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These 28mm scale monsters fit on slot bases for ease of use with many base styles Dungeon Decor scenery included as stretch goals.
271 backers pledged $17,840 to help bring this project to life.




  Welcome to my 4th Kickstarter.  A pledge of $40 guarantees you the following 15 zombies and skeleton miniatures shipped unpainted and all stretch goals (17 Dungeon Decor miniatures), bringing the combined total to 32 for an average price of $1.25 each.   















The best value is our $80 pledge containing double of each zombie and skeletal figures or 30 pieces plus triple the stretch goals for a total of 81 miniatures averaging 99 cents each plus free shipping anywhere in the world.  

(NOTE: shipping on the $40 pledge outside of the USA is $20, and I cannot edit the "pledge description" of $15 now that the KS is live, my apologies for the typo)

    All painted Monsters and Decor in this Kickstarter were by Michael Carrero at

      As more people pledge and the total dollar amount in pledges received meet or go over the dollar amounts shown in the stretch goals below, then everyone receives free stretch goal merchandise with their shipment.  

     Please help spread the word by simply going to my Facebook page (link) and use the SHARING feature on the Dungeon Monster Kickstarter announcement.




      We are expanding our Dungeon Decor scenery range (found in the pdf catalog below) by giving away NEWLY created pieces as stretch goals.  All previously released seated tavern patrons will fit in the rocking chair above.  The Skull cauldron comes with a tri-bone leg stand which is cast separately allowing for the option of laying the cauldron flat on a surface if desired, or you can use the cauldron as a brazier to light up a dungeon alter.    The globe has raised sculpted continents for ease of painting too. 

     If you are interested in adding single miniatures from my previous three Kickstarters (over 100 to choose from) then click here for the three page PDF catalog.  Simply increase your pledge total by adding the price of the combined singles.  I will ask you what items you want when this Kickstarter ends and they will be included with your Kickstarter shipment. 

     The PDF catalog contains 56 Dungeon Décor singles, 16 robots, 20 Salvage Crew Humans, and 23 Road Kill Ultimate Car Combat game components.

All the stretch goals possible pictured next to one another in bare metal.  At the last minute, the Podium in the upper left is not part of this Kickstarter as you will see in the stretch goal images but we will offer it in the fall/winter Monsters Kickstarter.  

Bare metal Fantasy Monsters with a USA 5 cent (right side background) and a Euro 5 cent (left side background).




Each $40 pledge contains a pack of 15 round slot bases.   Two packs of 15 round bases for the $80 pledge.


  •   Shipping of these products will begin on August 1st, 2016 at the rate of approximately 50 to 100 parcels per week until all orders are fulfilled.
  • Customers will receive e-mail confirmation and tracking numbers when their parcel ships from USPS (United States Postal Service) user Discount Hobby, Inc.
  • All figures in this KS are cast in a white tin metal alloy and are shipped unpainted.
  • When this Kickstarter ends, I will send out an e-mail specific to gathering both your current shipping address information and any add-on CATALOG pledged part numbers you would like.
  • These products are not toys. Choking hazard warning due to small parts. Assembly required. Intended for use by skilled game and model enthusiasts age 18 and older.
  • I produce one to two Kickstarters per year as a part time hobby/business of mine and have no intentions of selling these figures wholesale to stores or distributors.  I will however, sell singles in my future Kickstarters but at a higher price than they were initial offered.  


Risks and challenges

There are no risks or challenges with this project because everything, with the exception of some new molds, is in place and ready to go.

This is my fourth Kickstarter and I have already fulfilled 100% of the previous three Kickstarters.

I personally cast all the pieces and make all the molds on this project and there are no other persons involved in production. Therefore, no fingers to point if something goes wrong.

For those of you who do not know me, I used to own and operate Mega Miniatures (2001-2013) and maintained an inventory of over 1,700 different products that I produced.

I still own my casting and mold making equipment and will be creating new Kickstarter projects once or twice a year. My time is limited these days, so I am keeping the new projects small and manageable.

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    Pledge US$ 40 or more About US$ 40

    15 fantasy miniature zombies & skeletons, plus any dungeon decor stretch goals achieved. Free shipping USA only, and $15 shipping to other countries.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    126 backers
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    Pledge US$ 80 or more About US$ 80

    Two each of all 15 fantasy miniature zombies & skeletons = 30, plus three each of any dungeon decor stretch goals achieved. FREE shipping to all pledge members.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    135 backers
    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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