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Make a Better Choice. Make A Commitment. Make a Difference. Be a Waste Free On-the-Go Consumer . Use an ECO SnackBag! Read more

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Make a Better Choice. Make A Commitment. Make a Difference. Be a Waste Free On-the-Go Consumer . Use an ECO SnackBag!

About this project

Our society is drowning in a mountain of single-use plastic sandwich baggie waste that ends up in our landfills, as land litter, or marine litter. The average family of five uses 1,800 – 2,400 single-use plastic sandwich baggies per year costing approximately $85. Even worse, plastic baggies take 400+ years to decompose. In the United States alone we use approximately 20,000,000 plastic throw-away sandwich baggies EVERY DAY! Now you can reduce your “plastic footprint” and support sustainable consumption with one simple lifestyle change: the ECO SNACKBAG. 

My Inspiration

As an eco-conscious consumer, I strive to generate as little packaging waste as possible; especially at work where the company I work for recycles everything. Unfortunately, the only thing that I could not recycle at work was the single-use plastic sandwich baggies I used to carry my daily breakfast of cereal and grapes. After realizing that I was using 600+ throw-a-way plastic sandwich baggies a year just to carry my breakfast, I became very frustrated. I became even more frustrated when I calculated that my family was throwing away 2,000+ plastic baggies yearly for school lunches alone, not to mention their high cost and that our curbside recycling program does not accept them. And, every one of those baggies end-up either in our landfills, as land litter, or marine litter. I thought… THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY! THERE MUST BE A BETTER CHOICE!

Our Society is Drowning in Single-Use Plastic Sandwich Baggie Waste

Plastic Facts:

  • We Use 20,000,000 Plastic Sandwich Baggies Daily
  • We Throw Away Over 620,000,000 Tons of Waste Annually
  • The Average Family of 5 Uses 800-2400 Plastic Sandwich Baggies Annually, Costing $85 +
  • Plastic Baggies Take 400+ Years to Decompose
  • Each of Us Generates 4.5 lbs of Trash Daily

Consume with a Conscience... Be the Solution

As a family, we committed ourselves to being part of the solution to reduce the waste we generate. We came up with an innovative solution that gives everyone a simple and inexpensive CHOICE to never again have to buy and throw away single-use plastic sandwich baggies. My wife and I thought what a great lesson to teach our children. We decided to transform our behavior and become conscious consumers.

Let’s Make a Collective Impact… Join the Movement 

Make a difference EVERY Day by using a reusable sandwich baggie to reduce your plastic footprint. Never again will you need to purchase and throwaway wasteful plastic single-use sandwich baggies. Additionally, each ECO Snackbag’s exterior is made from 100% recycled bottles, thereby giving purpose to your plastic bottle recycling efforts. Remember, you are not recycling fully until you use products made from recycled material. Transform the negative environmental impact of on-the-go consumption (using plastic baggies) to a positive one (using a reusable baggie made from upcycled plastic bottles). Our collective commitment to live a sustainable lifestyle begins with a simple choice.

Hopefully, our waste free baggie will challenge its users to consider the impact of everyday packaging choices. The ECO Snackbag provides users a simple and convenient way to take charge and incorporate waste reduction practices into other aspects of their daily lives. Together, we can made a BIG difference.

The Ultimate On-the-Go Sustainable Carry-All Baggie

A Better Choice…

Evolution of the Eco SnackBag
US Patent 20120261293 A1

Abstract: A reusable bag for storing foods is provided, comprising an outer material constructed from a polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) non-woven fabric; an inner lining constructed from a multilayer material comprising: a first aluminum layer, a layer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) adhered to the first aluminum layer, and a second aluminum layer adhered to the layer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET); wherein the inner lining and outer material are formed in the shape of a bag having an opening; and (c) a zip-lock fastener adhered to the opening, wherein the zip-lock fastener is adapted to permit a secure closure and water-tight seal of the bag.

Production & Fulfillment Plan

I have an established manufacturer of rPET (made from post-consumer recycled plastic) apparel ready to fulfill the Eco SnackBags offered as pledge rewards . The same rPET apparel company that assisted me in manufacturing the prototypes shown in "The Evolution of a Eco SnackBag" will manufacture the baggies once the campaigned is launched.

Ready to Launch

Our greatest challenge on our journey to get to this point was combining the zip lock closure with a reusable on-the-go baggie made from recycled plastic bottles fabric. We have our patent, partnership with a manufacturer, and now are ready to launch our innovative ECO SnackBag. Proceeds from our launch campaign will fund inventory purchases, social and traditional marketing, and continued product innovation.

We Need Your Help

We invite you to try our innovative sustainable lifestyle product and join the collective movement where everyone commits themselves to reducing their own packaging waste and plastic footprint. Just think what a difference it can make for our planet and future generations.

Live every day like it's Earth Day.

Teresa Villarrubia

Kel Villarrubia

T-Shirt / Hoodie Reward

If you donate $50 or $100, not only will you be helping reduce waste by receiving an Eco SnackBag, you'll also get the chance to spread our story with a custom-branded shirt or hoodie that is made from recycled plastic bottles! The shirt design is below.

Risks and challenges

As with any product fulfillment service for a first-run line, there may be some small errors in shipping or a small percentage of products that are defective. However, I have decades of experience handling similar services for other companies and am confident I can manage it on my own. In addition, any defects or other errors will be taken care of in a timely manner.

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