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The #Weinergate scandal wasn't just another political sex scandal -- it showed how biased liberal media failed to try & get the facts.

The #Weinergate saga started on the Friday night before Memorial Day and climaxed in an amazingly surreal press conference, where firebrand Democrat Anthony Weiner admitted that he’d been lying for over a week about his thrill seeking cyber sexual escapades.

Weinergate: The Impotence of Liberal Journalism shows how this amazing story developed after being ignored and even dismissed as ‘fake’ by the press -- and how it's a triumph for the responsible journalism of the right wing blogosphere.

Aside from the tawdry scandal itself, Weinergate showed how the story evolved in the blogosphere and the mainstream media. Much of the story was pushed by a small band of conservative & libertarian bloggers who not only pointed out problems in Weiner’s story but did technical analysis of the data. Meanwhile, left wing blogs and sites like DailyKos proposed crackpot conspiracy theories and faulty technical explanations to prove that the photo of Rep. Weiner was really a hack, hoax or fraud created by the right wing. And the mainstream media didn't know what to make of the story.

Central to the story is the controversial conservative Andrew Breitbart, who broke the story and practiced careful journalism right up to the slow release of photos that resulted in Weiner’s press conference.

I want to get this film out quickly to counter the narrative of the left. My experience on this story showed me very clearly just how right the right wing media can be -- and that's a message that the MSM really doesn't want people to hear, but they need to. 

The film will be shot and edited quickly with a planned July release date. (I need to finish my Pigford documentary this summer, too.)

The budget would cover travel and crew expenses to get the film made. Bloggers from all over the country were part of the story and I’d want to quickly do interviews. Money raised over the goal will allow more interviews and better production values.


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