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We're out to prove that we can make high quality, environmentally sound sandals right here in the USA.  Made here.  Made better.
We're out to prove that we can make high quality, environmentally sound sandals right here in the USA. Made here. Made better.
1,091 backers pledged $56,618 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Have your cake and eat it, too

We've added a package appropriately titled "Have your cake and eat it, too" for those of you who can't decide between the leather and woven sandal. Now you can get both (with one personalized) for $100. Spread the word...and thanks! Made Here. Made Better.

International Inquiries

Apparently, and thankfully, the appeal for domestically manufactured sandals extends beyond our borders as we've gotten multiple inquiries about international shipping. In doing a bit of research, we have figured out that we can't afford to include shipping to international destinations if we don't want to end up in the hole.

We have to ask that for orders to Canada, please add $10 to your pledge, and for other international orders please add $15 to your pledge.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the confusion, and thanks for helping us keep this project going and growing!


John and Mike

woo hoo!

A giant thanks to everyone to getting us to our target! A special thanks to Anna Creadick for being the one who pushed us over the top!

Never would have thought we'd get to the target with 45 days to go - you guys are awesome.

Let's not stop a good thing - the more pledges we get the more American made Vere sandals we can get out in the market and on people's feet. Thanks for continuing to spread the word!

- John and MIke


Hey everyone, thanks for all your support so far! It’s been a crazy week since we started this project, and we’re already 75% to our goal! What a tremendous experience Kickstarter has been.

We’ve been humbled thus far by the social media experience, as the number of you who have forwarded this on through your various channels has been astounding. It’s worked like they say it’s supposed to, yet you rarely see, so thank you to everyone who has made the extra effort to spread the word to your friends and tweeps.

On the production side, the weather along the East coast has affected us as well. We have been preparing to install some more equipment, but since all ports along the Northeast have been closed at various points during the last week, our shipment is delayed again. Fortunately, we have plenty to do and have been busy building our jigs and prepping the machines we do have in place.

Beyond that, we can’t believe nobody has taken us up on the offer to come to the Finger Lakes for the weekend! You guys know that we’re talking about this summer, right? We’re not going to drag you to a cookout in this weather. While the view of the lake is beautiful, it’s only 18° today.

Production begins soon. Not as soon as we planned, but not as late as we feared. Either way stay tuned here and on our blog and fb pages for updates from the factory floor.


John and Mike

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Hot off the presses

Thanks to everyone who has already shown interest! Check out the feature in today - hot off the presses: