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We're out to prove that we can make high quality, environmentally sound sandals right here in the USA. Made here. Made better.
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The Dons are shipping out this week

Posted by Vere Sandal Company USA (Creator)

Well it is time.  If you have requested a black Don sandal in exchange for backing the Vere Sandal Company your sandals have been completed and begun to ship out this week.  The last of them are going out today.  Thank you for your backing and your patience.  Brown Don sandals are going out Friday / Monday.   In the hole are Louies (starting with the black/grey) which will start to go out by the end of the following week.  We will put up another update when the with schedules on the rest of the models as they get close to completion. 

We began conceptualizing all this 25 months ago.  Typically it is about 18 months to go from drawing board to commercialization, but that is the standard timeframe when there is an existing and operating factory in the mix.  We have been in the factory only 12 months, we spent the first three or four months cleaning 40 years of oily grime, dust, and neglect.  Not too terribly bad from this perspective.

With all that being said we truly do regret missing the opportunity of delivering the sandals for much of your summer vacations.  So we wish you lots of warmth for the next few months.  

John & Mike

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Late July update.

Posted by Vere Sandal Company USA (Creator)

As you should know by now, we have been practically living in the factory making the components and sub-assemblies to create the sandals.  We haven't seen too much of daylight other than the skylights in the factory.  Major thanks to those who have stopped in and lent a hand.  Some were family, friends, and just followers of the company...including Kickstarter backers.  We can't thank them enough.  Support on the message boards and on Facebook has also been greatly appreciated.   For now, we'd like to answer the burning questions that often end up in our email and said message boards.

SO..Where are we now?  We are about ready for final assembly on the Dons (see photo below).  The components for the rest of the models are being finished and will soon take place on deck (like Louie in other photo).  As we have learned that a small business on their first run with people waiting for product can't have everything fall in place, our tacking machine has decided to subscribe to Murphy's Law.  Repairs have been made and it is already on a truck headed back to us.  We expect that to arrive on Monday morning.    

  >> What is a tacking machine?  It is an automated sewing machine that attaches the toe post (the fabric between the toes) to the medial and lateral straps to complete the upper.

  >> One thing to note, since manufacturing operations requiring industrial stitching machines have left the country, servicing for some of these machines are so hard to find and will rarely be found locally.  US Manufacturing needs support such as these specialized trade services to make the comeback that people are hoping to see. 

Ship date?  June -no.  Late June/early July-no.  Late July -likely not.  Realistically we can tell you that you will have those sandals on your feet in August.  We expect to start shipping those Dons in about three weeks with the rest of them to follow shortly. 

Okay back to the factory....

John & Mike

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Another Production Update

Posted by Vere Sandal Company USA (Creator)

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Video update.

Posted by Vere Sandal Company USA (Creator)
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The Latest-est

Posted by Vere Sandal Company USA (Creator)

Hey Everybody, 

It's been pointed out to us that it's been quite a while since we've updated you all on our progress, and we want to make sure that you have the absolute latest-est information on where we stand.  As we wrote last time, we have the raw materials on order and they are currently being prepared for us (thanks everyone!).  We're still on the same schedule that we reported last time: materials set to arrive this month, with production beginning when they do, and deliveries to you scheduled for mid-June.  

We're scheduled to receive our webbing delivery within the next week and a half, and we're excited to get started making our upper straps as soon as those arrive.  Our EVA and rubber shipment is scheduled for the end of the month, and our plan is to have our upper straps completed and ready for final assembly when that shipment gets here.  If all goes well, we should be ready to put the EVA and rubber bottoms on the sandals as soon as they arrive.

We've been spending the overwhelming majority of our time in the factory, making sure the sewing machines are prepped, the embroidery patterns and jigs are ready to go, and getting the conveyors and tunnels and everything else on the floor ready for production.  It's a busy, nervous, exciting time.  We're itching to get going.

Thanks again for your support and for making this project possible.  Look for pictures and video of production as soon as we have something to show - we'll likely post here and on our facebook page.  We're very excited to start sending these sandals out to you in about a month or so.


Mike and John