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The Devastator is a brand-new series of comedy books, jam-stuffed with original satire and comics. Book #1 is about cartoons!

We're Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows, two comedy writer-editors from Los Angeles who, like you, grew up reading humor and comics in print. The internet brings us many wonderful things- like that kitten who wrestled a baby- but for us, the spontaneous, anonymous sharing of the internet still can't match the feeling of something new and audacious printed in an actual book.

The Devastator is a brand-new book series, jam-stuffed with original satire and comics. Coming at you quarterly, it's 48 full-color pages of awesome, created by upcoming and renowned writers and artists. Each book will wrestle a different pop-culture theme- Book #1 is all about cartoons!

Some fantasmic highlights of Book #1 include James Urbaniak (Venture Bros.) teaching you how to make the BIG BUCKS as a cartoon voice actor. David Malki ! (Wondermark) shows us the first incarnation of Inspector Gadget in the Victorian era. R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics) transforms a Greek myth into a visual history of the funny pages. Todd Alcott (Antz) takes us to Walt Disney's first pitch meeting at Disney after being thawed from his cryogenic chamber. For a full list of Book #1 contributors, click here:

We spent several months finding writers and artists, drafting and redrafting articles, art directing our illustrators and graphic designers, finishing the layout, creating the awesome trailer above and this Kickstarter page, writing the words you... are... currently... reading...

...and what drove us from inception to finish was the sheer excitement of the contributors, friends, acquaintances and strangers who are excitedly anticipating satire on dead trees again. We hope to excite you, too! (Sexually, but also for this book.)

Now, we ask for your help to print it! Once we reach our goal, we can send The Devastator to the printers and give a little something to the talented writers and artists for their work. Check out the sidebar for the excellent rewards you'll get for pledging your support to The Devastator! ... thanks for reading!

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