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Gypsies are the world's best travelers. They've been doing it for over a thousand years. So who better to host a travel show?

Gypsies are the world's best travelers. They've been doing it for over a thousand years. So who better to host a travel show? Read More
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The Traveling Gypsy

Thanks to the Romani tradition of hospitality our host, George Eli, is able to travel the world staying with a different Roma (Gypsy) family or individual in each episode. The host and his new friends explore the city finding mouthwatering cuisine, bargain shopping, and exciting night life. We go well off the beaten path of the typical tourists and unlock secrets known only to each city's Roma (Gypsies).

This series adds a touch of history and culture to the usual travel show fare. The result is a unique program that will appeal to practical travelers, history buffs, armchair anthropologists and anyone looking for something new and unexpected. 

About 4th Nail Productions

4th Nail Productions is a grassroots film and video production company based in the Tri-state area. Our company is dedicated to a three point mission statement:

•To improve the social status of Roma all over the world through positive portrayal in the media and to instill pride in the Romani people.

•To create quality works of art in mediums such as music, literature, cinema and television.

•To inspire Roma to take more active and productive roles in the arts and as members of their communities.

All over the world the Roma face discrimination from individuals, businesses, and governments. For centuries media portrayals of the Roma have been almost universally negative. 4th Nail Productions seeks to counter this trend by creating our own media which features positive Romani role models.

Our first documentary film, Searching for the 4th Nail, can be found at and

The Team

George Eli

•George is an American Roma film maker and owner of 4th Nail Productions. His vision is the main driving force behind the company. His first feature film, entitled Searching for the Fourth Nailwas released in February of 2010. This documentary tells the story of Roma people, past and present and seeks to inspire hope of a bright future for all Roms. George was also an associate producer on "When the Road Bends:Tales of A Gypsy Caravan”.

Tanya Mladen

•Tanya is 4th Nail's executive producer. she is an American Romani and freelance crew member. She’s worked in the New York Film scene as a Production Coordinator and Jr. AP at 341 Productions on shows like 'Team Toons' and 'Alien Dawn'. Tanya was also a Production Coordinator for Engel Entertainment for shows associated with Lifetime and Nat Geo. She earned a BS in Communications from University of New Haven. Tanya is a vital team member as she maintain’s 4th Nail’s connection with the large Roma community in New York.

Patrick Wiley

•Patrick is an associate producer, writer and video editor. He is a graduate of Drexel University where he majored in film and minored in screenwriting. Due to Drexel’s hands on curriculum and focus on industry standard professionalism Patrick has valuable connections to a variety of cinematic and creative talent. His senior project "Paul's Payne" which he wrote and directed was an official selection of the 2012 North Hollywood International Student Film Festival.

Selin Kilic

•An associate producer and writer at 4th Nail Productions. Selin graduated Mount Saint Vincent in 2011 where she double majored and earned a BA in Communications and Business. Selin has experience in videography and editing with companies such as Goldcrest Post and MTV. She has utilized these skills for the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran and other awareness-based companies. Her experience as a reporter and senior copy editor for her University newspaper and 20/20 Magazine has proven to be a valuable asset to the company.

Risks and challenges

We've already shot a pilot episode in New York City which you can expect to see in the coming months. At the end of this campaign we'll be shipping off to Miami. We've got a visionary producer and host, an expert team of filmmakers and we've got a bunch of wonderful Romani families to introduce you to. However film crews are big fans of eating and we need your support to keep them fed not to mention paid! This is to say nothing of equipment rentals, location fees, production insurance and all the miscellaneous expenses that crop up when creating a series like this.

The $18,000 we're asking for is the bare minimum we'll need to tour European cities such as London, Barcelona, Lourdes and Budapest. The more we can raise, the more we can explore these cities and show you all the secrets they have to offer.

We'll also need some funds for hosting. While free sites like vimeo and youtube can support our video content, we'd ideally like to have a Traveling Gypsy website with its own domain and all episodes embedded for easy viewing.

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