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A versatile, quick connecting camera strap - neck strap, sling strap, safety tether and video stabilizer - all in one.
A versatile, quick connecting camera strap - neck strap, sling strap, safety tether and video stabilizer - all in one.
A versatile, quick connecting camera strap - neck strap, sling strap, safety tether and video stabilizer - all in one.
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    1. Michael Meissner on

      Since I'm not yet a backer of slide and/or catch, I can't comment there yet. I've given this same feedback in both the leash/cuff and the capture pro campaigns.

      I really, really wish you guys would release the webbing part of the anchor attachment strap so that those of us who have a strap that we like can use these with the anchor system.

      While the slide looks to be better for heavier cameras than the leash, it still is made of material that can slide on the shoulder. I prefer the Domke Gripper strap over straps made out of seat belt material, because they do grip my shirt, without the pain that some of the more grippy straps involve.

      I also at times have other things that I would like to attach the camera to that are not straps per se. Yes, I can use swivel hooks (like I do now), but I do think the anchor system is one of the better quick release mechanisms. It is a shame, that I can only use it with Peak Designs branded straps (or cut up a leash to harvest the connector, which I am loathe to do).

    2. Missing avatar

      Francis on

      I'm not a heavy user, by any means, (in fact, my cameras only come out about once a week, tops, these days) but the cords on the anchors are starting to fray quite a bit.
      How long can I expect them to last, do you think?
      Camera-wise, I've got a Fuji x100 and a Sigma SD15, which usually gets used with a 50mm lens or a 10-20mm lens, so neither is a particularly heavy setup...

    3. Kosongz on

      Received my replacement. Thank you!

    4. Kosongz on

      Hi, guys. One of the quick-connectors on my leash is not working. I took it out of the package and tried to use it, but one of the anchors keep slipping out of the quick-connector. The metal plate in the connector looks flat instead of "wavy", there's no "spring" and no "click" when the anchor is inserted. With a tug, the anchor will come out of the connector. I own two cuffs and two leash, this is the only one to have this problem.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexandru Keszeg on

      Still waiting for my Leash and Cuff...

    6. Blueice Hk on

      Finally got mine in Singapore. Looks great. Tahnks!
      However, would like that the strap to be cushioned.

    7. Ken's Lil' Sister

      I ordered the leash, cuff and capture. Are there supposed to be three separate components?

    8. Michael Meissner on

      I haven't been back to the comment section for awhile. I was hoping that perhaps that Peak might be offering up the connectors for the leash for those of us that like the concept of the leash but have favorite neck/shoulder straps that we would prefer to use instead of that thin strap that the leash comes with. Unfortunately with the shortage of leashes in general, it looks like it isn't in the cards right now. I may still hack up my leash so I can attach my Domke Gripper strap, but it would be nice if I didn't have to do it.

      On another note, I recently got a Gariz leather case for my Olympus E-PM2, and this case has a metal bottom with a hole to change the battery/memory card without taking off the case. One of the things it does is it has a screw for mounting a tripod, that is offset from the screw on the camera body. I've measured it with my dualplate, and the plate no longer covers the battery/memory door. Finally I can use capture on my E-PM2 without having to take it off to change batteries/memoy.

    9. Lorenz Goebels on

      @Peter Thank you for your previous response, I hope you understand why those of us who were commenting here on missing packages felt a little deserted. The information you have given below was what a lot of us were waiting for and it is a good sign that things are still on going. I would like to apologise for my previous comments, as they were a little snarky, but I hope you understand why. I hope there will be a full update soon detailing what those of us awaiting our leashes can expect.

      Thank you

    10. Peak Design 7-time creator on

      Hey everyone,

      It saddens me to see the last few comments with people who are dissatisfied. I cannot comment on why emails haven't been returned....we very actively monitor the email account, answering questions pretty much 24/7. Many apologies if communications have slipped through the cracks. Feel free also to email me directly at, and I will deal with issues personally. Please know, however, that we've been out of stock on the Leash for almost two months now. An issue with spring consistency, coupled with the Chinese New Year caused a major delay in our second round of production. For those of you questioning our motives...please, realize that your packages were sent out a first time, and the only reason we haven't resent shipments that were lost (or stuck in customs for months) is because we simply don't have the product. Again, many apologies...I assure you there is no one more anxious to get product back in stock than I.


    11. Lorenz Goebels on

      So, 2 e-mails sent over the last fortnight and no replies, no leash, nothing. It seems the moment the money was in all contact ended. Can someone from Peakdesign please return to this kickstarter to let those of us who have been waiting for over 2 months know what is happening. Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alain Bouchard on

      Still no sign of the package on my end. Going on 2 months. I can't help feeling like others that the use of USPS as a carrier was not optimal. However I want to point out that the Canada Post has been of zero help in trying to track the package.
      Peter has been responsive enough throughout this ordeal.

    13. Rickster on

      Still waiting here in the UK

    14. Tomás de Lancastre on

      My capture leash and cuff just arrived. I had to pay 30€ of taxes on my door but finally it arrived. For the ones that didn't receive it yet, don't lose hope.
      Last week there wasn't even any info of my package in my country's customs and this week here it is.. I think it went on vacations to hawai or somewhere else...
      The products themselfs are amazing. They work just as they are supposed to and the quality of the materials is amazing!

    15. Walker Green on

      Still waiting on my leash & cuff!

    16. Tomás de Lancastre on

      Hi @Steven, I know it is frustrating to wait so long for this as I'm still waiting to receive mine like you, but i sent the e-mail to and they answered back 2 days later. Peter takes a long time to get back to you through the kickstarter messages but the e-mail is supposed to be working.
      Try again, maybe you wrote it wrong... They found the best solution for me and I'm sure they'll also help you. Keep trying and good luck!

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven on


      I have, as per your request, send email to and yet, did not receive any respond from you or your team.

      The product has not been delivered, even after repeated email and messages to you and your team. You claim to have send, with tracking number (tracking number was for a Jan delivery and now its end of Feb!).

      I want a full refund immediately!

    18. Chris Staring on

      I love my Leash and Cuff, great system! I just ordered an extra Cuff so I can use 2 Cuffs to attach a my camera bag to the shoulder straps of my big backpacking bag, its perfect!

    19. Markus Musil on

      Still nothing here in Austria, but I'm patiently waiting. ;)
      Maybe Peter could share his experience from the first kickstarter project he did.

    20. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lee on

      I agree with Christopher Brodrick. The fact is the USPS postal service used by Peak Design is not possible to be track at all by the local postal service the minute it enters the recipient country. It would have been so much better if the mail service used are able to be trace like a courier or registered mail. I'm not sure whether mine is actually lost or what but I definitely hope to get a replacement should that be the case. However, Peak Design can actually file an inquiry, complaint or seek USPS to pursue an investigation of the missing packages.

    21. Pablo Noel on

      Mine just arrived, so patience!!

    22. Christopher Brodrick on

      Hi Peter

      Still no sign of the Early Bird Level #3 here in New Zealand. Is it possible to find out when we could expect delivery as it's approaching two months since dispatch. This in turn begs the question when is a package 'in delivery' and when is it 'lost'? It's a real shame that the packages were not issued tracking numbers as this would have reduced the anxiety many of us are feeling. Ironically most of us would have been happy to pay the extra cost for this service



    23. Andrew Jambo Rae on

      Got my Leash & Cuff now so im happy as a lark. Keep up the good work Peak Design. :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Ko on

      still waiting for my EarlyBird#3 in Canada. Left San Francisco then LA on Jan 6. No news, no letters, no Leash and Cuff. :(

    25. Dirk T. on

      Got mine (Switzerland) 2 weeks ago. Love it, love it, love it...

    26. Markus Musil on

      sadly, still waiting for my "leash+cuff+capture"-combo here in austria. had anyone more luck?

    27. Missing avatar

      Yvonne Menke on

      Thanks Mete Tüfekci,
      so I will keep up my hopes...

    28. Lorenz Goebels on

      Just another comment to say that the last info I had was my parcel leaving LA on the 22nd of December. That's quite a long time to get to the EU. I see you stated somewhere that shipping could not be tracked beyond the US but is there no way to get any info from the parcel service?

    29. Walker Green on

      Hello! I pledged $40 to preorder both the leash and the cuff, but I'm still waiting on it to arrive. Hope all is well at HQ!

    30. Andrew Jambo Rae on

      I was a backer and im still waiting on my leash & cuff to come. The estimated time was Jan and ive still not heard anything about it. I live in the U.K.

    31. Pablo Noel on

      Im losing all my hopes on mine, It left US on 24th December, and usually it takes up to 3 weeks to arrives to where I live, so next week will be the last hope, the point of no deliver. Anyway, I blame the postal service, they always screw up my shipments :(

      What its the standar procedure in the case of shipment fail?

    32. Mete Tüfekci on

      Mine left the US on 22th December. I'm from Germany too (frankfurt). And I got mine last week, So yours should arrive soon. It takes so long because the packages literally got shiped...they arrive at Hamburg Port, and then get in the Hands of the "Zoll" there. Good luck anyway! I got away without paying taxes :)

    33. Steffen Klemz on

      Today, i've got my leash and cuff. (Germany)
      Thank you :)

    34. Maxim Morozov

      Got mine today in Russia. Great add on to clip system. Run&gun video become more stable. No more holsters because it's DAMN GOOD SLING STRAPE!! So long my old friend Kata:)

    35. Missing avatar

      Yvonne Menke on

      Unfortunately still no sign of a package... Assumingly it left on 3rd of January the US for Germany.

    36. Missing avatar

      Lorenzo on

      Just got mine today. No taxes (weird). Looks awesome, but here's my uber-critic review (slight OCD):
      - Some retention points are far weaker that others. I think it's related to the twisted metal not being bent enough. None gets loose by itself, but i'd like it to be stronger.
      - high quality materials, great looks. But I'd love the red circle in the anchors to be all black. Red doens't fit well with my black om-d :)
      - the leash is wide enough for light m43 gear, but I will make it more comfortable by adding or sewing some cushioning.
      - the Capture clip looks and works great, but when the plate is unlocked with the screw, there's too much shaking and metal clingin for my taste. It would be great if the fit was much more precise.
      - the rc2 plate has some trouble fitting the bare om-d (without the addon grips). when you screw the plate all the way in, it puts pressure on the screen frame (which is not precisely the strongest part of the camera). adding the grips solves this. I suppose the micro plate will solve this.

      All in all, a great product. This anchor system is nothing short of revolutionary, if you ask me. Just get the sample variation right (stronger retention in my case), and make ALL BLACK ANCHORS, please :)

    37. Missing avatar

      David Hera on

      @Alexandra Keller: Got the same latter today in Germany. I'm lucky, because my nearest customs office is really close. Now I just need an invoice to show them... :D On my letter, it says you can actually send or fax them a copy of the invoice and they deliver it for you, so you don't have to drive there and pick it up.

    38. Suemitraa Thiagarajan on

      @oliver Yeap. the USPS tracking stopped at LA on the 22nd of December. After that I just waited.
      @Shahril Ah okay. Yea you guys should email them. Wonder what's taking so long :/

    39. Sharil Abdul Rahman on

      @suemitraa i filled mine on the 14th itself.

      Sigh. I will be doing something like Oliver then.

    40. Missing avatar

      M@ Dunlap on

      Earlibird 3, and I'm domestic, no tracking number, no package, no explanation, what's going on? Are you guys using pony express to save on shipping or something?

    41. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lee on

      @ Suemitraa Thiagarajan - so it's Pos Laju who will be delivering the USPS. I still haven't got mine yet. I'll give it another two weeks more before email to them directly.

    42. Mete Tüfekci on

      Got mine today in Germany. Finally. Was stuck at customs but i didnt have to pay taxes! :))) It was perfect timing because we just moved today in our new house and I get the Package in the morning. So no Time for testing but if anyone from peakdesign reads this...please dont use USPS for any of your future projects for international shippings! Better add aditional shipping and send it with fedex or ups!

    43. Alexandra Keller on

      Got a letter today: my Earlybird 3 is at the customs office and can't be cleared because there is no invoice attached to the parcel. Very inconvenient since I have no car and the location of the customs office is really far off... Why didn't you attach an invoice?

    44. Matthew Cooper on

      ok so ive had mine for a bit, as some have stated the leash is a tad thin for my liking as a neck strap, but this is good as i cant stand neck straps ;) this is where the camera holster comes in :D but it is AWESOME as a shoulder strap for my tripod! this seriously makes site photography 100% less of a pain in the ass.
      So im really happy with this. and if it dangles around and gets in the way, click clack the strap is removed :)
      The cuff is also great if ever im hanging my camera over a building, that was the only issue which i had concern about going from neck strap to holster. problem solved :D nice work PD
      hope your latest products are received well and look forward to your future innovations


    45. Suemitraa Thiagarajan on

      @Shahril, I got mine 31st Dec 2012. Pos Laju came to deliver it but it did not require a signature. Don't mind me asking, how long after funding did you fill the form?

    46. Missing avatar

      Hanno on

      early bird #3 arrival in germany on 23.01., as many others. delivered to my door by DHL, had to pay 9,28€ vat to the postman. package had been opened and processed by customs.

      great stuff :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Andreas Gerk on

      It arrived today here in Germany! Paid VAT at the door. Products look great so far, can't wait to test over weekend.

    48. Tobias Puderer on

      Its here! And it just look good so far. Perfect... Because I can try it perfectly on Saturday... I just had to pay the VAT directly on the door. Was an early bird 3 and I am in Germany here...

    49. Missing avatar

      2nd Layer on

      Received my early bird #3 today in Germany. I had to go to customs office because no Invoice had been attached on the outside. I had to pay 19 % VAT equalling EUR 12,78.

    50. Thomas Acosta on

      mine is at the Customs Office and can't be cleared because no Invoice is attached to the parcel. Now i have to drive to the Customs Office, that's a 1hr drive from where i live.

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