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Join me in creating my first studio album to be released on KRISHNA DAS MUSIC. Together, we can keep it in the family !
Join me in creating my first studio album to be released on KRISHNA DAS MUSIC. Together, we can keep it in the family !
2,269 backers pledged $207,185 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi Lynn,
      Thanks you for filling out your survey On June 2nd ! Your reward was sent to you> if you have any questions , please send us a message !

    2. Missing avatar

      Lynn on

      Hello, I also made a pledge for $108 and never received the gift package or email about the survey. Can you please help me too? I have been so excited for the bracelet. Thanks so much for any guidance or information.

    3. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi Beverly,
      Thank you for filling out your survey today, June 2 2014. We have needed this information to send you your reward items . Please give us a few days to process this . Thank You for your support !

    4. Missing avatar

      Beverly Matthews on

      I made a pledge for $108 and never received the gift package or email about the survey. Can someone help?

    5. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi Karla,
      Sorry you have not received our email with your download. There appears to be a discrepancy with your email addresses provided. I have sent you an email to verify.
      Thank you ,

    6. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi Caroline,
      Sorry you are having trouble ...We have sent you an email with instructions for downloading the album !

    7. Missing avatar

      Caroline Winterso on

      Hi Krishna Das and Friends. The email I received only contained a pdf. Could you please send me my copy of the mp3? With Thanks.


    8. Karla Duran on

      Om Namah Sivaya! I did not get the link to download Kirtan Wallah, I´ve been waiting for this! Please help me out. My email is
      Om Shanti!!!

    9. Jessica Rigney on

      I'm so deeply moved by the chants on Kirtan Wallah. It's always like coming home, no matter how many times I hear all of them. Hare Ram, Ram, Ram… And to include the dear, sweet image of Maharajji inside the notes, with his words "Once I take hold of your hand, I never let go, even if you let go of my hand." - I wept with love. Thank you KD and everyone whose heart has been in this from the very beginning.

    10. Nine

      Thanks a lot for your music.
      I like the inlaying picture of Hanuman.
      Right now I'm just enjoying the gentle music.

    11. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi Becky,

      Thank you so much for your comment ! We love your feedback and are so happy to share this music with you. Thanks for supporting our project !

      Krishna Das Music Team

    12. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi Ryan,

      So sorry to hear this ! I have sent you a message concerning your reward package !

      Thank you,
      Krishna Das Music

    13. Ryan Grimes on

      Hey, I've messaged you and posted on another update about my issue and haven't heard back yet. I got my envelope in the mail and it was completely empty, the seal had broken open and everything had fallen out. Can somebody PLEASE contact me about this?


    14. Missing avatar

      Becky Hoffbauer on

      Dear KD and Nina and the Cosmic Kirtan Posse,
      I found a treasure in my mailbox Wednesday: a really cool Bajrangbali T-shirt, a songbook to teach me harmonium and a wonderful new CD: Kirtan Wallah! 7 Deep bows of Gratitude for this really cool music. There is a current of FUN in some of these songs that many times spills over and fills the room with the urge to dance. Especially 4AM Hanuman Chalisa! I work in a gray-beige corporate world; listening to this Chalisa at my desk with headphones on, rocking my chair to the melody surrounded by sidelong glances of curiosity and tsking, I picture myself breaking through this malaise of 'The Emperor's New Clothes' by jumping up and dancing around this beehive... Can you say "music video"?
      I love the meditative Tara's Mantra. I love how Saraswati soothes like a folk ballad that builds into a hymn. I'm deeply moved by the personal and intimate space I'm in with Sri Bajrang Baan. And, Jai Sri RadhaKrishna, the Sri Argala Stotram/ Show Me Love fills me with that Heart-cracking longing so that the tears are here even to write of it. A lullaby of Love; a soft rock bhajan with a choir! Oh, my Heart! EIGHT bows...
      All Blessings, All Love, Becky

    15. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi All Backers
      We have been busy packaging the rewards for all of you and they should be mailed out by early next week March 24th. We will also be emailing all of you who are getting digital downloads with codes and instructions on what you need to get your downloads. Thanks.

    16. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Dear Anne Dickinson,
      As per the original Kickstarter plan, the CD and other rewards were always planned to be delivered
      in April 2014. We are sorry that our last Kickstarter update #21 with video link did not mention this date. The actual release date of the album is April 15th 2014. No one has the CD yet - as it's not completely
      finished and ready to send. There's a lot of administrative and practical delivery mechanisms that are being put in place.
      Please be assured that our primary focus at this time is to deliver our backers their rewards as planned. As we are working on this, we post updates to share information to keep everyone in the loop of the process.
      As always thanks, for your support.
      Ram Ram

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Rita Linzi-Rei on

      Hello...Hari OM!

      I just saw here on kick starter that I had to complete a survey by Dec. 20. I never received it in my email.

      Can you please resend to me?

    19. Missing avatar

      Lee Jacobs on

      Is there any way of upgrading my pledge.

    20. Missing avatar

      Leanne Gutekunst on

      Thank you KD and crew, it has been so much fun sharing such love and energy with you all and with the best part still to come WOW! Thanks for making us one big happy family! LUV ;) NAMASTE

    21. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Thank you all for your kind words and messages, we couldn't have done this without you! - With love and gratitude from the Krishna Das team

    22. Anne Janeski-Bhakti Sagar on

      Ki jay! So happy all of us could help you on this project. You made us feel like part of the process. Much love to all of you!

    23. LakshmiGrace Phoenix on

      Hari Bol! KD, Congratulations on such an amazing and successful campaign. I am so looking forward to the new music and those high healing sounds being shared with our wonderful human family. Thanks for creating such beauty. Continued blessings as you venture into the studio and start this project. Blessings and In Love, LakshmiGrace

    24. Missing avatar

      Nitin Thakkar on

      To - KD, all the musicians and backers - I am happy to be a part of this project and I am waiting for many more chants by KD - he keeps me company while driving everyday for the past 12 years. Thank you.

    25. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi All Backers - Many of you are asking how to get two different rewards. Kickstarter does not allow one backer to participate at two different levels. You can however adjust your current pledge and change your reward selection. If you want two different rewards for your household then have a separate household member have a unique backer login and participate at each reward level. I hope this make sense - Nina

    26. Missing avatar

      Kathryn on

      Sending so much love and aloha from Hawaii! I recall well the exact moment when I first heard KD and his wonderful Mountain Hare chant. Beautiful Krishna devotees gathered, exotic aromas of wonderful Indian foods cooking in the kitchen. KD and these soul resonances so deeply touched my heart that from that very moment onward chanting became integral to my devotional practices. At that time I could not foresee that KD would, years later, do a kirtan workshop at my yoga studio in Hawaii. Now, I am currently in the midst of professionally recording kirtan with the radical OM studio chanters. Thank you dear, KD and Smiling Man in the Blanket. Thank you dear spiritual family. We wake each other up and bring each other full circle Home to the Heart.

    27. Missing avatar

      Leslie Dowst on

      I have done 1 pledge at the $270 level. I would like to make another pledge but not seeing how to do that. Can you please advise? Blessings!

    28. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi Rod and Diana - I would say that each of you pledge at the $54 level (you will have to do that separately under individual logins) so you each get a TShirt and give the extra CD away to a friend. You can adjust your current pledge acccordingly. - Nina

    29. Missing avatar

      Rod and Diana on

      We pledged at the 108 level but would really like 2 tshirts since there are two of us. We don't need 2 CDs though. How can we get another tshirt? Thanks. Namaste.

    30. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Hi Thomas Brendan Jomei,
      Thanks for your message and consideration of KD's time and energy. One of the benefits of using Kickstarter is that it streamlines the fulfillment process. As you can imagine we have a variety of levels and rewards and that have to be tracked for the final physical delivery. So, please go ahead and accept the signed CD reward as it's outlined here on KS and it'll be fine. We'll make lots of chai and cookies for KD as he sits and signs the CDs! You could also choose to back at $27 level but choose the $11 digital download of the album, which he doesn't sign. Hope this helps. Ram Ram. Nina

    31. Thomas Brendan Jomei on

      Glad to be a part of this , would like to offer NOT to have a signed copy of the new CD as it seems
      KD will be signing such a lot....maybe others would follow suit. anyway if there is a way to get the cd but opt out of the signature, please tell me how. Thanks for all you do. X

    32. Debstar Divine on

      dear KD and family! i am just thrilled to see the outpouring of support for your project here! how wonderful! you SO deserve it and i wanted to thank you again for all the beautiful music and love! :)
      ram ram! <3

    33. Jagadamba Dasi Mowka on

      Oh yeah...just a suggestion. Lol Maybe instead of the phone Chant you could dedicate that one to our beloved brother Shyam Das who ALS o chanted it with such love and devotion.
      All Love

    34. Jagadamba Dasi Mowka on

      Despite the fact that I have retired and now have ALOT less to spend I am proud and happy to support this effort. I love KD and I dwell under Maharji-ji's blanket as part of my practice. This may be a small contribution; but it us done out of Love.
      All Love, Jai Gurdev
      Jagadamba Dasi

    35. Missing avatar

      Susan Danieley on

      KD thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the making of your next CD.
      Ram Ram

    36. KRISHNA DAS 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Miller, for your suggestions. As you know the goal of $54K is about half of the total cost of putting out KD's next album. So yes, the 'stretch goal' would be $108K. We have 23 days to go, so let's see how things progress and of course we are considering ways (some of which you mention below) to add to the original plan of making a single CD album. Everyone will be in the loop. Ram Ram.

    37. Missing avatar

      miller rogers on

      What about some stretch goals, perhaps on reaching $108k? $124 $127 etc?
      Release an extra track? Make a podcast about recording? A 'making of' video? Outakes? Adding photos to funders that are already being posted something? A video of how to write Ram Ram or Jai Hanuman in Devnagari?
      How can you entice existing backers to want to send you more of mahalakshmi's blessings your way? Jai Hanuman xx

    38. Jennifer Forever on

      Glad to be a part of your project.
      love from my heart to yours.

    39. Jan Baggerud Larsen on

      I am very happy to back this project! Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

    40. Paula Gerardi on

      I once heard someone say...and forgive me if this saying is well known....if you pay a lot of attention to Sarawati, Lakshmi gets jealous and begins to shower you with abundance. Seems true right here. :)

    41. Jayanth Narayanan on

      So wonderful to see this happen.. Delighted to be a part of this campaign. Thank you for inspiring such devotion!

    42. Leila Schuindt Monnerat on

      Yes, KD! TOGETHER WE CAN! Congratulations!

    43. Marianne Marquez on

      Yes, lovely to see the flow of Grace in action.
      Congratulations, friend!

    44. Missing avatar

      Rohit Anand on

      Wonderful to see the goal being achieved with ease. All by the grace of Maharaj ji who has allowed us to have you in our lives and open our hearts to HIS love that you share with us. Ram Ram..

    45. Missing avatar

      Liisa (Vasu) O'Maley on

      Hi KD.....bhav from the Man in the blanket....Sounds like this could be a great kirtan opener....dooniya rangeen hai...Love, Vasu

      The World Is Colorful

      by Mary McCormack

      The first words he taught her
      in Hindi—dooniya rangeen hai.
      The world is colorful.

      She thinks sunrise, split open
      like a pomegranate. Or the moon
      a gnawed cashew.

      Live and be devoured.

      She thinks of peacocks—
      feathers spread before monsoon rains,
      of tigers striped in fire.
      Of his fingers, brown,
      against her white cheek.

      And what color, she wonders,
      are secrets, those cities
      we bottle up in our chests?
      What color is that scarf of days
      ahead that we will pull like magicians
      out of a hat?

    46. Missing avatar

      Anne Vandewalle on

      Soo happy to be part of this.. and wish I could join the family at Avatar once again..
      Ram Ram

    47. Jessica Rigney on

      So much grace... Hare Ram, Ram, Ram...