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A father without work uses his daughter to con sympathy from strangers... sound familiar? Help us make this film!

Village Films is currently in pre-production on a short narrative film project with the working title 'Into the Fire'. The film is about a rural TN low-income family who commute to Nashville everyday for work. What kind of work? Lying to everyone they meet and begging for money. It's a script that explores the relationship between the rural and suburban communities of the South and also examines the connection between lying and money making in our society. It's a film that we feel very passionately about here at Village Films and we're dedicated to producing it this summer.

Here's the plan:

1. In mid-May, 2010 we start the casting process. With luck and skill we find great talent that care about the film enough to work hard and accept less-than-union wages.

2. From mid-May to mid June 2010 we go into pre-production. One month devoted to all the planning that goes into making a film: rehearsing the actors, co-ordinating schedules, creating storyboards, doing film tests, creating the shooting schedule, and hiring the crew (gaffers, camera assistants, script supervisors, sound recordists, assistant directors, art department, etc). Basically we have a month to get everyone on the same page and ready to shoot.

3. Mid-June, 2010 shooting begins. We make the film! Using sweat, skill, and luck all the elements come together and eveyone works extremely hard to capture these moments on film.

3. Late-June, 2010 post-production begins. We ooh and ahh at the shots, get the sound synced up, and editing begins. We make the best film possible.

4. Late July into August, 2010 the International Film Festival season begins. We hope to have the project completed in time to meet the early deadlines of most of the major film festivals: Slam-dance, Sundance, Toronto, Tribeca, Rotterdam, etc. Then we hold our breath and check our submission status twenty times a day until we know whether the film has hit the mark or not.

So that's the plan, but WHY DO WE NEED YOUR MONEY? We're using Kickstarter to help raise the funds we need for both the production and post-production of the film. $5500 is the minimum we need in order to back this film; it is the "run and gun it" amount absolutely necessary before shooting can begin, in order to make sure that we can pay all of the professionals involved with the film a proper rate.

There are so many people involved in the making of a film. By supporting this project you help to fund a project that will employ a large group of people all working toward the same artistic goal. Village Films sincerely asks for your help. We hope you can find room in your own personal budget to donate; every dollar helps. Thank you.


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