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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, November 3 2012 1:00 AM UTC +00:00

Your box set has increased in models!!!

We have just increased the number of models you get in one box set from five models to six models. The models vary depending on box set, so be sure to look at the box set you are interested in! Pledges already placed will automatically be upgraded to six models per box and we would like to thank you again for your support.

**The Greek box will include a Cyclops and the special edition Cyclops with the alternate weapon configuration created for this kick starter deal.

** The Norse box will include two Frost Giants.

** The Celtic box will include two Fomori Warriors.

** The Lovecraft box will include three Mi-go.

 Help us spread the word on this great deal!  This new change-up has decreased the price of each model to under $9.17! The boxes still include Quickstart rules, nine dice and now seven stat cards! We want to thank you for your pledge, without your support there is no chance for us to get this game made. Now let's spread the word!

The newest QuickStart box announced and available to pledge!

 Exciting news everyone!

As some of you may have seen, one of you has pledged a $5000 mark to help us create a new box set. The contributor has chosen to create a QuickStart box set based off of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. We are replacing the previous Lovecraft box set with this one and moving this one up so that you have an opportunity to pledge for this great box set! This H.P. Lovecraft box will be lovingly known as "The space and time box."

This box set will contain the following models:

Yog-Sothoth (50 mm base)

Mi-go with lightning gun (40 mm base)

Mi-go with plasma ejector (40 mm base)

Shoggoth (40 mm base)

Keziah Mason with Brown Jenkin (40 mm base/possible extra 30 mm base for Brown)

This box set is being made available immediately for interested parties to pledge. The sculpt for the Mi-Go has already been assigned to sculptor Tim Prow who has just finished the Achilles model for us. As you can see from Tim's previous work, we are in for a really cool sculpt!

 So will you please help us spread the word on this and let's get this project funded. I am very eager to get these great miniatures into your hands!

 Due to the fact that we are doing this Lovecraft inspired box, we placed the other Lovecraft inspired box on the back burner for now. We have moved up the Lovecraft box set so that it may be ordered right now. In the place of the previous Lovecraft box set, we moved the Hindu box set up. We then replaced the stretch goal Hindu box set with the Chinese “Monkey King” box set.

 I sincerely thank everybody for your help with this, and I hope to see this funding realized in the near future. Thank you all for your support,


Bob Mervine.

Achilles has arrived!

 Great news everyone! We have just received the pictures of the Achilles sculpt. As you can see, he looks awesome! We have updated our kickstarter campaign to include the picture of this marvelous green. In the game, Achilles possesses a handful of auto-blocks, this allows him to charge in the combat with heavy hitters and not need to fear making defensive rolls. Throw Achilles into a combat with another model to support him and who do you think your opponent will be focusing his attacks on?

 We are very happy with how this model came out, it captured the feel of the artwork with his dynamic opposing and attention to detail. These box sets are really shaping up to be beauties! Help us spread the word about this great new game so we can meet our funding and I can get these models into your hands.

 One thing we have come across while promoting these Quickstart boxes on kickstarter is people feeling that we are not giving away enough “free stuff.” The reason for this is very simple. We were told to launch the box set as only three models for the same price ($55) and add the other two models as stretch goals along the way to make the consumer feel that they are getting a bargain. We decided against this type of deceitful practice and we made the box sets what our customers told us they wanted. They wanted more models in their box sets so that their quick start games would be more exciting. So we listened to our customers. We put five models into this one box set and priced it at the same price point over companies will give you three models for. This means you are paying under $11 for each model in our box sets. When was the last time you got a model 50 to 55 mm tall on a large base for under $11?

 This is the kind of company you are backing when you pledge to support Dominion of the gods and Comfy Chair Games. A company run by gamers, for gamers. You are our customers, not profit margins and we thank you sincerely for your support.

The painted Minotaur is posted.

 The painted image of the Minotaur is now up in the kickstarter. Feel free to take the image and use it to promote this kickstarter. This gorgeous model is available in the Greek Quickstart box set.

You can now purchase the Celtic/Irish Quickstart box set!

 After doing a little bit of juggling, I have secured the ability to offer the Celtic box set early. You can check out the art for the new Celtic box set on the kickstarter main page for Dominion of the gods. This box set includes Macha: the Celtic/Irish goddess of war who is said to be able to out run the fastest horse and outsmart the greatest of warriors. Also in this box set you will get Caoranach: the snakelike beast of Ireland who was reputed to be the mother of Demons, a firebreather who could poison wells by simply slithering through them. Next is the Bean Sidhe, the ghostlike woman whose wailing would proceed great tragedy. You also get a Formorian warrior, these monstrous creatures were said to have once controlled Ireland until the Tuatha Dé Danann (the  Celtic/Irish gods) chased them back into the sea. And lastly in the QuickStart box you will find Finn MacCool, a reputed warrior of the Celts who was unmatched in battle, Finn was ordered by the Druids to catch the salmon of wisdom for them to eat, he was warned not to eat the salmon himself. While cooking the salmon, Finn burnt his thumb on the Oils from the salmon and quickly sucked his from to ease the burn. Now whenever Finn seeks wisdom, all he must do is suck his thumb and be enlightened.

 As you can see this is a great box set. It's a lot of fun with characters from Celtic mythology that not many people are aware of. Spread the word, this now makes three possible box sets that you can purchase for Dominion of the gods.

 Our stretch goals have been adjusted accordingly to remove the Celtic box set and bring the H.P. Lovecraft box set that much closer to your possession.