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War gaming on 15 custom maps. Available in classic style and engraved wood, Havoc Boards let you conquer the world one piece at a time.
War gaming on 15 custom maps. Available in classic style and engraved wood, Havoc Boards let you conquer the world one piece at a time.
478 backers pledged $25,348 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Geremy Pringle on

      Got my 4 Board Map of The World. Its awesome and we are going to play this weekend. A couple of the corners were a little dinged from shipping in a simple cardboard box and I was charged $59 in customs. I have a question about some of the territories in the oceans, are some not associated with an area bonus? (Like Isle of Man on the British Isles map?)

    2. Missing avatar

      Niko Tuomi-Nikula on

      Took a long time and the VAT cost an arm and a leg (total about 75% of the original cost) but well worth it! Thank you for delivering a beautiful product and I'm looking forward to throw my money at the four board set. (Please please please make the cards identical in size for the originals)

    3. David on

      I received my boards, finally, on Tuesday the 4th of March. After a shock of being charged import fees that were graciously covered by Bungled Board Games I got my Europe, US and UK boards. They are very nicely designed, very high quality, the cards are nice too although a little small. Overall I am pretty pleased and wish Bungled all the best for the future.

    4. Bungled Board Games LLC Creator on


      Maps are proofed and we're just waiting on the cards. I'll post an update teaser pic!

    5. Geremy Pringle on

      Any news on the 4 Board Map of the World?

    6. Bungled Board Games LLC Creator on

      Niko, we don't have any backers' phone info, so we use our phone contact for international shipments. I will personal message you to get more information.

    7. Missing avatar

      Niko Tuomi-Nikula on

      Hi! Still no sign of a board in Czech Republic. Could you tell me if you added (my) phone information to outgoing UPS parcels?

    8. josh on

      Hi, the people at UPS have sent my package back to you guys despite my request for them not to do that, is there any way that we can arrange to have that sent out? Thanks!

    9. Bungled Board Games LLC Creator on

      We sincerely apologize for the lack of communication, specifically with David, but we can assure everyone that all the boards have shipped. International orders do not allow tracking but they are all en route.

    10. David on

      I have no received my boards. I ordered the UK, US and Europe. I myself live in the UK. They also have not replied to my messages.

    11. Esoba on

      Just got my boards today. They look incredible. Now you guys need to make a world map board.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Mucia on

      i have not yet received my boards (Chicago IL) Master Sargent Level, should I be concerned yet?

    13. rustythorn, swordsman of Valoria on

      i'm off to hunt for containers that will hold my pieces and fit into the boxes provided, it would have been nice if havoc included 6 cardboard boxes, even the standard playing deck card box would work nicely.

    14. Bruce Bernard

      Received my shipment of classic boards yesterday. Bravo! You guys have done a wonderful job. The boards look great and I look forward to playing them. I'm glad this Kickstarter did what it was designed to do, and I wish you the best of luck with your company.

    15. James on

      Is there any ETA on engraved boards / coasters?

    16. Missing avatar

      Niko Tuomi-Nikula on

      Sadly, still no sign of classic boards on this side of the pond. :( It would be extremely nice to know if the international orders have actually shipped out or not and if, when..

    17. rustythorn, swordsman of Valoria on

      how are the boards shipped in the US [NM]? i'm having issues with the post office and 95% of fed ex comes via the post office

    18. Karl Hedstrom

      I received my four classic boards (2xChicago, USA, and Washington, DC) today at work here in San Diego, California. The Chicago & USA boxes are 10.5 x 15.5 x 1.5, while the Washington, DC is a square box that is 10.5 x 10.5 x 2. The boxes are a dark red with the front of the box showing a black silhouette of the map inside. The name of the map in not on the box. Inside is a nice letter from them and the box of color mini-card properties that are 2.5 x 1.75 x 0.625. I was expecting them to be the size of the normal Risk cards, but since there are probably more properties than the original risk board, maybe this is a good thing.

    19. Missing avatar

      Niko Tuomi-Nikula on

      Still no sign of classic boards in Europe.. Can't wait.. :)

    20. Missing avatar

      William J Hearne on

      My classic boards were delivered today in orlando, fl.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Dawe on

      I received my wooden engraved board today and am absolutely delighted with the product. The quality of the boards is way beyond what I even imagined, and it looks absolutely stunning. Thank you very much guys. I'm very glad I backed the project.

    22. Aristomenis Pikeas on

      It's "early next week". Have the classic board arrived in Durham? Have they been shipped out to backers?

    23. sanchezja on

      Have the boards arrived in Durham yet?

    24. Brent Lindeburg on

      Coaster arrived. I wanted to see how your laser engraving would come out. You have my attention now.

    25. Tony Dougherty on

      If this project was my first Kickstarter, I would be motivated to support more (it's not my first and definitely not my last either) while utilizing punctuation and grammar representative of my age. It's interesting to learn about the complexities that go along with manufacturing and delivering products for over 478 customers when the project previously had no infrastructure and is being built completely from scratch.

      Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

    26. Brandon on

      If this project was my first kickstarter it would be my last, this delay is ridiculous for something as simple as board games.

    27. Tony Dougherty on

      Dear Bungled Board Games,

      I love you. In a completely socially acceptable manner, of course. I love you like bee's love flowers- but I don't want to pollinate you. I love you like dogs love pizza- but I don't want to fart on your lap an hour later. I love you like the NSA loves mining your personal data- but I'm not stalking you... No, that is totally some other guy...

      I guess what I came to say is that I hope you are still finding this Kickstarter as exciting to be working on as many of us backers are for the finished goods, that production is carrying along without too many hiccups (I don't envy managing the expectations of 478 backers who are surely giddy as schoolgirls), and that, above all, you're able to enjoy the holidays. Thanks for being so focused on quality and please feel free to ship me my board last- this board will surely be worth the wait.

      Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving. If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving though- Happy Thursday.


    28. Missing avatar

      Nicole Machac on

      Will there be an update soon? I was hoping to give the coasters are a present. Thanks!

    29. Bungled Board Games LLC Creator on

      William / Dallas / macling:

      We will be sending out an update tomorrow regarding the status of the basic boards.

      Thank you!

    30. Missing avatar

      macling on

      Hey do you guys have any updates on the regular boards? It's been awhile since we've heard anything not laser related. Thanks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Dallas Hudson on

      you guys are the most unprofessional effed upped bunch of bunglers, can I just get my money back?

    32. Missing avatar

      William J Hearne on

      How are those classic boards coming along?

    33. Bungled Board Games LLC Creator on


      There should be a folder called 'jpg'. Tonight I will change the name to 'cards'. Let me know if the cards are not in that folder, they should be!

      Much more to come in the weeks ahead!

    34. Shadus Tain

      The boards are fabulous...great work! When do we get to download the appropriate card sets?

    35. Missing avatar

      Matthew Poisson on

      I never received a confirmation email that my Board requests were accepted.

      Were you sending out confirmations?
      Hate to sound like a broken record but is there an update for when we should be receiving the boards?

    36. Bungled Board Games LLC Creator on


      Yes we did, and will be sending out an update very soon regarding this!


    37. Missing avatar

      William J Hearne on

      Any further news? Did you guys get your production issues sorted out?

    38. Bungled Board Games LLC Creator on


      Glad you like our boards! With any luck we will be able to deliver the wooden boards before December, but certainly no later than December.


      We are still in the preliminary design phase of the Texas map, but we can tell you that it will be the current state of Texas, and there will be 6-7 regions with around 45 different territories. We can't say for sure any more information at this time because, well, it's still being designed (we don't know yet). You can always choose Texas but change your mind (if you let us know!) before we begin production. We will send out an update before we begin engraving so if anyone needs to change their mind last minute to a different map they will be able to.


    39. Wendy Land on

      I want to make my choice, but I am a bit wary of making the wrong choice. My husband and I decided this would make a great gift for a family friend, and we are thinking the engraved State of Texas may be the board to go with. But as that's a custom board, we have no idea what to expect from it. Is there any way to get a more specific idea of what it will look like? Is it regional? Does it go by counties? Is it based on Texas now, or Texas before it became a state? We love the idea of it, but without knowing more about the commissioned board, we are hesitant to choose it.

    40. Julia R. R. Troike on

      So glad it got funded! It's going to be the best Christmas present ever to my husband, that and I benefit too. ;)

      I wish I were loaded, I would've loved to pay the 5k to have you all come down to Fort Polk (no one ever wants to visit us here, with good reason!) and have a big old game with the unit and families. Oh well, maybe by the time you guys update hungry, hungry, hippo we'll have the big bucks. ;)

      Many congrats again, can't wait to get our board in December!

    41. Karl Hedstrom

      What happened at the end? Did we lose a big backer?

    42. rustythorn, swordsman of Valoria on

      really people want all those silly city maps instead of Revolutionary War map? that is very disapointing.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ben Briles on

      I've posted this on all my social networks and have brought it up with friends. I really want to unlock the Seattle board, and will increase my pledge so I can get one once they're unlocked or even just nearly there. Let's make it happen!

    44. Karl Hedstrom

      If we reach $27,000 I will up my pledge for the Seattle Classic board as a gift. If you ever offer the Revolutionary War map down the road I would be interested!

    45. Bungled Board Games LLC Creator on


      Bruce is correct. Under the banner "Map Status" on the main page, you can see a list of all the maps we offer and in what style. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      Thank you for your support,
      Luke Costanza
      Mac Stutzman

    46. Bruce Bernard

      @electricmotorcycles: Look on the main page. There is a list and the one with green stars are available in the classic style.

    47. rustythorn, swordsman of Valoria on

      so what is the list of class maps we can get right now with the KS?

    48. Matt Costanza on

      I can't wait for the Revolutionary War Map!!!

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