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Help us modernize the beloved cult classic online space adventure!
Help us modernize the beloved cult classic online space adventure!
Help us modernize the beloved cult classic online space adventure!
560 backers pledged $98,817 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Keith Meek on

      Nothing new on progress?

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      can you guy just put out a new update like 1 a month or something jeesus. i keep checking and its an OLD upate...... nothing new to say?? like HEY guys recoding this game is actually taking longer then we thought.......... ANYTHING

    3. Griz Ellus on's been 9 months since this kickstarter started. This was what was first stated:

      "Kickstarter backers will have the opportunity to play the expansion much earlier with alpha and beta testing in late Summer of 2017. Your feedback will directly impact the development of the game!"

      It's now April, 2018. A few sparse updates were given, then all went silent, regardless of the times folks have asked here, on forums and in the original game. I know we were told more content was added than originally planned, causing delays, but there is some sort of accountability needed to show that what we backed is in fact being worked on. All I'm asking for is a brief update--nothing mind blowing, just a quick, "Hey, we know we promised you this, we're at x point, next to be done is y." It would go a long way in showing good faith.

    4. Missing avatar

      Crownj on

      As much as I like this game , the devs have been giving empty promises for tibx and constant delays and is now merging the servers as a delay tactic. Gold players invested in it when devs promised no merge/carriers. Empty promises ftw! Good job and well done spellbook.

    5. Missing avatar

      Darthodin on

      How are we looking now that we are into the first week of February?
      Any update on projected early access date would be nice, even a very close or far away response would be better than no update at all.
      We understand the workload you have taken on, but crews always need to hear from the commander words of encouragement when sitting in an outdated ship far away from a safe port when surrounded by the infinite black.

    6. Missing avatar

      Leo Yaus on

      I wish I understood the king better

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      The rebirth of TIB . I can't wait .
      Nafianna .

    8. Missing avatar

      Leadhead420 on

      Sooo excited to see what u guys come up with keep up the great work

    9. Missing avatar

      Charles Jones on

      I'm totally excited and definitely looking forward to fireing all of my guns and explode into space!! Gratz to all on this success!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael short on

      Please add claim points to the KS rewards, this is an event if ive ever seen one

    11. Missing avatar

      Ryan Tollmann on

      Ive always wanted the opportunity to turn a game idea into a career choice, i wish you all the best..may your sucess inspire others.

    12. Missing avatar

      James Key on

      Let the testing begin lol

    13. Missing avatar

      James Key on

      Let the testing begin

    14. Missing avatar

      Darkforce on

      Ok it will be awesome
      Spellbook team make us have fun ones again �

    15. Frank Pope on

      Dont let us down!!!

    16. JGO

      First stretch goal, Woot!

    17. Missing avatar

      David Holland on

      Backed, keep up the good work.

    18. Missing avatar

      AirKitt on

      I hope the game will be good!

    19. JGO

      Woot toot toot!

    20. kris on

      We made it peeps. Now into the void we go...

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael short on

      How many backers?

      About tree fiddy

    22. Patrick on

      That's great question jgo you should ask it in forums so we can discuss it and def bring it up in testing mode

    23. JGO

      I have a question!

      Will the star ports start selling good stuff, like randomly? I'm sick of seeing common items for sale in deep space.

    24. Umut Saglam on

      Almost there!!! :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael short on

      Get on it get on it

    26. JGO


    27. Tim Leonard on

      Can't wait to see the new updates! Wish i could back with more $$.... Good luck Ozy and Spellbook :)

    28. JGO

      With the amount of players online, you'd think everyone would be on top of this. I know there is always a surge near the end of the kickstarter project.
      Need to get the word out in TIB universe to all players to support.

    29. Missing avatar

      Cody black on

      Come on guys lets get this done.

    30. Missing avatar

      PathFinder on

      Yay spellbooks this is what i been waiting for!