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Blind Engine is a device that transforms your existing blind & shade into smart electric blinds connected to your smartphone.
Blind Engine is a device that transforms your existing blind & shade into smart electric blinds connected to your smartphone.
Blind Engine is a device that transforms your existing blind & shade into smart electric blinds connected to your smartphone.
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    1. Brian Kuriyama 3 days ago

      @rob Yes, using 2.4 Ghz network. I'm using a stock Nexus 6P to connect it, but it wasn't working. I pulled out my older Nexus 5 (non-stock rom) and somehow it worked! I guess the app still has some major bugs.

    2. Angus Watt 3 days ago

      What's happening with the newsletter. Do the Amazon customers get a better device than us ? Are you going to give us the same improvements or are we being left with the first batch. My blind still cuts out from router. The blinds need reset as they keep changing from the set up off fully open and fully closed. Are you sending us out the extra gears ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Rob 5 days ago

      Using a 2.4GHz WiFi network? And how about fully resetting them and try again. If that does not work, try connecting them at a friends place on their network.

    4. Brian Kuriyama 6 days ago

      I just emailed Brunt support, but I was wondering if anyone else around here can help me. I finally decided to unbox and setup my blind engine, however I have been unable to get it to join my wifi network. I receive a "Connection Failed We could not find a device available for connection" error message every time I try and connect it to my wifi.

      Can anyone help?

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      Jacob the O on June 8

      Hi all,

      I have been in contact with Brunt Support for the last few weeks. My blind seems te be to heavy for the Brunt Engine.

      I'v read in the comments that some backers (e.g. @Lino) have made smaller wheels with a 3D printer.

      Anyone has more details about this?


    6. BRUNT 2-time creator on June 3

      @Ruben Thanks!

    7. Ruben Manacsa on June 2

      Hi Brunt what is your email address? or

    8. BRUNT 2-time creator on May 31

      @Rihard Google Home is not yet available. Blind Engine is scheduled to be compatible with Google Home with in a few months. We are working on API as well. Will keep you posted!
      @Ruben Sorry for any inconvenience caused you. What type of cord are you using for your blind? Could you please send us a picture of that? I also need your exact size of Blind.

    9. Ruben Manacsa on May 27

      Hi Brunt, can you tell me why my blind length is not constant? It's on a timer everyday it's getting shorter. I'm always adjusting the length every 3 days. There are times my 3 blind engines are getting disconnected randomly too. My wifi signal is very strong.

    10. Richard Reid Gregg
      on May 24

      Oh, of course an API or IFTTT integration would be better! Then can integrate with Home Assistant or SmartThings

    11. Richard Reid Gregg
      on May 24

      I can see the Brunt integration in the Google Home app, doesn't quite support these yet. Any ETA on that?

    12. BRUNT 2-time creator on May 16

      Johny! Sorry for any inconvenience caused you! Could you able to send us a photo of your cord? Thanks,

    13. Johnny on May 16

      Hi Brunt:

      I bought two but due to the string keep slipping from the gear, they are useless and just sitting around in my house and , Do you have any 3D printed gear that I can try?? Or just send me the 3D file in STL for me to print and test, thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rob on May 8

      You sir, are a hero. Thanks allot for the Homebridge plug-in. Hopefully the open API will be released soon so that there will be the possibility to operate the blind engines locally.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rob Smith on May 6

      For anyone wanting to use these with Apple Homekit I have created a Homebridge plugin

    16. BRUNT 2-time creator on May 5

      @B. C. Tisdall Brain! I suggested you to recalibrate because it is the most common reason when backers have problem to raise their blind.I sent you email with other solution to solve your case! Please check your email. @Daneil Cosovan Thanks for your feedback! :) @Darren Alexa skill is supposed to work could you please send us your brunt account and s/n of your Blind Engine?

    17. Missing avatar

      Darren Smith on May 4

      The engine works well. The Alexa skill doesnt work at all. How about you fix it, add ‘tell brunt to open / close blinds’ and enable it to work with the rest of my smart home devices.

    18. Daniel Cosovan on May 4

      Bought 2 and they are brillaint and working perfectly. Cant wait for google home integration

    19. Missing avatar

      B. C. Tisdall on April 30

      It seems I am not the only one with issues regarding slipping with the two connectors. Or issues with blinds being raised. I have gotten some communication via email support but sadly no solutions. Connectors need a redesign or additional options and motors clearly do not have enough power. Disappointed. I would gladly have waited longer to receive a better tested product.

    20. BRUNT 2-time creator on April 30

      Maverick Tan! Could you please email us how it is not working with exact size of your blind? Please send us email to Thanks!

    21. Maverick Tan on April 27

      I've been waiting for an app update and hopefully it would be able to pull my blinds after and fix the connection issue. Otherwise all 4 units Ive purchased are useless, I would like to return for a refund. Thank you.

    22. BRUNT 2-time creator on April 25

      @Tom Wright We were reviewing and discussing your case internally with test. Since you mentioned that The cord still slips with new 3D gear. Will give you solution soon.Sorry for keeping you waiting.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tom Wright on April 24

      I purchased 2 engines but I still can't get them to work with my blinds. I sent you a message by email 7 days ago but have had no response. I just sent it again to your address. Please could you reply asap. It's ok that the product doesn't work perfectly right away, but replying to emails shouldn't be this hard.

    24. Missing avatar

      Rob on April 24

      Really? You’ve been saying that for two months now. You must have some time scedule for this.

    25. BRUNT 2-time creator on April 23

      @Augus Google Home will be integrated within a month to month and half. What connection problems are you talking about? Please let us know by email. Thanks.
      @Rob, Lino Sorry to inform you about this. Please wait. We can not guarantee exact schedule.

    26. Angus Watt on April 23

      When do you think you might fix the connection problems? What timeframe do you have on Google home integration and being able to set it up using sunset and sunrise ????

    27. Missing avatar

      Rob on April 22

      When can we expect the open API?

    28. Missing avatar

      Lino on April 22

      Open API?

    29. BRUNT 2-time creator on April 18

      @Mark Reveley Mark! Sorry for keep you waiting! Please check your email. Thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark Reveley on April 17

      Also, I purchased two units - I haven't opened the second as my two blinds are identical (and the first did not work). Is there any point in trying the second unit, or are Brunt now accepting that Brunt isn't always strong enough to lift the specs listed on the kickstarter page?

    31. Missing avatar

      Mark Reveley on April 17

      Hello, I was one of the original batch who could not get Brunt to lift the blind as the motor seems too weak. We were promised solutions (such as a new gear for the motor), but I haven't heard anything since. My blind is approximately 7 x 6 foot. Are any updates coming?

    32. BRUNT 2-time creator on April 16

      @Elosia Labao Sorry for any inconvenience caused you. Please provide serial of your blind via

    33. Eloisa Labao
      on April 15

      Very frustrated with the app, I am unable to connect to my phone, I have a google pixel 2. I also used my iPad to see if that would establish a connection. On the down it works, but my up it stops at a certain point and would not move. I have to physically yanked the chain. Not sure what I am doing wrong

    34. Jeff Carnahan on April 12

      Does anyone want to buy four of these off me? Contact me

      My largest blinds simply won’t open but will close. They are too heavy I guess.

    35. BRUNT 2-time creator on April 3

      @Jacob the O Please check your email Jacob! Sorry for keep you waiting!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jacob the O on April 3

      Hi Brunt,

      I've send you a movie of my Engine via a WeTransfer, which you have dowloaded on 24th march.

      When can I expect a reply?

      Kind regards,

    37. BRUNT 2-time creator on April 2

      @fooniac Hello fooniac! Happy that you are finally got blind engine in your hands and satisfied with it, even there was misunderstanding for delivery. Please let us know if you have any question! Thank you :)
      @Rob Will let you know once you have exact schedule for this. Thanks!
      @Paul We sent you email with screenshots. Please check. Thank you.
      @Ollie Thanks for your feedback!
      Happy to hear that your blind engine brought more convenience in your life.
      We will try our best to improving even minor details.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ollie Barnes-Morgan on March 29

      I had issues to start with, with the account exists error, but the fix solved that. And I had some issues with the cable jumping.

      But I repositioned it and go the angle right. And now it works perfectly.

      I have mine in my bedroom on a blackout blind. I have it set to open 10% every 10 minutes until its time to wake up and its done wonders for my sleeping pattern.

      Would be nice if there was an 'open gradually' option, but I'm guessing this wouldn't be used by too many people.

      I've certainly found it better than my old wake up light alarm clock.

      Motor could be quieter, but it's only on for a few seconds to full open and close, so not such a big deal. I expect version 2 would be much quieter.

    39. Missing avatar

      Paul.R on March 29

      Hi Guys,

      I installed my blind engines for the first time yesterday and they are not functioning. They open and close during set-up phase, then immediately go off air and cannot be manually controlled. A red led flashes around every 15s and later they show 'disconnected in the APP' but initially after initialization they show as being in operation (Green Triangle and the image blind-up/blind down changes) but there is no sound, movement slippage, nothing. They cannot be operated from the wall nor the app.

      Please explain how to fix this, I want to go away tomorrow knowing that the timers I set in the app will function correctly.

    40. Missing avatar

      Rob on March 29

      Hi @Brunt,

      It’s been over four weeks since your message about an open API being released ‘soon’. Any news on when we can expect this?

    41. Missing avatar

      Fooniac on March 28

      It took some time and mails, but BRUNT came through. I've received the Blind Engines and installed two already. One minor disappointment was the power cable to needs to connected at all times (image does not show it), but I'm quite satisfied with the product's performance so far.

    42. BRUNT 2-time creator on March 22

      @Sebastian Hello Sebastian! You seem to have connection problem. Please explain about the issue via We can help you to slove the problem.

    43. Sebastian on March 22

      Just me alot of backers have issue with the device. Sadly, I haven't been able to connect mine at all. Would like to get a refund, so how do we solve that in the best way?

    44. BRUNT 2-time creator on March 21

      @Fooniac Please check our message!

    45. Missing avatar

      Fooniac on March 19

      Yup, weirdly after it was stated on the 16th that the package was sent already. Your communication could use some 'improvement'.

    46. BRUNT 2-time creator on March 18

      @Fooniac We have provided your tracking number via email. Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Fooniac on March 16

      Lack of response is unheard of. Please refund.

    48. BRUNT 2-time creator on March 15

      @Rob Still can't share exact timeline about API. Will keep you posted!
      @Jacob Have you emailed us? Can We need below information from you.
      1)Exact size of your blind(2.50 x 1.50 you already mentioned from privious post)
      2)Type of cord
      3)Video of operating
      4)Shape of string
      Please send above information to

    49. Missing avatar

      Jacob the O on March 14

      Hi @Brunt,

      I still have an issue with lifting my blinds. The Brunt stalls when pulling up. The green light burns as if the engine is stil pulling up, but is doesn't. The app doesn't give an overload error. When I manually aid the cord it does go up.

      The measurements of the blinds are within your specs.

      Please help!

    50. Missing avatar

      Rob on March 14

      Hi @Brunt,

      It’s been two weeks since your message about an open API being released ‘soon’. Any news on when we can expect this?

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