in the laundry directly below where the table going. I would love to just drill a hole and thread it through but I also rent off my ister and I like to live.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dennis Kessler 2 days ago

      @Brad Thank you for the info! Going from deep to shallow so shouldn’t be too bad, just didn’t want to damage it by not taking it apart.

    22. Wood Robot Creator 2 days ago

      Hi everyone. Reminder - ALL questions including customer service questions must please be addressed to - that is where the answers are. Thank you!

      PS they have instructions in PDF format also if you got the wrong ones.. how did that happen :) Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Brad DUrso 2 days ago

      Dennis, adjusting table height can be done leaving the rim/edge intact. It is best with two people to help support the table. It is easier to go from deep to shallow. If you are going from deep to shallow place blocks/cubes/object on each side of the table that fit between the mat and the lip of the table rim. Remove the bolts that hold the table rim, and remember/mark where they came from as they are not all the same size. With two people supporting the table rim have a third person remove the blocks and then gently lower the table rim. The lip will cause the rim to sit, and then you can re-install the bolts without the helpers.

      To go from shallow to deep is the opposite. If you have less people, you could just do it a half at a time, but it may be a little more tricky.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dennis Kessler 2 days ago

      Does anyone have Instructions for adjusting table height? Can it be done without actually taking the side pieces apart if you support it?

    25. Missing avatar

      Brad DUrso 2 days ago

      For the power cords, there are specific covers made that the power cord can go through. Use the cable management zip ties provided to route the power cord from the outlet, down a leg, then through the power cord cover to the wall outlet.

      Or, a second option would be to install a floor outlet below the table. That should run you between 120-200 depending on area. If you have a crawlspace and are handy it is something you could do yourself. A slab foundation or a table on a second story would make this option more difficult or impossible though.

      Or, third option, utilize a hanging cord reel. Amy, you may want to look at hanging retractable cord reels. That way when the table power is not in use you can just have the cord go back up to the ceiling. Plus the retractable reel would give you some versatility for other uses in the garage.

    26. Missing avatar

      Willie R Clay Jr 2 days ago

      Met the WR team(wonderful people) at Gen Con and Mel informed me my table was in Fort Worth and was 75% loaded and would ship the following week. Now a few weeks later nothing and with the last update I guess I now know what group I now fall in. Oh well maybe I'll get my accessories 1st :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Amy Baldwin 2 days ago

      @ Chris
      For the dining room your guess is as good as mine. I have the added hassle of keeping puppies from chewing any cord laying on the carpet. The one in the game room I am going to plug into the ceiling. It is a converted garage, and we have an outlet there for a garage door opener.

    28. Blake Curry 2 days ago

      How do we know if we have the wrong instructions delivered?

    29. Wood Robot Creator 3 days ago

      ALL questions including customer service questions must please be addressed to - that is where the answers are. Thank you!

    30. The Right Hand of Doom
      3 days ago

      I'm in the same boat as Kyle, but my main concern is that I will likely be moving at the end of the month and wish to see if I can change my shipping address and get an update on my table+accessories

    31. Missing avatar

      Kyle Milburn 3 days ago

      @Wood Robot. I ordered a 4.6 black table w/red inserts and accessories but haven't seen any emails or notices about anything having shipped yet. I know that tables are still being sent but what concerns me that is that I wasn't in the last 100 backers or even close, which I think was mentioned in our last update (900 something out of 1457 I think). Not sure what's going on as I backed about 65% through the KS campaign.

      Can you give me some idea of when parts are going to start shipping? I'm in WA state. Thank you

    32. Missing avatar

      withuhn 3 days ago

      Recieved my 4.6 Brown/green table last week. Absolutely beautiful. Impressively well protected packing. I see how much work WR went through to get the packing safe. FYI it weighs about a million pounds.

      I’d post you a nice picture except that I hate Facebook and blame social media for all the worlds problems. Including my leaky kitchen faucet.

    33. Missing avatar

      Nicole Miller 3 days ago

      In the Washington, DC area we got all of the boxes for black 2 black 4x6 tables this week. We're waiting for the tops to assemble them but they are unpacked and ready to go. Now we "only" need the tops, drink holders, DM's screen, mats, etc... whew!

    34. Chris Detlef 3 days ago

      Anyone have ideas on how to hook up the power cords so they aren't extremely obvious and able to trip people? Mine will be on a carpeted floor

    35. Missing avatar

      Andrew Perkins 3 days ago

      Got my last box in and have built the table it is phenomenal great quality

    36. Aaron Monson 3 days ago

      In case anyone missed the Aetherworks update. They said that tables will start going out over the next week and accessories later. They can't confirm at this time whether the tops are with accessories or with the tables.

    37. Missing avatar

      Brad DUrso 3 days ago

      Received my table on Tuesday, put it together that day. Is very nice. The 4x6 is a big table. Big enough you can do a puzzle and boardgame at the same time!

    38. Costa
      3 days ago

      Mike: the response was from the fulfillment dept

    39. Steven Caldwell
      3 days ago

      East Coast US, received my table. I plan to start assembly tomorrow!

    40. Mike Grieves 3 days ago

      The first response I got Tues morning from S&L was that "yes, you will be receiving the table this week, however we don't have a shipping schedule yet. You will receive an email with tracking info etc once shipped." That was from S&L's distribution.

      I emailed their fulfillment dept last night but have not heard back. At least we can expect them within the next 2 weeks. Thx for the update Costa.

    41. Costa
      3 days ago

      to clarify...they mean shipping to us

    42. Costa
      3 days ago

      and before I get asked...this is what they (S&L) told me "I do not have exact timeline for the shipping it will be sometime between next week and the week after. "

    43. Costa
      3 days ago

      Jeremy: I contacted Snakes and Lattes directly

    44. Missing avatar

      Thursday Next 3 days ago

      @woodrobot any chance at a shipping update today? Would be good to get an idea of where everything stands for all regions. Seems things have been going smoothly lately, and it would be good to get some statistics as well. Thanks!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeremy 3 days ago

      @costa where did you receive this information? I mean this company has been extremely useless at providing accurate reporting. They were supposed to arrive/ship this week. Here we are at Friday and more silence.

    46. Tim Cox
      3 days ago

      @wiggs66 - I don't have the PDF, but I did email Mel and let her know the link isn't working.

    47. wiggs66 3 days ago

      does anybody have the pdf of the building instructions for 4x6 table. The link in the updates doesn't work any more

    48. Tim Cox
      3 days ago

      @Johnny Phan - 3x5,4x6 tops should be arriving soon (West coast is shipping, I got my 4.6 top yesterday along with my 4.6 table on the west coast. East coast is shipping soon.) 2.4 tops and accessories are end of September.

    49. Johnny Phan 3 days ago

      Got my table last week, no top or cup holders/accessories though. Any updates on when we can expect those to ship?

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