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Into the world and beyond.

 Hello everybody,

 Just a quick update on what's going on. I should have some more greens to show you very soon. Reaper miniatures had an artists retreat last week and it pulled many sculptors away from work. Unfortunately 4 of the 6 sculptors I have working for me right now also work for reaper, so they were away and we lost a weeks work time. Anyway, they're back now and we should be back on track.

 For the interim a very talented writer has given a small blurbs for the story of Dominion of the gods. The following is a piece of the story “Into the world.” It's pretty cool and it gives you a feel for what we are going for in the Dominion of the gods world. Enjoy.

Into the World…

With a quick jerk, Achilles pulled his spear from the ice giant’s immense carcass. Being far from the first of its kind he had killed since his arrival in Dharmis, Achilles was nonetheless impressed with its incredible fighting spirit. Achilles had been unable to toy with this giant however. The icy brute had attacked with wreckless abandon. While not the smartest opponent he had faced it was definitely one of the fiercest.

From his position on the rocky outcropping, Achilles could see that the land ahead of him was littered with the same detritus of faith and worship that Dharmis had bequeathed to the Greeks. Obviously here the world was one of ice and snow instead of the sand and brush of his home. There were no pillared monuments to the gods here. The only signs of the Norse and there rituals were the sacred groves and piles of stone that could so easily be missed by an untrained eye. Achilles had spent a considerable amount of time learning the ways of the Norse since his arrival in Dharmis. Countless battles had taught him to know the habits of his enemy.

So far this had been the farthest Achilles had ever ventured into the Norse held region. Athena had given the command to reconnoiter these lands in hope of finding any information these Northlanders may have concerning the Tesseract of Creation. It was, after all, the reason that every pantheon had sent a force to Dharmis. Without the Tesseract no single pantheon could lead mankind from their faithless slump. To Achilles the influence of the gods on mortal man was everywhere and obvious. Too much time had passed however for the mortals of Earth to notice that influence as they once did. 

Most of the Pantheons already knew the location of the Tesseract of Creation: The Obelisk of the Forgotten Ones. Entry into the Obelisk was not as easy as finding its location. The more information that could be found about the Obelisk and its requirements for entry, the more likely Achilles’ ultimate goal of securing his legend could be achieved. Achilles knew that he was not the only soldier in Dharmis exploring ruins for the gods. He would need to battle a great many heroes from all of these pantheons to have his name praised for eternity.

Achilles took once last look at the Ice Giants’ lifeless body. He knew the giant wouldn’t be the last soul claimed by his spear. Achilles began descending the crag further into Norse territory. He hoped he wouldn’t have to go too long without another fight from a worthy opponent.


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    1. Jason McFarland on October 18, 2012

      Great stuff Mr White, looking forward to more!

    2. Comfy Chair Games 2-time creator on October 18, 2012

      The writers name is L. Raymond White.