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A 24 page comic based on the amazing life of inventor Nikola Tesla.
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Final Week!: AIPT! Interview: Spotlight Hecock

Publicada por Anthony Smith Jr (creador)
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We are officially into our final week here on Kickstarter and what a crazy 20 days it has been. I am unbelievably humbled and overjoyed to say that we have reached our goal within the first 15 days and are now working towards our first stretch goal of $5,000. This will unlock a FREE or extra sticker to all reward tiers. It’s been amazing to find out how many other Tesla geeks like myself are out there.

In other news I did an interview with AIPT!’s Russ Dobler earlier this week. We talked about the future of Tesla Stormborn as well as the creative process of the book.

You can see the interview here:

Also today we have a very cool project that I think you guys should check out here on Kickstarter.

Project Spotlight: Hecock

Some of you may have known about Tesla’s involvement with Niagara falls, many may not know the story of Hecock’s encounter with Niagara Falls. In Hecock, artist, writer and illustrator Leda Miller tells the based on a true story of her Hubby’s ancestor’s Issac, Erastus and Burrell Hecock. Hecock is a 19th century Steampunk graphic novel with a lot of heart and history much like our Tesla Stormborn.

See Hecock's Kickstarter page here:

The plan was to get to Chicago, but an unfortunate turn of events takes the Hecock’s through Niagara Falls. This is where the story gets interesting. On the way Burrell and his best friend Iggy Roth meet a pretty Micmac girl named Finzel. They all arrive at the frozen river below the falls. It was all the rage in those days. Then all hell breaks loose.

Hecock has reached it’s goal but has only 4 days left on Kickstarter. Get in and back them while there's still time! Rewards include only $1 or more for the digital copy and $10 for the physical copy.

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