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A durable metal clip that lets you carry your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. The ultimate tool for all photographers.
A durable metal clip that lets you carry your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. The ultimate tool for all photographers.
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New Video and Hangout: POV Kit for Capture

Posted by Peak Design (Creator)
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Hey folks! Just last night we posted a new video showing how the POV Kit (formerly called the "GoPro mount") works. We've gotten plenty of questions regarding what the product actually is and does, so we put together a slick little video that shows you.

The POV Kit makes your Capture Clip even more useful. Now, Capture is more than a camera-carrying device. It is an extremely versatile mount for shooting POV video. You know those big clunky GoPro chest harnesses? The POV Kit let's you scrap those in favor of using your backpack, which you're probably already wearing.

I'm sure many of you will have more questions about the POV Kit, so we'd love to have another On-Air Google Hangout. Join us tomorrow (Thursday) at Noon Central Time (10am Pacific, 4pm GMT) for an On Air Hangout where you can see a live demonstration of the POV Kit and ask as many questions as you'd like. As a matter of fact, if there is any questions or anything on your mind, come to the Hangout and we'll cover it.

To RSVP for tomorrow's hangout, go here.


To all of our backers who chose the $100 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL or $185 EARLY BIRD SUPER SPECIAL rewards (which include Naked Editions) - we have sent you a survey to collect your shipping information. The Naked Edition units will be in our hands soon (next week we hope) and we hope to send them out to you asap. Please check your email (the email that you have associated with your Kickstarter account) if you have not yet filled out this survey.

That's all for now - thank you again for your continued support everybody! Looking forward to chatting tomorrow on G+!

Happy shooting,

Peter & the Peak Design Team

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    1. Darren Cornwell on

      Adam, no problems, that's exactly what I was thinking, no need to see the proverbial horses mouth as it were. Thanks man, appreciated.

    2. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Darren, you are 100% correct that the GoPro mount is now the POV Kit, the Hangout Video at several points confirms this from the 'horses mouth' (so to speak). The main chat about the POV Kit starts around 7 minutes in with Peter Dering confirming the POV kit is for all types of camera of manageable size.

      A peculiarity of Kickstarter is that the Reward wording is not able to be altered once the project is launched (understandably so project creators can't remove rewards from certain levels).

      During the hangout, it was evident that people were adding the POV kit to their pledge levels, if they already backed the $85 PROpad reward level, this would cause them to either pledge $105 or add $20 to add the kit a la carte as you describe.

      As you have backed the alternative $85 reward with the POV Kit (formerly GoPro mount), you will receive the GoPro AND the Compact Camera mount as part of the kit.

      I understand it isn't as good a response coming from me, but is backed up by the video and hopefully gives you the answer quickly.

    3. Darren Cornwell on

      Hey awesome product team, so the Go Pro mount is now called the POV Kit, magic. So everyone that backed at $85 is still getting the Pro Choice + POV Kit, is that right?

      I read a comment down below there mentioning changing pledges to $105 or adding $20, just wanted to check that my (our) pledge amounts are still good and we'll be getting both the clip and the newly named POV Kit.

      This product is going to be such a hit with us togs.

    4. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Just a note for those on the conversion of time for the Hangout,
      12 noon Central Time is 5pm GMT or 6pm BST (British Summertime) NOT 4pm as noted above ;-)

    5. sinerge on

      Okay thanks. Just wanted to be sure I didn't need anything extra to use my rugged cam since I'm getting the Capture Pro with Dual plate and POV Kit.

    6. Missing avatar

      Winnie Man on

      Ok, So the survey finally worked for me....or so I thought! When I hit submit after entering all necessary info on Page 2, it gave me that annoying error message again (the same one that prevented me from accessing the survey). Can someone from the team let me know if my survey actually went through?

    7. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Sinerge, the POV Kit basically consists of 5 individual components, broken down as follows:
      One Capture plate which has the GoPro connector
      One GoPro J-type bracket
      One GoPro to 1/4 tripod converter (the piece which looks like the MicroPlate)
      Two bolts

      The GoPro J-bracket enables a couple of degrees panning when the GoPro is connected, see the 2nd Hangout video from 5 minutes 30 seconds, or the hangout from later today.

      I hope that is clearer.

    8. sinerge on

      Not clear. So does the POV kit come with the MICROplate?

    9. Missing avatar

      d t on

      I love it. I keep upping my pledge . I need 2 or 3 complete kits for the whole family. Peter you are going to break my bank if you keep making great products and videos to match.

    10. Jason on

      This is my 1st Kickstarter backing and I'm super excited to get my Naked Edition. Question, since these are shipping early, does that mean our accounts get charged early as well? Or do our accounts gets charged when the funding ends, per the Kickstarter faq? I'd rather my account gets charged early; I don't like floating funds.

    11. Luis Rafael Martinez on

      HUZZAH! Looks like my survey was successfully submitted! I'm hoping I get my naked capture before I leave for an indie film shoot on the 23rd of August.

    12. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      I'm looking forward to playing with this bit of kit.

      Given that the square plate which connects to the capture clip contains the standard GoPro mount, I'm going to give a 3rd person extension mount a shot, like this one here…

      All I then need to do is work out how I'm going to mount it to achieve something like this...…

      Oh boy, this bit of kit will be fun!

    13. Scubalizard on

      Great design and video. Nice to have some clips of the footage from the camera mount in use. Hope everyone wasnt too banged up (although the out takes were funny)

    14. Missing avatar

      Stephen Weil on

      Please send out an updated email when the Google Survey is accessible. Cheers.

    15. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Adrian, the POV Kit is the new name for the GoPro® Mount, and includes the GoPro and Compact Camera Mounts, so you can either change your pledge to the $105 reward level, or add $20 to buy it a la carte.

    16. Missing avatar

      Donald on

      I never received a survey or anything asking for my shipping information for the Naked Edition for the $185 pledge.


    17. Adrian Gentili on

      I currently already pledged for the $85 choice.
      Can I up my pledge to the $105 section to get the NEW POV kit as well? Does the NEW POV kit replace the "GoPro Mount for this pledge level?

    18. Ryan on

      The google doc is still unavailable to fulfill survey.

    19. Greg Hesp on

      Can you make your videos playable on mobile devices please :-)