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A documentary that explores Unschooling : homeschooling without the artificial structure of formal education. Advice and answers from kids & parents.
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Lee Stranahan

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Brenna McBroom : Homeschool To Unschool

I have to tell you - this project has been so much fun in terms of meeting and hanging out with people. Broc, Gail, Brenna...the whole family, all hanging out at Sandra Dodd's house with my family. Nice way to spend an afternoon...and really a very unschool-y way to make a film.

Here's another great little segment from Brenna. More interviews coming and again - all the interviews in raw for for $50 contributors, while we still have some left..

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    1. Creator Robin Lindsley on August 29, 2010

      Isn't it interesting that even as young as you were, Brenna, you thought An Education meant all that stuff that people find in schools. Hooray for un-school! =) Robin