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Rainfall: The Sojourn's video poster

A 2D Action-RPG inspired by the SNES era and world culture! Read more

Seattle, WA Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on December 5, 2012.

A 2D Action-RPG inspired by the SNES era and world culture!

Seattle, WA Video Games
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Karim H
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Karim H

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About this project

  • A unique real-time combat system that focuses on positioning, chaining abilities, and for the pros, micromanaging secondary character
  • Field map abilities that can be used to help traverse areas
  • Skill System with progression, all characters have unique skills!
  • Interactive environments, lots of places to go and explore
  • Unique puzzles and brainteasers that fit naturally in the game world. 
  • A compelling story that will have you controlling different characters throughout the game and witnessing intriguing cut-scenes
  • A plethora of items that can be used to improve battle prowess, general customization, or just sold for cash!
  • A unique party system that allows NPCs to join your party!
  • 6 PLAYABLE cast members (only 2 can be used in battle at one time)

Sol E Chuva (Sun & Rain)

Into the Fray (Unique Boss Theme)

Stillness Everlasting

Beginnings of a Journey

Seasonal Dew (NEW!)



Rainfall was inspired by games such as Shadow Of The Colossus, the Secret Of Mana series, the Suikoden series, Chrono Cross, and Dark Souls. The visual style is similar to some of the old SNES and early Playstation 1 RPGs.

Our goal is to create a game with a vibrant world, tons of fun puzzles, interesting level designs, engaging battles, and a great story - the complete package! Personally, I've always felt that action-oriented RPGs generally have very light-hearted and underdeveloped narratives. Rainfall will have defined characters that each have a strong voice and presence. This means the main character will not be your typical silent action hero! As the lead designer and writer, I'm interested in exploring all manner of narrative techniques in order to fully express the game's story and characters. You can look forward to experiencing Rainfall's rich world through gameplay, intriguing cutscenes, and the unique perspectives of disparate characters.

The emotively potent, yet restrained writing style of the classic "Final Fantasy 6" has been a major influence on the storytelling style. Expect to see strong characters, touching themes, and an exciting dramatic pace in a similar vein to that game.

~ Karim


The world of Urd knows no modernity. The powers of old and their insatiable lust for conquest have long since brought their vast empires to ruin. Centuries have passed since the era of great civilization, war, and despair. A wave of change has washed across the once-tormented land and brought the people of Urd to spiritual freedom.

Now removed from the unifying influence of expansive civilization, homogeneity has fallen to the wayside and the distinctive roots of the lands' various cultures have sprung up once more. Will this newfound peace last, or will a new threat emerge to threaten this tranquil utopia?


The story revolves around a traveling swordswoman with a complex past named Talyssa Lashav. Following a tragedy, she is left with no home to return to and desperately seeks out her old master. On her journey, she discovers a disturbing secret - the world is rapidly changing in seemingly unnatural ways. Humans are turning into monsters, animals are evolving in unsettling ways, and the landscape itself grows strange and surreal. To make matters worse, most of Urd's people seem to be completely oblivious to the world shifting around them! Talyssa finds her fate entwined with others she meets on her long sojourn, disparate personalities united to discover the truth behind this mystery even as they pursue their respective motives and dreams...


I adore and am heavily inspired by world history, nature, and animals. The names, language, and cultures are all inspired by or adopted from various regions of the globe and their respective ethnic groups from all points in history. Rainfall's concept explores the idea of a fictional ancient world that feels real and plausible. Our goal is to create a world where legends, myths, and fantastical beliefs... can become real. 


The world of Urd holds many exotic beauties. You'll be navigating regions filled to the brim with visual and gameplay-related points of interest. Rainfall's core is about exploring varied landscapes, interacting with disparate, unique social groups, capturing the adventurous feeling and danger of traveling great distance, seeking shelter from the elements and surviving the perils of the land. That is the type of atmosphere we're aiming to achieve. It's not just about gameplay, writing, or any individual aspect of the medium. It's about creating the entire package - a wholly absorbing experience!

Name: Talyssa Lashav

Age: 27

Talyssa is the main protagonist of Rainfall. She’s a strong, loyal, and steely individual who rarely wavers in the face of danger. She was taught how to wield the blade by a young foreign swordmaster named Lon, a man who used to travel with her grandmother’s caravan of entertainers. Talyssa was raised by her grandmother after her parents were killed in a conflict with a rival tribe when she was three years old.

Under her grandmother’s supervision, she began her ritual shaman training at the tender age of six, learning the ways of her sacred ancestors of the Ruv (Wolf) tribe. At the of age 15, Talyssa left her grandmother and the troupe to venture out and find her own path.

Name: Aile Tokiwa

Age: 14

Aile is an energetic, curious youth in her early teen years. She is possessed of a strange, ghostly quality and can become more or less corporeal as she so chooses. Though born a commoner, she was soon adopted by Hokkai, the leader of the White Serpent Clan, who recognized her unique powers as eerily similar to those rumored to have been held by the clan's revered ancient founder. Believed to be the founder's direct reincarnation, she became the clan's princess and has lived a very sheltered life ever since her adoption.

When a lengthy drought results in a terrible famine striking Aile's village, she uncovers Hokkai's dark intentions - the clan's elders planned a ritual to harvest her strange spiritual power in order to save themselves from mortal hunger - a plan that would most certainly result in her death. As the deluded, starving members of her clan turn against her, Aile realizes that she is completely alone in the world and must find a way to escape the village… into a dangerous land entirely unknown to her.

The Rainfall team consists of four dedicated fellows who've been around various creative communities for several years.

Main Team

  • Karim H - Lead Game Designer, Writer, Concept Artist, Level Designer, and Art Director. The guy who sort of keeps the project on track and makes sure everything is OK.
  • Alex Roe - Main composer and sound guy. He's been around Ocremix and various Video Game Music communities for years. He also often contributes to Snesology, a small group of very talented composers who mix and mash snes type music. Finding the right sound is so important, and Alex always strives to find the right music for the atmosphere.
  • Mathew Walkden - Main Pixel Artist, most of the lovely pixel art is done by this lovely man from Yorkshire. A very great person to talk to as he just knows what to do at all times.
  • Aaron King - Coder guy, he's working steadfastly on improving and completing the engine which Rainfall is being made in. He ran his own site of gaming enthusiasts and often contributes in contest events.
  • Jasmin Darnell - Has contributed the finalized character art designs.
  • Chuck Simpson - Really cool friend of games, he helped create the cool trailer for Rainfall! He also helped design the new logo.
  • Maxwell K Tattnall - Creator of Americana Dawn and a general helper.
  • Mari Lascelles - Dear friend who helps a lot with Rainfall's concept. He unknowingly makes this project better, well he doesn't brag about it at least!
  • Alexander - Has contributed the finalized Promotion Art.

               Paypal Payment Method Added!

Risks and challenges

Some of the risks and challenges that come with completing this project is achieving what we truly desire and staying true to the concept.

Admittedly, when creating games it is at times difficult to stay in scope. Sometimes ideas become too large for its own good and we can't always implement all our wild ideas.

All of the core team members have vested interests that go even beyond this game project. Aaron likes the idea of creating / polishing an engine he could use for his own projects in the future. Alex was really looking for a cool project that would challenge him. So we're all pretty dedicated!

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