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Stand Alone T.C. aims to put up a new original play by Michael Orzechowski at the Chesapeake Arts Center in Brooklyn, MD.

Love, Lust & Straight Jackets is a new play by Michael Orzechowski, being performed by the Stand Alone Theatre Company in Baltimore, MD. The company is made up of amazing actors of all types and focuses on putting up new plays that have yet to hit the stage! Michael Orzechowski [myself] started up Stand Alone T.C. and put its first show on a year ago, using the minimal amount of resources and a very, very low budget. This year for Love, Lust & Straight Jackets Michael and the company would like to make this show the biggest and best that they can. This is where you, the pledge-makers, come in! With rentals and production prices rising, to get this show up, we need some help from the viewers and other theatre-lovers.

L.L.& S. is about a girl named Sarah who is anything but normal. Her strange obsessions with boys have gotten her into trouble before, but now it has gone a bit too far and her mother sends her to the Cheddington Institute For The Clinically Insane - A hybrid school and hospital for young folk who are just a little different from the rest of society. Here she meets the man of her dreams - a teacher with a few secrets of his own - and her high school obsession, Lance, now realizing how much he needs her, comes to rescue her from such a horrid place. What will Sarah do? Who will she choose? And where the heck has Tiffany [or Tabitha - Tiffany's other personality] gone? Find out in June in Love, Lust & Straight Jackets!

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There really are no risks! The show has already been approved by the Theatre [CAC] and a cast has already been set into place. As long as the goal is met, the show WILL go on!


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