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$6,547 pledged of $15,000 goal
By Ilya
$6,547 pledged of $15,000 goal

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What's more curated than the Guggenheim?

Mood Garden! *cheers

Well not quite, but we have been featured on the Kickstarter Curated Pages of three different and awesome creative communities. 

We'd like to throw a shout out to Fractured Atlas, a non-profit for the arts. Another one goes to MetaFilter for being such a supportive community. And finally to REED POP for supporting cool projects, LIKE OURS!

We're about a third of the way in the game, and a little over a third funded. Sounds like we're right on track. Thanks again for all the support. When this is all over and we're funded we're going to party like its 1999!  Except with tea, because you know, we're a tea company... 


Your Mood Garden was PUBLISHED! TWICE!

Thanks to the supporters who have helped us so far! We want to let you guys know that you'll be the first people in the loop to experience this revolutionary awesomeness of innovation that is our tea. The tea that you're pledging has recently gotten published in 2 different magazines. Pretty cool right?

*The first is the March Edition of Package Design Magazine. The digital copy has only recently been uploaded. Check out our feature in the digital copy HERE on Page 10

*The second is from the Global Innovation Report, British consultancy firm GDR’s unique quarterly publication. Compiled exclusively for global consumer brands, they highlight the latest developments in retail across the world and stuff...

We don't pretend to understand what they do, BUT we're pretty excited to say that we're featured in their magazine. Full picture HERE.

With tea this famous, you guys will be able to rock these like Louis V's!    Can I get a what what?

But even with these shout outs, we still won't be able to deliver your teas if our funding isn't met. So if you know anyone else that deserves a good tea, or a friend that loves to be on the front end of a trend, share the link! With your support we can help everyone grow a better mood!

Stay happy. Stay healthy. 


Can tea prevent cancer o.O?

I was reading an interesting article on WebMD today (link), according to which tea contains 8 to 10 times as many different antioxidants as fruits and veggies. I knew that tea had a lot of antioxidants, but never that it might be that much. That same article also talks about more than 10 different health benefits from drinking tea. I won't go into all of them but I found a few worth mentioning: 

1. "Tea-drinking rats have less cancer." This is definitely my favorite quote from the article. I wonder what kind of tea rats Black? Or maybe a medium body flavored white tea with a lightly vegetative aroma and a lingering fresh aftertaste? ...Probably the third one.

2. Tea can help fight bad breath. This was a new one for me, I had no idea.

3. On top of having a lower chance for a heart attack, tea drinkers also recover from heart attacks faster.

Once again, thank you everyone who has backed us so far and remember to tell your friends!