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Update #17

Devastator HQ is A-Buzz...


Hey Guys,

Thank you again for all your support! It's been a crazy month. We still periodically check KS, wondering if we have more backers! Right now we're in high gear, sending out the final book files to the printer, designing and ordering your merch and prizes, and chatting with all kinds of hip bookstores that want the book! We're even planning an awesome launch party here in Los Angeles.

Anyway, we've gotten a few questions from you fine folk. We're gonna man up and answer them below:

1. Who are you again? What am I backing?
Fake answer: We're the group starting a new Japanese sex pillow company. Thanks, and don't forget to give us your pillow's name and favorite color!

Real Answer: We're The Devastator, a new humor book series featuring fresh satire and comics from both renowned and up-and-coming writers and artists. Edited by genuises Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows.

2. What have you done with my money?
Fake answer: It's now safe in a secret account in the Cayman Islands.

Real Answer: Amazon has just released the funds to us, meaning we can now give a few bucks to our super talented contributors and pay for lavish printing expenses. Nothing is too good for you!

3. Will we get to see any sneak peeks of our prizes?
Fake answer: Never. Even when you receive your t-shirt you will have to use a special type of iron to see the graphic!

Real Answer: Totes! We're finalizing your treats now, so expect a few choice snapshots soon!

We expect all Devastator goodies, including the book, to arrive mid-June. Once they arrive we'll mail them to your respective homes and/or offices. Expect a message requesting your information within two weeks.

All right everyone, keep the Q's coming! More stuff coming soon...


Geoffrey and Amanda


    1. Missing_small

      Creator Tamara Manor (deleted) on May 28, 2010

      Sweeeeet. Can't wait. Must be a west coast thing. I've been feelin a real New Jersey vibe lately so I've been writing a lot of 'in yer face' stuff lately. Real 'Goodfellas' type 'go get your shinebox' stuff, you know what I'm sayin'?

    2. Geoffrey_phone.small

      Creator Geoffrey Golden on May 17, 2010

      Ohhhh noes- I meant "totes" as in short for "totally." Haha!

      But we do plan to make tote bags around the same time as the second book, coming in November! Stay tuned, Tamara, and we'll probably let the readers vote for the tote bag design sometime this fall.

      The Devastator

    3. Missing_small

      Creator Tamara Manor (deleted) on May 15, 2010

      I just read on FB you're working on totes! Well, Christ on a crutch, why didn't you say there were tote bags in the works in the first place! You might have got a bigger pledge from me. I want a god damn tote bag so I can look smug and cool at the same time at our local grocery store while I roll my eyes at some 17 year old calling me 'ma'am' as he bags my groceries. Those little jackasses. How do I get on the tote bag list?
      Love you,

    4. 6a010535d6b7c6970c0120a50e6ec9970b.small

      Creator brekk on May 14, 2010

      Thanks guys, you're awesome.

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