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Lock & leave this soft drawstring backpack while you work, play, travel and relax knowing your stuff cannot be tampered with or stolen.
Lock & leave this soft drawstring backpack while you work, play, travel and relax knowing your stuff cannot be tampered with or stolen.
Lock & leave this soft drawstring backpack while you work, play, travel and relax knowing your stuff cannot be tampered with or stolen.
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    1. Missing avatar

      kelvin cheong

      i never got my bag

    2. Missing avatar

      Kensuke Sakamoto on

      I haven't received my bag yet...

    3. Missing avatar

      theyungmak on

      Any love for your original backers in terms of discounts for other models? Specifically looking at the Coalition.

    4. Missing avatar

      carla ramzy on

      Excellent, love it.


      Hey Guys,
      We haven't posted in a while, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about you.
      1) We have all the US bags completed. Christopher has been reaching out via the emails we have for you guys to confirm shipping addresses. We have shipped bags for all the responses we have gotten. I see from the comments here that many of you are still waiting for your bags. Please email with your name, kickstarter ID or email, and current shipping address, and we'll get everything matched-up and sent out. We've had these bags for a while now.
      2) As you might know, we were on ABC's Shark Tank, and made a deal with Robert Herjavec. Check it out if you get a minute. If nothing else, it was an entertaining episode.
      3) We have created an alliance with Honeywell and Tuff-N-Lite, and now we engineer our own textiles. We call our stuff FLAKnit, and it's C-R-A-Z-Y tough (2016 ANSI 105 A9). Nobody has anything even close. So far it's only being used in the Flak Sack COALITION. Check it out at
      4) Other than FLAKnit (which is made in the US), we are manufacturing overseas now. It came down to cost and ability to scale. Honestly, the US manufacturers either cannot compete, or chose not to. It saddens me.
      5) For those that care, my health is good, and I have been cancer-free for 16 months.
      6) If we can get everybody's stuff fulfilled, this may be my last update. I will continue to post on the LOCTOTE Blog at
      I cannot thank you guys enough for believing in us and backing us. It's been a ride. Through a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, cancer, failed manufacturers, lost materials, quality/defect problems, material shortages, a terrorist incident, a TV appearance on Shark Tank, formed partnerships, and failed relationships, we never considered giving up and turning our backs to you, not for even a second.
      I'll close with this excerpt from our campaign's Risks section that I wrote a long time ago, and a lifetime's worth of experiences ago. In retrospect, oh how naive I was when I wrote this. I had no idea what was to come, but I'm hoping that you feel that we ultimately kept our word.
      "Unforeseen risks and challenges are, by definition, infinite. In business, as in life, stuff happens and you need to be prepared to deal with it. We have a world-class management team with decades of experience, and a proven track record of success. We have, and will continue to, work through any and all challenges that come our way in order to uphold our commitments to ourselves and our Backers."
      Best wishes to you all and Vaya con dios.
      Don & Adam

    6. Missing avatar

      Fiona Mansel-Edwards on

      Just wanted to say as a backer I am very pleased with the products I have received. It has been an interesting experience and also informative as to what it takes to get an idea made into reality.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Crybaby Ng

      Hi, any updates on the bags? Perhaps an update on the bags to the consumers who have yet to receive the bag will help to relief some uneasiness.

    8. Nastassia law on

      Hi I have not received my bag, please contact me asap

    9. Nastassia law on

      Hi I have not received my Mighty, please contact me asap

    10. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Dee on

      Hello? #1,933 and *still* waiting for a US Gray w/ Black. It's almost Christmas... Again! Any updates? Any US-made bags? Any predictions?

    11. Missing avatar


      i havent received my bag yet. Wait and wait 555

    12. Missing avatar

      kelvin cheong

      where is my bag?

    13. Missing avatar

      Gwen on

      Haven't receive my 2 bags yet!

    14. Missing avatar

      kelvin cheong

      i havent received my bag yet

    15. LeroyTanz on

      Received my US made bag this week. As Loctote claims, it will keep most of the thieves away from your belongings. Sturdy and excellent quality.

    16. Kham Huynh on

      I have received my bag and i am extremely happy with the quality of it! I had a few questions and Chris was really quick to reply, awesome customer service!

      Anyone else who hasn't received their bag(s), just shoot them a message =) they are super nice people.

    17. Missing avatar

      Maria Marlborough on

      Still waiting on my bag. :( That's over a year now... *SIGH*

    18. LeroyTanz on

      Recieved the tracking number since June. Status on fedex, June : created label. Status on fedex, Aug : created label.

      @- @???

    19. Lizy Dawson on

      Hey guys any update on bags? Still waiting on one of each colour with standard ropes. Wondering how long I will be waiting for!

    20. Missing avatar

      James Crybaby Ng

      I am still waiting for my bag. :(

    21. Hew on

      I'm just passing through to say that I really love this bag as my non-work carry all for when I'm at events or out in the city. I received my bag around August of 2016 and I still really love this product.

      P.S. — the materials used would make for a pretty awesome duffle bag and a bike frame bag (triangle bag) with a lock so you wouldn't have to worry about belongings being stolen from your bike.

    22. Geoff Short on

      3rd July - from the UK. 1 grey & 1 orange bag arrived today, via fedex so no import/customs charges. Double Whoop! The bags are a thing of beauty - strong, secure & feel full of quality. I haven't yet had the opportunity to test them but first impressions leave me delighted.

      Of course the wait has been a frustration but I have come to realise this can be the way with kickstarter & it's all part of the experience - going on a journey with the creators of the product. Whilst this journey was longer than some I have no complaints - when you see some of the things going on around the world & the health issues that have occurred during the process - really - is this a big deal? Enjoy being part of something bigger & much more interesting than buying a product off the shelf. From all over the world we've all been a part of these guys journeys over the last year - that's a pretty cool thing.

      (Hey - I backed Zano on here so pretty much everything is going to be a better experience than that!! - it's all about perspectives)

      For an overview of the bag I would agree pretty much with everything Mathijs has said below, the 'bad's are pretty minor overall.

      Keep the faith & enjoy the experience & the product - the guys have come up trumps! I wish them well for the future.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mathijs on

      ... one more thing: shipment to the Netherlands required another 8 euro import tax upon arrival.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mathijs on

      Worth the wait! Like many I had almost given up... we all know that 'the build quality of our manufacturer was not up to our standards' really means 'we fucked up and everything is going to be late and disappointing' in Kickstarter land. Not this time! The build quality is really really superb.

      The good:

      - The bag oozes quality from top to bottom.
      - I've tried slashing my hand through the fabric with a serrated knife and quite some force - not even a tiny scratch on hand nor fabric.
      - The fabric is so soft and sloppy that it stows away super easily and comfortably underneath the airplane seat in front of you, as if it folds smaller than sturdier bags with the same content.
      - No trouble getting the bag (with shielded RFID pouch) through airport security without even a second look. Note: I did not cross the dreaded US border though.
      - That old-timey branding is gorgeous and very complete. From the leather patch to the manual to the pouch to the freaking clever remarks on the cardboard box that it came in when you open it upside down. Hat tip to the designer people, I love it.
      - Even the combination lock is Loctote branded. Not very important but it is nice that they didn't simply throw in an off-brand lock.
      - The lock is of superb quality. I'm no professional cracker but it appears to be at least protected against cracking the code by feeling the resistance in the rings.

      The meh:

      - the straps pretty much always misalign when opening and closing the bag. Before closing, I always have to pull the straps to equal lengths before closing;
      - the strap that you can use to lock your bag to a tree could have been made a little longer to fit larger trees;

      The bad:

      - the bag is a bit heavy, and when carrying heavy valuables (like a camera) the straps are quite small for your shoulders;
      - since it's mostly a single, floppy bag, it is nigh impossible to find your stuff without turning it upside down. A separate compartment or two would have been nice.

      TL;DR: worth the wait and worth the price tag.

    25. Joe Zuniga on

      I got my 2 gray bags today and they appear to be very high quality and solidly built. So, all in all, worth the wait. :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Renee Forsberg on

      Hi- I'm backer 3116. At this point, I don't really care what color bags or ropes that I get. I would happily take two gray bags with black ropes if that helps me take delivery sooner. Any update on when I might expect delivery? Thanks, Renee

    27. Herb Jacobus

      My bags arrived today. They exceeded my expectations. Worth the wait.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Trim on

      Finally received my bag. Glad I waited for the US version and thanks for the carabiner.

    29. Missing avatar

      Mike Woodward on

      I have no yet received my backpack!

    30. Mateo on

      It's not a phishing scam boys 'n girls....Chris simply verifies your mailing address and then provides a FedEx tracking number shortly thereafter.

      The bag was delivered in five days. I also received a carabiner which I was not expecting. Well made product. Backer #4519.

    31. Tom T on

      Jeremy C I also received this email, it looks like a phishing scam to me

    32. Mateo on

      Felix...did you contact Chris via email? He responds promptly and answers all questions.

    33. Missing avatar

      Felix Venzor on

      It's says to "Be respectful and considerate" but it really is hard when your this angry. So I backed your product I have waited far to long and now I just want my money back. I no longer want your bag, I no longer want to hear excuses. I don't want to hear your on sharktank and I still haven't gotten my bag. Let me put this another way I Do Not want your bag. I expect a response from someone in the next 2 days. I have already filed a complaint with Kickstarter and have no problem giving my opinion to everyone I can. I have supported over 20 kickstarters and this is the worst.

    34. Missing avatar

      David Nguyen on

      Backer #3848. I opted for the China-made bag and hoped to receive it before an overseas trip in December. Sadly, it arrived while I was already out of the country. However, the quality is great, and I'm happy to have supported this project.

    35. Mateo on

      Jeremy C...

      That email is legitimate. You can verify such with Chris at Loctote.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeremy C on

      Backer #3,883 here.

      I received an email from "" saying that my bag was about to ship and that I needed to confirm my shipping address as well as provide a phone number.

      Can you confirm that this is a true loctote email and that not a hacked, phishing email for personal data?


    37. Mateo on

      The delivery method is essentially irrelevant in the lower 48 states. Clearly the issue is implementation of the product.

    38. Herb Jacobus

      I was an "early bird" backer with "early bird" delivery. God help those with "regular" delivery.

    39. Missing avatar

      Anthony Bernabe on

      Backer #5010, I just saw this bag on Unbox Therapy, and I got upset really fast. How is it that you guys send Unbox Therapy a bag before your hundreds/thousands of backers. With a special camo print, which was not offered to your backers. I laughed to myself when I expected this bag in June 2016, it's about to be June 2017. Crazy.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tiana Praud on

      Aren't we supposed to be getting an update every other week? Last one I got was May 5. I took getting updates as their way of keeping backers updated on where they were at and that they were still trying their best

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris Trim on

      Still awaiting for my bag also. This extended delay is not acceptable.

    42. Jonathan Santos

      Backer 3943. Holding out for the US-made one which is why I supported this project in the first place.

    43. Herb Jacobus

      You are running out of excuses. Are we getting our bags in May like promised or is it now sometime in June? I'm starting to feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football held by Lucy.

    44. Missing avatar

      Dmitry Ars

      #2,178 haven't receved my bags

    45. Missing avatar

      tanaka taisaku on

      #1071 haven't receved my bag

    46. Missing avatar

      Sabine Menken on

      By the way I am backer 2821 and did not receive my back so far.

    47. Missing avatar

      Sabine Menken on

      One year ago I ordered the bag and it is still not there. I am really disappointed.

    48. Missing avatar

      jason on

      Backer 4540 still haven't received my bag...

    49. Tom T on

      I've had my bag for four months now and use it every single day.

      Like many of you I waited a long time to receive my bag and opted for the Chinese one just to take delivery.

      I have no complaints. The bag is solidly made and does everything they say it will do.

      I managed to watch your Shark Tank appearance (on YouTube) and would just like to throw in a comment about its potential use.

      When going on a beach holiday one of my biggest concerns is what happens to my valuables when I go into the sea for a swim. I usually had to just risk it by leaving my personal valuables hidden under a towel or hand them to a friend to watch over.

      Not any more. Now I can tie my loctote bag to a solid object like a large sun umbrella and venture into the sea safe in the knowledge that my items are protected.

      It has lots of potential uses and because it just looks like a tote bag, it doesn't advertise that it is containing valuables to potential thieves.

    50. Missing avatar

      C J Ihre

      Were is My bag?
      You are bragging about Shark Tank and new products. However, as a backer I cannot share your enthusiasm. This since I am yet to receive my bag.
      As I understand it I am not alone and I am more and more leaning towards the sentiment of many of the later posts.
      The way you are currently conducting your business is moving towards being fraudulent against your backers.
      I expect you to send my reward within the next couple of days.

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