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Help us modernize the beloved cult classic online space adventure!
Help us modernize the beloved cult classic online space adventure!
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Update and Screenshots!

Posted by Spellbook (Creator)

Greetings space warriors!

The Infinite Black will host a large PvP and Invasion Hunting event all weekend starting this Friday night in the original game! Check it out!

Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

This is a user interface screenshot taken from the Expansion client on a live server. There's still a ton of work to do, but we wanted to give a progress update and explain some of the finer details. A lot of effort has been put into making the user interface more attractive and less confusing. We've also added many new and unannounced features.

Resource Trading

Notice the "Buy / Sell" information on Planet Earth and Garrison Alpha? All defense units (Planets, Garrisons, Outposts, Shipyards) host a resource exchange. This might allow you to pick up a shipment of Organics from Earth and sell it for a profit several hops away! Corporations can set buy and sell prices on their own units, which will help them turn a profit, or collect resources for crafting and leveling up defenses.

And yes, you filthy pirates.. You can blow up a defense unit to loot some of it's resources!

The last two weeks have been spent working heavily on the resource exchange. We'll have more to show later, including marketplace and trade interfaces that make it all function, but that's it for now.

Shields and Batteries

In addition to their armored hulls, all combat units now have a shield which absorbs incoming damage, but cannot be repaired. It will recharge automatically after you exit combat, and can be boosted with the new Shield equipment item that is similar to Armor items.

Every unit also has a Battery that supplies power to the weapon systems. All units can now equip multiple weapons, and each weapon pulls from the battery based on it's attack speed. You can increase your battery capacity and it's recharge rate with the new Battery items, allowing you to support larger and more weapons.

Some weapons allow you to bypass shields with the new Shield Penetration stat, and drain an enemy's battery with the new Battery Drain Chance stat.

Streamlined Chat Interface

A chat bar in the bottom left now overlays the main HUD, allowing you to quickly chat without the original client's bulky full-screen chat window. Click the "Max" button to open up the full-screen interface.

All items, ships, star maps, players, corporations, and defense squads can be linked in chat. You can select the text of a linked object to inspect it -- For example, you can link your awesome weapon in market chat and everyone else can click on the text to bring up the item's details.

In the above screenshot, you could click on [goodboi] to inspect that player, or [goodboi's Shuttle III] to inspect his shuttle, or [Pirate Devastator II] to inspect the pirate devastator's stats.

New Stats and Technology

Ship Stats and Technology
Ship Stats and Technology

In the above screenshot we're inspecting an alien Wyrd Frigate-Class ship. There's a lot of new information and features crammed into this dialog that we'll get into with future updates.

The SHIP BONUS and ITEM BONUS information on the left shows some of the new technology system. There's now over 120 technologies players can discover that come from a variety of sources such as corporation research, planetary defense bonuses, ship technology bonuses, captured artifacts, and equipment items.

Skill Points

Skill Points Screenshot
Skill Points Screenshot

Ships, Defense Units, Players and Corporations now all have their own experience, leveling, and skill point system. When you kill an enemy your ship earns XP, your player captain earns XP, and your corporation earns XP. Leveling these up unlocks skill points that can be invested for bonuses, such as those in the above screenshot.

These bonuses all stack -- Your ship will gain the benefits of your player and corporation skills, as well as it's own.

Remember to drop by the original game this weekend for a large-scale PvP event, invasion hunting bonuses and more!

- Ozymandias

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