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We're out to prove that we can make high quality, environmentally sound sandals right here in the USA.  Made here.  Made better.
We're out to prove that we can make high quality, environmentally sound sandals right here in the USA. Made here. Made better.
1,091 backers pledged $56,618 to help bring this project to life.

The Scott Wilson Effect

Wow. I was at the factory this morning and checked in on our Kickstarter page, and it looked a lot different than it does now. I went for a paddle on the lake, which is a story in and of itself (it was 16°), went home and watched a movie with the kids, and when I come back this thing has gone off...

The first question when we saw the spike was "what happened?" We didn't know of any articles coming out, and we hadn't heard about any other PR that was happening. When I read through the email and messages, we found out: Scott Wilson, he of TikTok & LunaTik fame (, had sent us a message and backed our project. As it turns out, he also mentioned us in an update to his backers - all 13,512 of them. It also got him a little bit of heat, as some questioned his right to "spam" endorsements for other projects to his backers and if it violated Kickstarter's code of conduct. I checked out his update and the comments, as we get his updates too, and there was some very well thought out conversation on the subject on both sides of the issue. I can see both sides, but I'm sure glad he took the side that thinks it's okay to share cool projects and that he thought ours fit that criterion.

Thanks to Scott's effort in spreading the word this morning, many of you have decided to back our project and we've near doubled the number of backers we had when I left this morning. There are also 25 new comments in the comments section, and I'm going to do my best to answer them all either here or in the comments section.

The most pressing question seems to be "what's that sandal in the video thumbnail?" It's the Louie, in Brown/Orange. We've had requests to show the entire line, and our main site is being updated soon to show the entire line. Between now and then, you can check out all the product at The page is being updated with higher quality photos and better color quality, but overall it'll give you a decent idea what's available.

I'll address the rest of the questions in the comments section, so if you had a question, look for the answer there, and thanks for all your inquiries and pledges. Can't wait to make some sandals.

By the way, Scott - cant wait to ship you your customized coveralls. The Scott Wilson Effect is, well, in full effect.

- John


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