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A versatile, quick connecting camera strap - neck strap, sling strap, safety tether and video stabilizer - all in one.
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Peak Design

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New Video! A behind-the-scenes look at Peak Design's manufacturing.

Whether or not you own one of our Capture Camera Clips, you've probably looked at a product you own before an wondered how it came to be. Lots of companies will tell you about how their products were designed, but you rarely get a glimpse at the nuts-and-bolts manufacturing process. Well, we've got a treat for you today.

To celebrate the midpoint of our Capture v2 Kickstarter Campaign, we put together a gorgeous collection of footage showing the complex array of steps in the Capture v2 production process:

Pretty nifty, eh? 8 different materials go through 15 different transformation processes to produce 26 different parts for Capture v2. Die casting, CNC machining, sandblasting, powder coating, aluminum extrusion, CNC turning, thread rolling, injection molding, anodizing, screw machining, wire forming, metal stamping, laser etching, die cutting, and lithographic printing - that's a lot of different steps that need to be managed very carefully to make Capture the beautiful, smooth-operating mechanism that it is.

We produced this video for a couple reasons. First, like a group of 4-year-olds staring at bulldozers and backhoes on a construction site, we found the machinery and facilities to be fascinating... sometimes mesmerizing. Secondly, we want you to see how closely we work with our manufacturers to bring our product to life. We filmed all of the footage in this video during a recent week-long trip to Wuxi to hash out our final production process for Capture v2, and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it.

Side note - we do know that many people have strong feelings about Chinese manufacturing. It is a hot-button issue and rightfully so. For those interested, we also wrote a blog post on why we choose to have our products made in China - if you're curious, please give it a read.

Huge thanks again to those of you who have backed Capture v2 on Kickstarter. We're always adding new videos and info to our Kickstarter Page, so please check back periodically to hear the latest.

Happy shooting!

Peter & the PD Team


    1. Creator Kyle Gray on July 23, 2013

      Why are you pushing out updates via a funded project that is for another project. I don't want to get emails about something I didn't back.

    2. Creator Michael Patrick Cutillo on July 23, 2013

      Video restricted by Sony.