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25mm to 28mm scale RPG or diorama settings including Castles, Tavern, Keeps, Dungeons, Villages, Towns, medieval periods and more.
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33 piece Tavern set ($35 pledge)

     No assembly required, seated human figures are cast individually and can sit on all chairs, benches, and stool in this series. Cast in the standard white tin alloy.

 This set is comprised of six different seated patrons, six basic chairs, one barrel chair, one cut up barrel chair, one abbey chair, one stone bench, one stool, one temple table, two basic tables, one end table, one square top table, one round top table, 5 random plates of food, and 5 random drink ware for a grand total of 33 pieces!

                Random food and drink ware variants depicted above.

 Stretch Goals

            Stretch goals are free products added to pledge levels when total pledges meet or break the dollar amount shown in the image.  Potentially, you could net 55 figures beyond the Tavern set for a grand total of 88 figures.  These stretch goal rewards are determined when the kickstarter deadline ends due to changing pledge totals.  There are no rewards beyond the $27,000 mark. 

Add-On groups

 Simply increase your pledge by adding the price of any part number group below, and they will be included with your order at no additional shipping charges.  When this Kickstarter ends,  I will contact each of you by e-mail and ask for the specific part numbers you were adding.


  • Shipping of these products will begin on April 13th 2015 at the rate of 50 parcels per week until finished.
  • Customers will receive e-mail confirmation and tracking numbers when their parcel ships from USPS (United States Postal Service) user Discount Hobby, Inc.
  •  I may wholesale many of these items to a few interested online vendors and offer some of the main furniture pieces in my online store at some point in time, but not until ALL pledge orders have been shipped.
  • Watch the weekly "Updates" link above where I will post various images of both Tavern set and stretch goals as they compare against one another in size starting April 16th.
  • Pledges for "Dungeon Decor series 2" help defray costs for this project and others.  I'm thinking about doing a "Dungeon Decor series 3" if we hit the last stretch goal.
  • All figures in this KS are cast in a white tin metal alloy and are shipped unpainted.
  • I shipped 15,000 parts from 240 supporters in 45 days on my first KS and that is how I came up with 50 parcels a week. 
  • My next KS will launch in the fall of 2015 for science fiction security drones with interchangeable weapon attachments and more.  You will see both a mix of sci-fi and fantasy releases from me in the coming years.
  • When this Kickstarter ends,  I will send out an e-mail specific to gathering both your current shipping information and any add-on part numbers you would like. 

Risks and challenges

There are no risks or challenges with this project because everything, with the exception of some new molds, is in place and ready to go. Because I cast all the pieces and make all the molds, there are no other persons involved in production. Therefore, no fingers to point if something goes wrong. Expect weekly updates from me and for those of you who do not know me, I used to own and operate Mega Miniatures (2001-2013) and maintained an inventory of over 1,700 different products that I produced. I still own my casting and mold making equipment and will be creating new projects once or twice a year. My time is limited these days, so I am keeping the new projects small and manageable.

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    Basic set includes 33 figures. One each of the Sitting sleeping patron, Sitting Male Elf, Sitting Female Elf, Sitting Male Wizard, Sitting Female Fighter, Sitting Male Fighter, Barrel chair, Cut up barrel chair, Abbey chair, Bench Stone, Stool Wooden, End table, Square table, Round table, Temple table, (two each of the basic table, six each of the simple wooden chair, five random dishes of food, and five random drink ware plus any stretch goals achieved. Free shipping in the USA or $15 shipping to other countries.

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