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Dancer, Singer, and Physical Comedian Trish Denton will perform 15-shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival during the month of August.

07/29 UPDATE: I've had some unexpected expenses crop up since I set this thing up 3 weeks ago. It seems I still need at least $200 to have housing, a couple meals a day and transportation. Please consider backing, there are still many backer rewards available!

GOAL: I have been working towards establishing myself as a professional performer for the last decade with moxie. My goal is to travel internationally not as a tourist, but as an artist that is passionate about collaboration through intercultural exchange. Now, I have the opportunity to do just that with the Spielpalast Cabaret at one of the largest arts festival in the world: The Edinburgh Fringe. As a physical actor, dancer and singer I am excited to actualize my creative vision as a storyteller of original, highly imaginative material to an audience outside of my incubator (the small state of Vermont). It is of the utmost importance that I am contributing to, sharing and therefore building culture through my artistic work.

VEHICLE: The community-minded, political, ensemble theater company, Spielpalast Cabaret, has been established in Burlington, VT for a decade now. I joined the company around 3 years ago with my original character conception Babette Bellowless, affectionately known as "Babs". Babette was inspired by one of my heroes, Annette Kellerman. Kellerman was a vaudeville superstar with high dive, underwater ballet, tightrope walking and incredible diablo skills. Babs is a grotesque adaptation of Annette:

"Babette became a rising star from down-under when she emigrated to England as a small child with the promising strokes of a champion swimmer. By her teens, she grew tired of out swimming the men and sought higher ambitions by presenting death-defying high dive acts and riveting aquatic revues. Her pluck influenced generations of aspiring mer-women to the sport. At the height of her unstoppable athletic and artistic exaltation, a heroic 50 ft. nosedive went horribly adrift, resulting in a collapsed lung. Refusing to let the tragedy collapse her career, the once-wondrous stunt woman took self-determination beyond admiration when she attempted to swim the English Channel in an “iron lung”. The abandoned “champ” washed-up in Berlin a decade later. Still living in her prize-winning memories and seeking the love and approval of an audience, sadly, the one gig she was able to land is the role of stage manager in the Spielpalast Cabaret."

As this character I have just finished 12 successful shows in Vermont as part of our 2011 season. We played to packed houses at Burlington City Hall's Contois Auditorium, Vergennes Opera House, Big Picture Theatre and Barre Opera House. We will take our all original show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to perform 12 more shows at the Hill Street Theatre.

Since there are so many of us starving artists crossing the Atlantic for this purpose, our virtuous, no corporate backing/no sponsors/non-profit organization cannot cover the costs. All of us are pitching in to do our part of the fundraising. Your backing will provide me with the much needed essentials of food, shelter and transportation while in Edinburgh.

The $450 goal does not include luxuries such as eating out, taxis, recreation, tipping buskers, museum admissions or other shows at the festival. Anything above the $450 puts me above "getting-by" status and will lend a bit more security (therefore enjoyment) on the trip. Please contribute more to this anti-anxiety buffer fund if you can!

I'm also excited to share this experience with my 8 year old son Augustus. He will arrive toward the end of the run and we will head to the highlands -- his motherland!

Thanks for helping me venture beyond this milestone...


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