Vere Sandal Company, USA - 2011 Collection

by Vere Sandal Company USA

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    1. Doug Reilly on

      I live in Geneva, near Vere Sandal, and so I've had the opportunity to witness John and Mike's dedication to this company, and the endless hours they have put in to make this work. One of the things their experience testifies to is how hard it is to build up what's abstractly called "industrial capacity". When America lost manufacturing jobs to overseas companies, that wasn't just a temporary or theoretical thing. We lost the means of production and labor, and the support network: machines (and the people who make and fix them), suppliers, etc. This has much more meaning to me now that I can put names and faces to it. John and Mike are trying to go against the grain and start rebuilding that industrial capacity. In other words, they're not just trying to make awesome sandals, they are trying to de-rust the rust belt. Hang in there, supporters, these gentlemen are just that, the real deal, and as supporters we're helping create something much larger than Vere Sandal, though we're doing that too, and it will work, and it will be awesome.

    2. Vere Sandal Company USA Creator on


      We seriously do not have an email in our account from you. I'm sorry for whatever error keeps happening. Please send an email to me personally at and I'll make sure your address gets updated.

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      Joe Gallo on

      Take as long as you need. I'm not sweating it

    4. allen williams on

      John and Mike,
      Thanks for the update! Anyone who has started a company knows that there are speed bumps. The key is to avoid the road blocks. Seems that you guys are weathering the storm and thinking on your feet. Good news is that it the bugs are getting worked out and you're getting closer to the final product. I appreciate you guys stepping up to the plate and letting the "backers" know where things are in the process instead of hitting the crickets sound button. Don't worry, we're still "backing" you!

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      Michael Wolf on

      Kickstarter is a great idea for people with ideas who KNOW HOW TO execute on them. Scott Wilson is a fine example with TikTok. He's a guy who knew how to design, engineer and get stuff done and went to the community with a great idea (and raised $942.578 BTW). These guys however are not even at the first grade level with their idea. I hate to break it to you but making sandals just isn't that hard unless you know absolutely nothing about doing it. This was / is obviously the case. I wasn't contributing to help people with no skill get into a business, I thought I was contributing to help people with some knowledge base get ideas accomplished. This failure to ship along with a number of other Kickstarter failures shows that a lot of folks with ideas should just keep them to themselves and learn on their own dime how hard business is. Claiming you're unknowledgable (or just plain stupid) really doesn't get your product shipped. People who passed on this investment were right to do so. Another black eye for Kickstarter.

    6. Jake McKee on

      I think Michael Wolf is being a bit harsh. The point of Kickstarter isn't just a pure funding model. It's also about empowering people like the Vere guys to making things happen. Sometimes that happens fast, sometimes we're in support of a learning cycle. Don't invest if you don't want the risk. Wait until the product hits the stores.

      All that said, I'd suggest that with a process this delayed, more updates are better than less. When you guys go dark for so long, it makes it feel like we've been left without a product and a loss of money. This update, for instance, was great but easily could have been 5 or 6 (or more?) separate updates as they unfolded.

      Keep on truckin', but help us be part of the team (the entire idea behind a Kickstarter pledge) by taking us into the process as it unfolds.

    7. Barbara on

      Thanks for the update. We're hanging in there with you! And when they're ready, I know you will be sending us 2 absolutely outrageously fabulous pairs of sandals that will be well worth the wait!
      Barbara Tirrell

    8. Emily Tatlow on

      Glad to get an update. Obviously you've been busy, but was getting a little concerning so long with absolutely no updates! Hoping you manage to get your machine issues fixed soon. :)

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      Nicole Solet on

      Hey guys thanks for the update. I think that it should be common sense for anyone that backs a startup project that there are going to be many delays. In the end, the point isn't for us to get our sandals, it is for them to appear in the stores for people to purchase so this startup can be successful.
      Don't worry about my sandals, I can wait as long as need be. Good luck and stick with it guys.

    10. Elizabeth on

      Thanks for the update, you have my full support ---- you're comment that Asia is far more set up these days for production for the US is exactly why I figured this would take a while, but your persistence and determination to produce in the US is much needed. It's an education for me to see what it takes to actually manufacture something in the US!

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      Marie Western on

      Thanks for your latest update - No worries about the sandals - we look forward to having them for next summer! Take care!

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      Kristen Pizzuto on

      Thanks for this very informative update. You have put a lot of hard work into this project and you'll get it done! We know the sandals are coming and we know you want them to be perfect before you send them out. Thanks for the updates and all the hard work!

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      P T Withington on

      Keep the faith guys. It's great to see someone build something real. We forget how hard that is.

    14. Rick Cramblet on

      Hang in there - and thanks for the update. I'm sure they are a bit painful to write but very helpful as you take your supporters on the whole journey (not just the funding portion)....

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      Michael Wing on

      I think people need to keep in mind that when we invest in a Kickstarter project, we are basically giving money to a small or fledgling company because on some level we like the idea of what they're trying to accomplish. It really isn't about the sandals, people - sure, they're an incentive to get us to fund the project, but the fact is that we aren't buying sandals, we're giving money to a company so it can pursue a project, and they're giving us something to thank us for doing so. In a similar sense, if you donate to public radio, would you go onto a blog and start bashing people if you never received your stupid NPR coffee mug? I really believe this project is legit, because people have been receiving their perks (I have mine, and they're great, btw). I checked in via email a couple of times to inquire about delivery dates, and got a prompt reply each time. The bottom line is that with each Kickstarter project, everyone learns something - the "investors", the project folks, and the Kickstarter people themselves. On this project, I think we all learned (or were reminded, hopefully) that things do not always go as planned. And that when people get rid of their old equipment, it's usually because it doesn't work so great anymore.

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      Jeff Trujillo on

      Wolf is a bit off base when comparing you guys to S. Wilson. ANYONE can offshore to China and get something produced in mass amounts. As long as you have the initial investment, you can have product cranked out for cents on the dollar.

      But this is not why I backed this product.

      We were promised a more responsible item, local MFG, local jobs, and a product that produces less waste than 'the other guys'. And if you are holding off on shipping a product that doesn't meet your quality control metrics, then I applaud you. I would rather not have to send something back for separation issues.

      Don't get me wrong, I pouted all summer that I didn't have my sandals yet. But I think this is a product that, once dialed in, will have a positive impact on the thong industry.

    17. Alex Goldberg on

      Terrific update Guys. I appreciate that a lot and I'm hanging in there! Good luck with everything and if my very small investment helps get you guys started up producing in the USA, I'm a proud backer!

    18. Kathy Sherman on

      Thanks for the update. I totally understand the roadblocks that can creep up in any manufacturing situation. We're looking forward to wearing our very cool sandals next year!

    19. Jim Young on

      Hang in there guys. It is hard to put Made in the USA in action these days. Your naiveté of the difficulties of setting up a factory is not an excuse, but understandable. I agree that the support structures that Asia manufacturers provide is huge benefit that we're missing that in the US now. Stay strong!

    20. Morgan Engle on

      so when do we get our sandals, time is up..

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      andrewmclarkson on

      Am I disappointed in not having my sandals? Yes.
      Am I disappointed in Vere? Not anymore.
      Keep on trucking, guys.

    22. Neasa Martin on

      No worries I am just happy to support your start up. It will be when it will be. Besides the snow will be flying soon in Canada so I won't miss them! Good luck.

    23. Kyle Smith on

      You know, I have to kind of agree with Chris Keenan from the comments section. I do feel misled. Especially with all of the delays in getting us our rewards. I made my pledge back in January of this year (almost 11 months ago), and the funding was successful for this project on March 1 (almost 9 months ago). This is ridiculous, I am happy about this being an American made item but I have backed other American made projects since the Close of this project and have ALREADY received the reward. I get that there have been manufacturing delays with the glue, and I appreciate the fact that you are not wanting to send out a defective product. But PLEASE FIND A SOLUTION!!! I do look forward to getting both pairs of my Vere Sandals...(if we EVER get them) but I have taken Chris's lead and ordered a new pair of Rainbows...Thanks for the tip Chris. I live in Texas and it is still very much sandal weather's actually 85 deg here right now.

    24. Morgan Engle on

      How can I get a refund? At this point I just want my money back. Is that possible?

    25. Missing avatar

      Kathleen on

      Looking forward to my made-in-Geneva flip-flops! I'm just glad to know mine didn't get hijacked off my front porch!

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      Shelly Trainor on

      This update said remainder of Brown Bettys were shipping the week of 11/3 and the following week. I have not received my Brown Bettys as of today 11/21 - how do I followup????

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      Alex Brossart on

      How will we be informed when our sandles ship out? I was having them shipped to the company I work for and we have recently moved. Ugh

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      andrewmclarkson on

      Another update please?

    29. Vere Sandal Company USA Creator on

      We had a great and restful Thanksgiving outside of the factory and with family. Thanks for asking.

    30. Brian Bowman on

      I don't think that was what andrew was asking...we are looking a update on shipping the Sandals

    31. Julie Hodgson on

      Good luck with this guys..Ill await most patiently for my sandals.. :o) I can wear them next summer of course....

    32. Lisa Church on

      time for another update?

    33. Peter Buckley on

      Best of luck guys! Sounds like quite a ride. Learning to walk with the new equipment sounds like it may take some time, but once you get going you'll be running in no time.

      Best, Pete

    34. Janet Barton & Pat Coleman on

      I'd like an update - we are all routing for you guys - just keep us informed even if it's wait................

    35. Pete on

      How about an update?

    36. Noah Johnson on

      what's going on???
      guys, this is out of control.
      you funded almost 10 months ago!

      (assuming for sake of example) ::
      2182 pairs of sandals
      1520 hours (8 hours a day)
      190 days (5 days a week for 9.5 months)
      that would be : 1.4 pairs produced per hour.
      just saying .


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      Jim Gilbert on

      After your last update I was hoping to have them to give as a Christmas present. That looks out of the question. Now I'm crossing my fingers hoping to have them for next May's trip to the beach. BTW, I included a date on my inscription request. Please change that to 2012.

    38. Pete on

      How about a christmas update? We understand that you guys have a pretty big endeavor going on but your lack of communication as of late is kind of ridiculous.

    39. Vere Sandal Company USA Creator on

      We will probably put one out, but before people cast any more stones...We've been updating ship dates on the main kickstarter page down by the FAQ section. We have also been communicating when we can on the message board -Seven times since Thanksgiving actually.

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      Craig F on

      Chill out people! Be patient and let Vere do what they do. You back a project like this and expect perfection? No, that's not realistic. I'd prefer that Vere keep their focus on the product and keep us updated as needed. An update does not include holding my/our hand every week with an update for no reason other than to update. It means giving reasonable updates with estimates.

      Be patient and understand that Vere is doing the "right thing" by not putting out a product until it can be right. I believe in doing it right or not doing it at all. I don't want a half arsed pair of sandals. I want something that will hold up.

      Be patient! Let's wait and see how it goes.


    41. Missing avatar

      Erich Pfeiffer on

      Craig come on be freekn realistic it has been almost a year. I think at this point we are being realistic in wanting a status. No one wants a hand hold but some people simply do not visit this site and have seen few updates via email. While I admire this persuit of perfection and agree it is the right thing. Seems they have some down time with all the issues and have few mins here or there to craft an email. Come on with smart phone and tablets it could be done almost anywhere. You can bet if this was a big box chain that had fronted the money they would be looking to get it back by now. I think folks are being extremely paitent. So I think you should look at you half arsed thought and rethink it.

    42. GARY WOLF on

      I've moved and need to update shipping. How can I do this?

    43. A. Joseph

      Makes one think about the Presidents State of Union address about keeping business home. Anyways hope to have mines by this summer!

    44. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Starting a production line from scratch domestically is like opening a restaurant. Even with internetz financing, payments, communications, and amazing logistics....

      Well, I will enjoy my sandals when they come and think of it as a random unexpected present for my wife and I.

      Good luck and perseVere in the production plant!

    45. Jake McKee on

      Any current updates? It's been a while since we've heard anything and I'd love to get a more recent updated before we hit the year mark!

    46. Missing avatar

      Elsbeth on

      How are you guys doing? It has been a while since there has been any word from you. I am curious about production and when shipments will start!

    47. Noah Bolanowski on

      Is there any new info? any predicted dates on when the sandals will be done?

    48. Vere Sandal Company USA Creator on

      Hey all. We are editing an update for everyone now. For estimated ship dates, keep checking the FAQ section bottom of our main project page (