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The Devastator is a brand-new series of comedy books, jam-stuffed with original satire and comics.  Book #1 is about cartoons!
The Devastator is a brand-new series of comedy books, jam-stuffed with original satire and comics. Book #1 is about cartoons!
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Wet Hot American Summer: The Roleplaying Game

Hey, friendastators! *Blows dust off Kickstarter* Is this thing still on?

Since our fateful first Kickstarter in 2010, many of you have followed us for 13 more books in The Devastator anthology series, and then our transformation into a full line publisher of comedy books with hilarious writers and artists from The Onion, Adult Swim, CollegeHumor, and more. (ICYMI:

After 7 years, we’re back on Kickstarter with a crazy new project: We’re making the first-ever officially licensed roleplaying game for the cult comedy movie Wet Hot American Summer! It’s one of our favorite films of all-time, and hopefully soon, it’ll be your new favorite RPG of all-time (suck it, Castle Falkenstein).

Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp is a tabletop roleplaying game where you can play as your fave Wet Hot character or a character of your own making, and have your own steamy and insane Camp Firewood adventures!

Back it on Kickstarter today:

More info at Entertainment Weekly:

Thank you again for all your support!

Your Orders Have Shipped!!!


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Our Last Ever Kickstarter Update!

Hey Everyone,

It's bittersweet that this is our last Kickstarter Update. But the good news is we are moving all Devastator-related posts to our official website:

PRIZES: Thanks to everyone once again for giving us your addresses and all other info for your prizes. If you're reading this and haven't yet given us your address, do so now. The sooner you do, the sooner you get your reward!

BREAKING PARTY NEWS: The Official Book Release Party is a go! If you're in Los Angeles, expect an amazing situation involving:
*James Urbaniak
*David Malki !
*DJ Zack X
*Awesome cartoons
*The Grilled Cheese Truck
*Free soda and candy
*Book signing with all the LA contributors
*Sweet merchandise
*Surprise Giveaways!

All of this happening under the roof of the best comics store evar, Meltdown Comics! Find details here:

FACEBOOK: There is so much more Devastator awesomeness and arcana to share! Join our frolic through Facebook!

MAILING LIST: Just provide your name and email and we'll send monthly updates via email! Funny ones! Sign up here:

BOOK 2 !!1!!1! We're also excited to announce the planning of our second book of The Devastator, slated to release in November 2010!

Lastly, we would like to thank the folks at Kickstarter for creating such an awesome platform for projects like our, supporting self-publishing and everything else beginning with "self-", and making it so easy to converse openly with all y'all!

You're the greatest. See you in the parallel blogiverse!

Hail Devastator,

Geoffrey and Amanda
The Devastator

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Devastator HQ is A-Buzz...

Hey Guys,

Thank you again for all your support! It's been a crazy month. We still periodically check KS, wondering if we have more backers! Right now we're in high gear, sending out the final book files to the printer, designing and ordering your merch and prizes, and chatting with all kinds of hip bookstores that want the book! We're even planning an awesome launch party here in Los Angeles.

Anyway, we've gotten a few questions from you fine folk. We're gonna man up and answer them below:

1. Who are you again? What am I backing?
Fake answer: We're the group starting a new Japanese sex pillow company. Thanks, and don't forget to give us your pillow's name and favorite color!

Real Answer: We're The Devastator, a new humor book series featuring fresh satire and comics from both renowned and up-and-coming writers and artists. Edited by genuises Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows.

2. What have you done with my money?
Fake answer: It's now safe in a secret account in the Cayman Islands.

Real Answer: Amazon has just released the funds to us, meaning we can now give a few bucks to our super talented contributors and pay for lavish printing expenses. Nothing is too good for you!

3. Will we get to see any sneak peeks of our prizes?
Fake answer: Never. Even when you receive your t-shirt you will have to use a special type of iron to see the graphic!

Real Answer: Totes! We're finalizing your treats now, so expect a few choice snapshots soon!

We expect all Devastator goodies, including the book, to arrive mid-June. Once they arrive we'll mail them to your respective homes and/or offices. Expect a message requesting your information within two weeks.

All right everyone, keep the Q's coming! More stuff coming soon...


Geoffrey and Amanda


We here at Devastator HQ are SO GLAD everyone wanted The Devastator to happen as much as we did. Thanks to you, we're off to the printers next week!

We'll keep you updated as often as possible with project news, press stuff and not to mention ETA's on your books and prizes! The book will be in stores on June 29th, but you can expect your copy in mid-June.

Let the Devastating begin!