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A complete encounter set for tabletop and role-playing games. Game booklet and miniatures, system neutral.
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Guard captain finished, plus more add-ons!

Posted by Alex Bates (Creator)

She’s finished!

Patrick Keith of Bombshell Miniatures ( has finished sculpting the Guard Captain!  She is a potent addition to the Cult of the Eye’s forces.  A fanatical and skilled warrior-captain.

She is available to purchase as an add-on for $7 (USD).

In other good news, we have unlocked a cult guard with a spear - David Soderquist will begin work on him shortly.

I’ve also added some additional add-on figures - it just so happened that the timing worked out, and Des Hanley is almost finished with three new Pterro-Man sculpts.  They were going to be the focus of a release this fall, but since they’ll be done in time for fulfillment of this KS I thought I’d add them here at a slight discount.

Work in progress - sculpt isn’t quite finished yet.
Work in progress - sculpt isn’t quite finished yet.

These ancient beings have hypnotic powers and once ruled Azor.  They diminished over time, indolence allowing influence to slip through their leathern fingers.  They remember those ancient days with avarice, and sometimes still meddle in the affairs of humankind...

I’ve also added a dire otter, a swamp scorpion (a prehistoric eurypterid, a multipart metal model), and two Okroi with removable baggage.  

Dire Otter sculpted by Dave Cauley, Swamp Scorpion by Jason Wiebe, Okroi by Drew Williams.
Dire Otter sculpted by Dave Cauley, Swamp Scorpion by Jason Wiebe, Okroi by Drew Williams.

Swamp Scorpions are a delicious but dangerous inhabitants of the swamps and waterways in Azor.  The largest ones (like this one) grow longer than an adult human is tall.  They’ve been known to take the hand off of the occasional unwary fisherman - and they can sometimes be found in the maze of sewers and water drains where the cult’s lair is hidden.

The Okroi are deer-like dinosaur descendants, commonly used as mules and food animals.  The baggage pieces they carry are separate and can be removed.

Thank you all again for your support!

-Alex in Alaska

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    1. Alex Bates 2-time creator on

      @P Tracy - The Princess and the Queen will not be available as add-ons with this campaign - they will be available through a Kickstarter I plan to run this fall, tentatively called "The Occluded Court of Zor-Al". It will be a complete royal court set, and, similar to this Cyclops campaign, I plan to have it include a game/background source booklet and accompanying miniatures, including the Princess and the Queen, both enthroned and on foot.

    2. P Tracy

      Will the Princess and Queen be available as add ons?

    3. Alex Bates 2-time creator on

      @Paul - Yep, I think that Des is really making those sculpts come to life!

    4. Paul Duggan on

      The pterro men made me pull the trigger on this. Very nice!