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Chromatic is a dynamic print collection of independent musicians and artists who explore color in unorthodox ways.
Chromatic is a dynamic print collection of independent musicians and artists who explore color in unorthodox ways.
356 backers pledged $17,673 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Natalie on January 6, 2012

      i have not received my copy of this book yet. Who do I need to contact?

    2. Creator Gert-Willem van Mourik on November 26, 2011

      Never too late to say it: the hardcover looks amazing! Chromatic is entertaining to read and look at. Encourages me to put on some music as well. Well done! Proud to have been able to back this up.

    3. Creator shotblast (deleted) on October 11, 2011

      50$ backer in France still waiting. Could you tell me when mine has shipped? Plus I have problem with my post office that might have sent it back. If that was the case, please let me know. Thanks.

    4. Creator Scott Bradrick on September 30, 2011

      50$ backer in CT still waiting.

    5. Creator Tyler Chamberlain on September 25, 2011

      Hi there - $100 backer still waiting in California...looking forward to getting it!

    6. Creator josh on September 25, 2011

      im still waiting on my copy as well in california.

    7. Creator Alexis Green on September 19, 2011

      Same here. $25 backer and haven't received my copy in Canada.

    8. Creator Kevin Herndon on September 7, 2011

      any word on when the $50 backers should receive their hardcover editions?

    9. Creator Kathryn Dufty on September 5, 2011

      Hi Chris and team, is it possible please to post an update on the international shipping situation for the Chromatic paperback edition? I'm in London and haven't seen my copy yet. Cheers!

    10. Creator Michael Deal on September 4, 2011

      When should this book come? Been looking forwards to it for awhile.....

      - Michael Deal

    11. Creator Lohra and Richard Vogel on August 18, 2011

      When should I expect to receive this book?
      I live in Chicago.
      L. Vogel

    12. Creator Stacey Jones on August 18, 2011

      The book came out really beautiful, thank you for my copy!

    13. Creator kim meinelt on August 5, 2011

      can't wait to get my copy! I plan on ripping out one particular page (HH) and using it as a dart board!

    14. Creator Lohra and Richard Vogel on July 24, 2011

      When will this book be mailed? It's July 24th and no word from you as to the status!!!

    15. Creator Andy Giles on June 18, 2011

      What's the latest on this book shipping?

    16. Creator barbra ramos on April 22, 2011

      i havent seen the email about shipping info.....

    17. Creator Panda on April 9, 2011

      Hey, when are we going to get this book? :)

    18. Creator Elise Williamson on April 6, 2011

      So excited this book is going to be published! I can't wait to receive my copy :)

    19. Creator Colin on April 6, 2011

      Hooray we made it! So when's this going to be printed?

    20. Creator Canterbury on April 6, 2011

      Excited to be a part of art & music history. I'm glad I put my $ to good use & such a great project! Woo hoo!


    21. Creator Luis Baia on April 5, 2011

      Good to see you made it... can't wait for my signed numbered copy :-)

    22. Creator Tyler Irish on April 2, 2011

      Just donated $100. Can't wait for the book. Looks amazing. Good luck guys, and if you could check out my Kickstarter project:

      Thanks, Tyler

    23. Creator Pop 'stache on March 14, 2011

      Love supporting the Chicago music community. ALARM is where it's at. Check out our SXSW photojournalism project:

    24. Creator Colin on March 14, 2011

      This book is going to be rad!

    25. Creator Film Schooled on March 10, 2011

      Good luck!