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Musical & rhythmic exploration pairing a fiddler with landmark drummers and percussionists - documented through videos and recordings.
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Casey Driessen

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Grassroots @ Bonnaroo / Kenny Malone Session Booked

[dont' forget to enjoy the video below]

Greetings Everyone!

Great Big Welcome to all the new supporters in the Fiddle/Sticks Family since Update #1. THANKS for your generosity.

I just returned from the Bonnaroo Music Festival where I performed a couple Singularity shows. The sets were well attended by listening grooving peoples, and I made sure to spread the word about the F/S project. I also enlisted about 25 folks to hand out nearly 2500 Fiddle/Sticks postcards - in addition to roaming the masses myself. Thanks B'Roo Crowd Team!

My most exciting news is...I took a morning off from the festival to meet Kenny Malone for breakfast at Nashville's 24hr landmark, the Hermitage Cafe. We locked June 18 & 19 for our 2 day session at Zac Brown's new Southern Ground Studio in Nashville, talked some rhythmic game plan turkey, and then scoped out the studio together - but not before we had "dessert" in our favorite room at Fork's Drum Closet, the cymbal room.

Even though the first drummer encounter begins before fundraising is finished, I still need your help!

A Call to All Supporters: Please continue to spread the word far and wide - it's been working! Let your friends and family know you're supporting and encourage them to join you. When sharing via Twitter & FaceBook - please add this link:

Okay, back to the ole 5-string catgut.

Chop x2!


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