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Blind Engine is a device that transforms your existing blind & shade into smart electric blinds connected to your smartphone.
Blind Engine is a device that transforms your existing blind & shade into smart electric blinds connected to your smartphone.
Blind Engine is a device that transforms your existing blind & shade into smart electric blinds connected to your smartphone.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob about 5 hours ago

      Thanks for the feedback @Brunt, I believe you should and hope you’ll be releasing an open API soon, so all backers can get started on integrating the blind engines in their home automation system. For instance, I would love to add them in a ‘good morning’ scene, where my coffee maker turns on, heating goes up, and... My blinds go up!

    2. Missing avatar

      Benjamin P about 12 hours ago

      Thanks for the comments @Brunt. If you're focusing on hardware and app improvements is this something that your previous backers will benefit from? Particularly with the hardware side of things I imagine it will be difficult. If that's the case, local processing at least of timers on each Blind Engine, if possible, would be a great solution. It doesn't make sense to me that simple commands such as those need a server and internet connection to run. Overall, I think build quality is good and you're off to a good start.

    3. BRUNT 2-time creator about 16 hours ago

      @Benjamin P@Lino I totally agree with you. Firstly, As we are at the early stage of our business, it is not easy to building server globally. For that reason, network disconnecting or delaying occurs sometime.
      It’s a good idea to use build engine with local host for the solution to that. Unfortunately, Not all of you can use build engine with local host, therefore we believe that to structural optimizations and update our functionality is still our priority.

      We will try our best to reflect your options and feedbacks.
      We really appreciate your feedbacks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Benjamin P 1 day ago

      I totally agree with @Lino. I've had a few issues with timers not working which leads me to believe these are not stored and actioned locally but are server based (I could be wrong). It certainly seems like it should be feasible that fixed timers and button controlled use should not require an internet connection once set up.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lino 1 day ago

      @BRUNT Local API/TCP capabilities should be a priority. (!) If not this is a mistake. Don't even mention the loss of internet and remote capabilities. As apple capabilities are lacking this is a great option to implement and a great failsafe.

    6. BRUNT 2-time creator 2 days ago

      @Rob : As i mentioned, develop open API or local system is not our priority for now, our priority is on improvement of hardware and App. I hope you understand this point.I am sure it needs to be released soon. Will let you know once there is any update for this.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rob 2 days ago

      How soon do you think, can you give an indication on this?

    8. BRUNT 2-time creator 2 days ago

      @Rob : Thanks for your link though :-)

    9. BRUNT 2-time creator 2 days ago

      @Rob : we don't provide open API or local endpoint now. It should be operated through the Brunt server.
      But, in the near future, we have a plan to develop open API or local system. Although it is not our priority, I am sure it needs to be released soon.
      @Steve,Sino : Thanks for your comment. I've sent you an email. Please check and give me a reply :)
      @Jeff : I think it is in the range of compatibility. Can you send me a picture of the chord? it would be a cause of the problem.. (email :

    10. Missing avatar

      Rob 3 days ago


      Can we use this Homebridge plug-in for the engines?

      Then we need to know the HTTP links for opening and closing them.


    11. Jeff Carnahan 3 days ago

      Disappointed in the power of this item and the ridiculous length of the cord. My 8*6' and 4*6' blinds wont open, only close.

    12. Sino Ng 5 days ago


      I bought 2. One work well. The other just don work smoothly.

      1. Stuck half way no matter after how many time I reset it

      Pls help

    13. Missing avatar

      Steve Lin on February 13

      The device simply didn't work. It got stuck halfway, refuse to pull on the chain and the double sided tape provided get pull off eventually. I even have to repaint part of my wall. I bought 2 devices and its just sitting in my storeroom there doing nothing now.

      Looking at the pictures of the product, I thought that there will be not wires and it is battery operated. The electrical cable is cumbersome and unsightly.

    14. BRUNT 2-time creator on February 12

      @Richard Reid Gregg : I agree. IFTTT is awesome service! Let me check with the team about the development schedule.
      @Richard Baldock : Thanks for your comment. I've just replied to your email. Please check and give me a feedback :-)
      @Ollie Barnes-Morgan : Hi Oliver. Sorry for late reply. My team found a way to solve this problem remotely without having to return it again. I'll send you an email about the instruction.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ollie Barnes-Morgan on February 12

      I was told that the 'account already exists' error requires it to be sent back to the factory 2 weeks ago. (still not sure why that would be the case), but I have as yes not received details of where to send it, or if this is still necessary.

    16. Richard Baldock on February 12

      Taken from @Bruntpage Facebook post 12/02 "Stop in and see the Blind Engine at our booth R+T Stuttgart show in Germany. (D82, Hall 4) We have updated several feedbacks on the hardware and software parts we received through the cloud funding campaign(Kickstater, Indiegogo)"

      So @Brunt wouldn't it be courteous to update your loyal KS backers on what these hardware and software update might be via a formal "Update" on this page as this message board is NOT the place for tracking support calls and official updates. Not least as you rarely respond to CS emails and when you do these are simply copy/paste nonsense.

      My unit fails to open blind due to gear cogs supplied and many have asked for updates on new gear cogs or some 3D printed options which some backers have got working.

      Still awaiting returns info as your product is not fit for purpose #retailfail

    17. Richard Reid Gregg
      on February 11

      Thanks for the update. I'd almost prefer you to work on IFTTT rather than Google Home (even though I mainly use Google Home). That way it can be integrated with many other systems via IFTTT. Either that or expose an API I can then write a device driver for SmartThings with :-)

    18. BRUNT 2-time creator on February 11

      @Kevin : Great to hear that. I think you connected it to 5Ghz Wi-Fi. If you have any question or feedback, don't hesitate contact me via email (
      @Rob : We are working on it :-) Keep researching the global weather databases, and UI/UX design. Actually It is not our priority, but we know there are strong needs! I will update about these soon.
      @Richard : After Alexa integration completed, we are working on the integration with Google Home. I think it would be completed within 1Q. For another platform, we are keep on researching and developing.

    19. Richard Reid Gregg
      on February 11

      Or IFTTT or Google Home support? (or dare I ask SmartThings support, but if you add IFTTT then at least we can hook it up to almost anything else)

    20. Missing avatar

      Rob on February 9

      How is the sunrise/sundown (+/- xx minutes) function coming along?

    21. Kevin Gwilliam on February 9

      Finally, got it working!
      I created a new wifi channel at 2.4GHz, not sure if the app undate helped or not.

    22. BRUNT 2-time creator on February 7

      @Matt : Hi, as I've checked my email box, I already replied to your email. If there was some error in sending email, I will send you again. And about Alexa, It has been integrated and many backers already are using it! If you have any problem in integrating Alexa, Can I help you? Please send me an email and let me know what was your issue! (

    23. Missing avatar

      Matt P on February 6

      I too have raised a complaint (no reply yet) that the product provided is not as described (no alexa support) and frustratingly there was no warning by Brunt of a potential £50 customs charge for 3 engines. I would not have purchased if I Brunt had been transparent.

      Your facts when raising funds from backers stated:
      "Does it have any plan to connect with other platform? (IFTTT, Smartthings, Apple Homekit..)
      Only Alexa will be connected at launch. However, We plan to connect ..."

    24. BRUNT 2-time creator on February 6

      A backer posted a video. Please check.……

    25. BRUNT 2-time creator on February 5

      @Tomoko, Sino : You should choose the attachment depending on the material of wall or something else. If the double-sided tape is not strong enough on your circumstance, recommend to use screw!

      @Tom Wright : Please check my reply :-)
      @Gerry Martyn : Thanks for your feedback. We are keep updating App and Alexa integration. If there are any updates, I will let you know via KS updates! And about Tax, we never meant to impose any Korean tax to backers. I wonder why did you think you've paid Korean tax. Can you send me a receipt of shipping you paid? email :

    26. Sino Ng on February 5


      The 3m tape is not strong enough. My brunt will peel off after 1-2weeks

      Is there any better solution?

    27. Missing avatar

      Patrick Shea on February 4

      Bought two blind engines. One is already broken and the other one doesn’t work very well. Are there any returns? Was a waste of money.

      First off, the ball chain connection doesn’t work on a ball chain. Put too much tension on the chain and it doesn’t have a powerful enough motor to pull up the blinds. Move the blind engine to add just a little less tension and the ball chain connection just slips and the motor spins but the blinds don’t go up or down.

      So, I switched to the cord connection and for a little bit it worked. However the chain started slipping every other day and I had to constantly fix it. It seems like there either isn’t a good connection for my ball chain, or the motor is just too weak for my blinds to consistently offer a good experience.

      In the end, I have 1 blind engine that doesn’t work well enough to use, I have one that is dead, and a bunch of money wasted. Was happy at first but now I’m extremely disappointed it doesn’t seem to be a sustainable design/product for long term use. It needs more connections to be universal, and/or a more powerful motor. Would be happy to send videos of my blind engine not working, both with the slipping and the motor just stopping in the middle of lifting the blinds, my ball chain size, etc... I’ve tried multiple positions with both 3M tape movements, as well as movements built into the blind engine so it isn’t a result of poor installation in my opinion.

    28. Missing avatar

      Geeeee on February 4

      Blind engine connected to network but I can't control via app or physical buttons on engine. Looking for a refund as completely useless and waste of money.

    29. Missing avatar

      Gerry Martyn on February 4

      Mechanically this appears sound, works manually and via WiFi faultlessly, I believe if you set the tension correctly, it’s perfect.
      I agree it’s a bit cumbersome with Alexa, the commands could be more relevant.
      There is nothing Brunt can do about local import taxes in various countries, but I do bellieve that we shouldn’t be paying the Korean tax as they should claim this back by Brunt on exported goods.

    30. Missing avatar

      Tomoko Shin Yan on February 4

      Hi. Just to feedback, the 3M tape is not strong enough for to stick on wall. After 1-2 weeks, it starts to peel off from wall.

    31. Missing avatar

      Tom Wright on February 3

      Hi guys, I emailed a couple of days ago but didn't get a response. I have an issue with the engine not being able to grip the cord (it just slips through). Would appreciate your reply + assistance. Thanks.

    32. BRUNT 2-time creator on February 3

      @Augus : Hi Angus, It's strange. Did you mean that the App works, but manual button doesn't? Can you send me your App account (email address) and serial number of device? Please send to the official email :

    33. Angus Watt on February 2

      Got it up and running. However the app doesn't seem to do anything now and the buttons don't respond. Yet when I reset it all. It works fine. So it's an issue with the app not the motor ? Yet the manual buttons don't do anything ?

    34. Missing avatar

      Ollie Barnes-Morgan on February 2

      @tom Scothern,

      If you have a small ball chain, have you made sure you're using the cog labelled 'cord' and not the one labelled 'chain'.

    35. BRUNT 2-time creator on February 1

      @Stephanie : Hi again, I am checking what's wrong with your device. I will reply soon.
      @Tom : Hey, It is our responsibility to check what's the problem backers have and solve it. Please check your email :-)

    36. Missing avatar

      Tom Scothern on January 31

      I’ve already taken it off the wall and repackaged it. I’d rather not set it back up just to prove that it doesn’t work. Can you please get in touch to organise a return and a refund?


    37. Stephanie on January 31

      Hello, I’ve sent a message through your app and have sent an email to Looking forward to your response.

    38. BRUNT 2-time creator on January 30

      @Ollie : I've sent you a reply :-) Please check.
      @Tim : Hi Tim. Can you send me your Brunt App account and serial number of devices? Let me check what's wrong with. ( email : )

    39. Missing avatar

      Tim Meredith on January 30

      I'm having real problems with the android app. I'm stuck in an installation loop where it needs me to connect to the blind to configure it, but then the app complains that it wants to log into brunt and there is no Internet connection. I connect to another AP to login and of course I lose connection to the blind again. The app seems to want to simultaneously connect to the blind and Internet at the same time.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ollie Barnes-Morgan on January 30

      I have mine, seems to work fine with a small ball chain. However still can't get the app registered as it say its already registered. Have emailed support but awaiting a response.

      I would say I was disappointed with having to supply my own screws, the ones that came in it were not in any way suitable for holding it in place, and didn't have wall plug either, so unless you're screwing into solid wood, we're a bit pointless.

      That said, with my own sturdy screws, it seems to be working well... Once I can use the app.

    41. BRUNT 2-time creator on January 30

      @Chris : Hey, Please check your email :-)

    42. BRUNT 2-time creator on January 30

      @Matthew : Thanks for your feedback. I've forwarded your improvement lists to the team. Let us update the App sequentially. And about Alexa integration, Can you send me your Brunt account (linked to Alexa)? via Kickstarter message or email.

    43. Missing avatar

      chris kelly on January 29

      Still battling with the IOS app (which was updated today) stuck at “saving wi-if information” restarting app turning WiFi on/off does nothing to get past this stage.

      I have successfully connected using the Android app but that gives me error device already registered!
      I have emailed Brunt customer service with the serial number and await reply.
      Disappointing service.

    44. Richard Baldock on January 29

      @Lino are you able to share the 3D printed design of the smaller gear either here or via The Brunt Facebook page?

    45. Missing avatar

      Matthew Langridge on January 29

      I have 3 Brunt Engines installed and working... so I am happy for now.
      They are gripping the small ball chains well and operate fine at the moment.
      The app set up was not easy (using IOS app didn't get past “saving WI-FI information please wait” ?" but still suceeded to add the device (restart app)
      The app is slow and clunky to respond to commands but I am not using it much.
      Programmed timers are operating reliably
      Wifi connection is unreliable as they regularly show as disconnected despite being within a good range of the router.
      Alexa UK does not work "Sorry, I am having trouble accessing brunt skill right now"
      $55 unexpected import duty on 3 blinds.
      email support response was fast <24hr

      IFTTT or other integration (Z-Wave for Vera)
      In timers, having a local sunset / sunrise (with +/- XX minutes or hours)
      Being able to type in % open instead of fiddly pull down
      Being able to operate blinds in a group (e.g. set all lounge blinds at once)

    46. BRUNT 2-time creator on January 29

      @Lino : Great feedback. We are keep improving and developing the gear and App. I agree with your idea that these two components are most important part of Blind engine. I've sent you an email with some inquiries. Please check :-)

    47. Missing avatar

      Lino on January 28

      The unit is fairly capable and build quality is good, wifi could be improved but no worries in my situation. I've made a smaller gear so the unit has more power, this is something Brunt should look into — this works wonders. The buttons on the device and timers are great.

      The App is something to be left desired, the app is slow (iPhone X) and feels clunky. My trust in server-based control is low but it works for now.

      I've not payed any import taxes. (This is a hit or miss and not something to account to Brunt)

      TIP : Make sure the chain is 'pressed down' tight so that the unit has grip. The mount for the wall can slip off. I've put something between the lever and the device so it stays put.

      Must: Direct http control — enable more control (automation) and much more!
      Should have: Homekit.

    48. BRUNT 2-time creator on January 28

      @ Tom Scothern, Benjamin P, Mark Reveley : First of all, we am sorry that you are having trouble. If the problem persists, let us know the details with the 'video' or images. We will do our best to solve it.

    49. BRUNT 2-time creator on January 28

      @ Kevin Gwilliam : It's our official C/S email.--->
      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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