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An adjustable LED task lamp. Super bright light with smooth move aluminium joints featuring rare earth magnets. Universal plug included

"brilliant idea, beautifully executed"  Tim Ball - Coventry University

“beautiful desk lamp... an awesome project”

“both technically remarkable and quite beautiful” Johnny Magee - Manchester School of Art

“cool new project out of Manchester”

“sleek and classy” Hope Leman

“the Harvey lamp is what I need”


Hi, thanks for checking out my project.

Project description:

Harvey LED task lamp combines state of the art LED lighting with a unique new fully adjustable joint.

Firstly the light; inspired by surgeons lamps, super bright LEDs are fixed on an aluminium heat sink in the centre of the head, light is diffused through a frosted glass disc and reflected off the curved metal reflector giving a well-directed even light source (avoiding the harshness often associated with LED lighting). The lamp is named after William Harvey, the English physician who described completely the circulation of blood in the body.

LED Head - cross sectional illustration
LED Head - cross sectional illustration

The joints; precision die cast aluminium with neodymium magnets housed inside, they allow a massive range of movement with a light touch. Simply twist, push or pull the head to where you need more light, that’s it, the joints hold firm, no springs, no cantilevers.

In some situations super bright is not always best, a dimmer is included so Harvey is at home in the home. Universal plug supplied, please ignore choice of US/UK in rewards section.


Glossy A3 poster
Glossy A3 poster
Harvey Jnr
Harvey Jnr
Arctic white
Arctic white
Satin black
Satin black

Technical specification:

• 370 lumens brightness • 3 Watts • 3000K colour temperature (warm white) • 50,000 hour minimum LED life • Three pivot points of articulation • 360° lower arm rotation • Maintenance free joints • Dimmer included • Convection airflow in head for heat dissipation • 1 metre horizontal and vertical reach • Base weight 2.5KG • Arm weight 0.3KG • Burgundy or black power cord • Energy efficiency 'A' rating • Universal plug (see image below)

Universal plug
Universal plug

How the funds will be used:

All funds will go directly towards the development and manufacturing of Harvey including: 

• Buying components and materials • Building production tooling • Manufacturing services • Safety, testing and approval agency fees

The plan:

All of the design work has been completed by me here in Manchester, the supply chain and manufacturing work will be handled by my experienced team at ‘China Option’, led by Morten Larsen. They will be working with trusted manufacturers and vendors based in Shenzhen, China. 

The target launch of Harvey is in April 2013. I’ll update you on the progress as we hit our milestones.

Many thanks:

I'm very excited about producing this lamp and having people use it. Designing products is my passion. 

Thank you! 




• Director - Christian Sinclair • Cinematographer - Lewis Ian Holgate • Sound engineer - Mike Harris 


Six Parts Seven - Now like photographs


• Electronics design - Alistair Morgan, Montair Tech • Manufacturing detail - Morten Larsen, China Option • Support & inspiration - Dana Abi-Ghanem • Passion & drive - Gillian Laws

Support me and I'll support you.

Every budding entrepreneur needs help to see their dreams come to life. The term "paying it forward" refers to those with success reaching back to help those just getting started. If this project is successfully supported, I pledge to reach back and put 5% of my profits toward helping other entrepreneurs succeed. Read more at KickingItForward.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

If there were no risk it wouldn’t be new, innovative or any fun.

Moving from prototype to production is rarely easy, you have to put your faith in others and trust they know what they’re doing. Doing this the for the first time is always fraught with danger, fortunately this is not my first time.

I have built trust over the past 10 years working with reliable partners that deliver. There may be some delays in getting the product to the high standard that is required, but the product will be delivered.

I am targeting delivery in May which allows five months to get the product to your door. That may seem like a long time, but there's lots to do and what can go wrong will. I'd rather be honest from the start than annoy everyone with delays or worse still, rushing production and producing a product that I'm not proud of.

If you're in any doubt drop me an email, I'll answer your questions.


  • A universal plug will be standard for both the Harvey and Harvey Jnr. LED task lamps.

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  • Please feel free to buy as many lamps as you like. Simply add up the total and pledge that amount. For international backers, please add one lot of postage and packaging at £8.

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    Harvey LED task lamp in a choice of black or white. Please state either UK or US plug on order. Thank you!

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