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Tinitell is a wearable mobile phone for kids. A wristphone that enables peace of mind for parents, and lets kids be kids. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 29, 2014.

Tinitell is a wearable mobile phone for kids. A wristphone that enables peace of mind for parents, and lets kids be kids.

About this project


Tinitell works in every country in the world! (except N. Korea, S. Korea and Japan). Check out our FAQ for more information about subscription offers from network service providers.


Features And Functions


Tinitell is a Scandinavian designed and engineered mobile phone and we have intentionally stripped it down to feature only the most basic functions. Our philosophy: It should perform well and look cool — without being too pricey.

Managing Your Tinitell

Once you receive your Tinitell, insert a voice-ready SIM card of your choice (check out our FAQ for subscription options). If you have a smartphone, you can download our app (iOS / Android) for easier management. You can also manage your Tinitell from our website. 

 Making Calls

Your Tinitell is equipped with voice recognition software. To make a call you just push the button on your Tinitell, say the name you want to call - and the call is placed!

You save the contact list for your Tinitell on our app or website, which gives you full control of all the numbers your Tinitell can call. You can also monitor what calls are being made through the app or via the web.

If you don't want to talk with your Tinitell and use speech recognition, you can use the volume buttons to scroll through your Tinitell's contact list (Tinitell will play the recorded names accordingly). When you've reached the number you want to call, for instance "Mom" or "Dad", you just push the button and the call is placed.

Receiving Calls

Tinitell can receive calls from any telephone number, simply press the button to answer incoming calls.

It is easy to administer the telephone numbers that can call your Tinitell. You can limit incoming calls to a pre-defined set of telephone numbers from our app or website. You can also assign numbers that will be answered automatically by Tinitell, without the user having to answer with a button-push.

In short, the app and web dashboard give you full control — and piece of mind. Finally your kids can be outside exploring as kids should be. 

The App

It’s easy to position Tinitell from the app or website. Simply select which Tinitell you want to position, and see where it is on the map! Only the Tinitell administrator can position a specific Tinitell, but you can enable administrator access to others (for instance to neighbours or babysitters) if you want to.


Why are we turning to the good folks of Kickstarter to help us make this product come to life? Obviously we love technology and design, but being Scandinavians, we have this great love for the outdoors as well. Just look at how Amy digs into life when she is outside.

When possible, we want our kids to go outside and play. That's why we designed an affordable and durable product for a market that would otherwise only offer the same functionality in bulky or uncomfortable casing. Tinitell is wearable and enables play like no others!

's video poster

... and we thought: Are we the only ones longing for a product like this? Maybe the Kickstarter community is as passionate as us and maybe even they want to put the Tinitell into production?


Please note: All rewards are subject to local VAT and import tariffs if shipped outside of the US. 


We want to get Tinitell in the hands of developers earlier than anyone else because we want make the final consumer version of Tinitell even better than it currently is. You'll get Tinitell's SDK if you want to re-program Tinitell, and make it awesome your way! Check out the rewards geared to you tech savvy artists.

To get a closer look at our development process check out this short video!

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Electronic Components

  • GSM Module 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS
  • GPS / Glonass
  • Bluetooth
  • Accelerometer
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • CPU
  • Flash Memory
  • LED Lights in the hard plastic ring
  • Speaker and Microphone
  • Battery

Here is a sneak peak at the platform we intend to use for Tinitell, the Sigma Connectivity 2G platform. Using their platform will give us a heads start even though modifications are needed for the final product. The PCB is red because we still haven't gone to mass-production!

Hardware Specification

  • Volume Buttons (+ / -)
  • On / Off Button
  • Audio: Speaker & Microphone
  • SIM card hatch below battery
  • Micro USB charger and flash port
  • LED lights in the hard plastic ring
  • Water Resistant

Battery Status

  • Talk-time: 60 minutes
  • Standby time: 7 days
  • Charging time: less than an hour
  • Charging type: micro-USB

Software Specification

  • Tinitells apps are compatible with iOS and Android, and you can also use our website to manage Tinitell's contacts or position Tinitell.  
  • Voice Recognition
  • GPS / Glonass positioning is integrated with Tinitells app
  • A variety of ring tones!
  • Unlocked SIM card capability – works with any SIM card in the world!
  • Check out our FAQ for more information about subscriptions offers from network service providers. 

Are You A Developer?

Tinitell is based on an open SDK. It will be easy to download our developer’s kit from our website! Imagine all of the possibilities with Tinitell:

  • Forwarding calls from your smartphone to your Tinitell
  • Conference Calls for those really intense paintball games
  • Connecting Tinitell to bluetooth headphones or other devices
  • Streaming music via the cellular network
  • Tracking movement with an accelerometer and GPS
  • Make Tinitell your perfect walkie-talkie
  • Let your imagination take you away!



"Best addition to the field I’ve seen so far. Nice work.” - Richard Feigin, Founder Creative Mornings

“My daughter is going to love it." Jeff Brecker, Managing Director RGA

Tinitell has been lauded as Sweden's most promising tech start-up in 2013, and the project is supported by Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

We have also been granted funding by Vinnova for being one of the most innovative companies of year. We have invented and patented a new way for multiple devices to communicate in sync with each other.


We want to be transparent about the production cycle. It will be worth the wait, but we have researched various production alternatives so we know exactly how long it will take us before we can ship a Tinitell to your home! This is what has happened the past few months, and where we are heading. 

Press Kit

If you want to see some larger images of Tinitell, please check out our press kit here. 

Risks and challenges

Building a new kind of ”world’s-smallest” mobile phone is complex and time-consuming. We are humble to the challenge, and we know there are many pieces that will need to be put together for it to work. Getting to the point where we can ship Tinitell to your door from the point we are at now, involves the following:

1) Finalizing the design and construction for production. All the components must fit together, literally water tight. There is so much to take into regard when finishing this up. Fortunately, we have the construction experience of one of the formost plastics manufacturers to rely on, as well as the hardware experience from our ex-Sony Ericsson, CTO, Peter Lorentzon.

2) Fitting the electronics into such a tiny shell. This is no small feat. Even though we have functioning prototypes we are still working on the development of the mobile phone. Reconciling the technical requirements of a GPS system, GSM system, and a minature computer in the size of a square inch is demanding. We have two very experienced hardware engineers on our team to make this happen.

3) Setting up a logistics and quality assured manufacturing chain. In every step of the production, our manufacturers need to have strict guidelines and tests to sort out the good units from the bad as early as possible. To assist us with this, we are leveraging the knowledge of people that have done this multiple times in projects before Tinitell.

4) Getting all the pieces of the firmware in place and working without problems. There is a big difference between having a functioning prototype that makes and answers phone calls and gathers GPS data (which we do) and having it function properly under adverse conditions out in the field. Again, our team members have built both hardware and firmware for mobile phones before.

We are not shying away from any of these challenges. While we take them seriously we are determined to overcome any problem. We are committed to getting Tinitell on the market (lots of kids and parents need them) and have all the skills needed to do so. With the help from the Kickstarter community we can have the resources to move into production while also completing all of the tasks above!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Your pedge is a one-time expense to us. Tinitell is an unlocked mobile phone. To be able to use Tinitell, you will need to install and pay for your own SIM card and service subscription. Tinitell is built on a 2G platform (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz), and works in any country in the world, except N. Korea, S. Korea and Japan.

    Last updated:
  • To be able to use Tinitell you will have to get your own SIM card and service plan. We don’t offer subscription plans.

    The most suitable plans for Tinitell, as we see it, are the pre-paid or pay-as-you-go plans. In most countries they usually cost around 10 USD per month and should cover your calling and positioning needs.

    We see Tinitell as a new solution for making quick calls and positioning, which is why we recommend the smaller subscription plans.

    Here are links to service providers that offer pre-paid subscriptions that will work with Tinitell.













    Other Countries

    To see a full list of which service providers Tinitell is compatible with, please refer to the FAQ, “Which service providers is Tinitell compatible with?”.

    Tinitell works anywhere in the world, except N. Korea, S. Korea, and Japan.

    Last updated:
  • Please see this link:

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  • To be able to position Tinitell the user must use the Tinitell app. When you request Tinitell’s position from the app, the position request is sent to Tinitell. When Tinitell is given the request it retrieves its position from the GPS satellite network. When Tinitell has its position, it sends it back to the smartphone app. That way, parents can position their wild ones, and see where they are.

    And technically speaking, how does Tinitell communicate with the smartphone?

    There are two ways Tinitell will communicate with smartphones. The first way is by data traffic. That is by far the cheapest. The amount of data involved in sending a GPS is very small. There are some plans that do not support data, however. If Tinitell is not able to send the position data via a data connection, it will send it via SMS.

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  • Forwarding calls will be made available by our development team when we ship Tinitells in April. You can use the forwarding calls functionality so that you can leave your smartphone in your pocket, or you can leave your smartphone at home! Tinitell is a stand-alone mobile phone that communicates on the 2G cellular network. It has been easy to program call forwarding thanks to a protocol stack standard in all GSM networks world-wide.

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  • Tinitell's voice recognition is not "universal", but it does work with any language in the world - even animal languages.

    When the user says the voice-label of the person they want to call, the voice recognition software matches the said voice-label with a pre-recorded voice-label. This way the voice recognition software doesn't have to understand every word and dialect in the world, it only has to match said voice labels with pre-recorded voice labels.

    For this set-up to work the Tinitell user must use the app. For each contact the user wants to have in their Tinitell's contact list they have to pre-record the "voice-label" for that contact in the app. The voice label is then pushed out to Tinitell via bluetooth. We are also looking at ways to push out voice labels via the cellular network, but have not verified that method yet.

    If your Tinitell lacks voice labels then the only way to make calls is by scrolling through Tinitell's contact list with the volume buttons. As the user scrolls through the numbers an embedded text-to-speech software says the name of the contact in question. When you arrive at a contact you want to call, press the button, and your good to go!

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    TINITELL MICRO // Thank you. We like you and did we say thank you? Thank you, thank you, thank you! We're going to dedicate a page on the Tinitell website to all of our backers. You can use your name, or invent one!

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    TINITELL ORIGAMI // Get your hands on an exclusive digital content package with our story and vision, including instructions on how to fold your own "paper-version" Tinitell - great stuff for the Christmas tree!

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    TINITELL WARDROBE // Join the Tinitell journey, and make sure to be properly dressed! We will make a scandinavian designer t-shirt in three different sizes. It will be white and classy enough for most occasions!

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    TINITELL EARLY BIRD // We want to offer our first backers a special thanks for supporting us early into our Kickstarter campaign. Get Tinitell Charcoal at this great offer before it runs out! Thank you! Suggested retail price is $179!

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    TINITELL KICKSTART // Pre-order your Tinitell Charcoal at a lower price than anybody ever will in the history of time. Suggested retail price is $179!

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    TINITELL CHARCOAL // We have included a black edition for those that like their devices to be discreet. Charcoal strikes a balance cutting edge and elegance. And you get a super cool charcoal-colored Tinitell t-shirt! Suggested retail price is $179 (+$25)!

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    TINITELL CORAL // You know that feeling when you are on a boat looking at coral, and you fear you might drop in the water? WIth Coral you never have to think about that again. And you get a very nice coral-colored Tinitell t-shirt! Suggested retail price is $179 (+$25)!

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    TINITELL INDIGO // Tinitell's Indigo enables you to cruise with a cool dark blue and works great with that denim jacket. And you also get a super cool indigo-colored Tinitell t-shirt! Suggested retail price is $179 (+$25)!

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    TINITELL AQUA // Have you ever lost a phone to water damage? With Aqua it's easy to remember that Tinitell is water resistant. And you also get a super nice aqua-colored Tinitell t-shirt (staff favorite)! Suggested retail price is $179 (+$25)!

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    TINITELL FRIENDS // You get a Tinitell in an available color of your choice and we will offer you a link to your website from ours as a token of our appreciation for being a Tinitell friend. And you'll also get a special Tinitell friend t-shirt!

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    TINITELL TWINS // If you have 2 fronts to cover, there really is no better way than being able to communicate with both. With Tinitell Twins you get two Charcoal Tinitells. And two charcoal t-shirts!

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    TINITELL TWINS + COLOR // If you have 2 fronts to cover, there really is no better way than being able to speak to both. With Tinitell Twins you get two Tinitells and you decide the color! And we'll ship two t-shirts with corresponding colors!

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    TINITELL HACKER // Thanks for pitching in with your hacker input. We will send you a Tinitell and our SDK before the rest of the gang because we want to hear what you think about it. That way we can implement your thoughts about our hardware and software, before we ship the final product. We will also make any app that you program available via our website, and name the app after you! We will also give you a Tinitell (color of your choice) free of charge when we manufacture the first batch!

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    TINITELL SUNRISE // Get your hands on the first ever manufactured Tinitells. They will be charcoal and beautiful. We are going to mark the first 100 Tinitells with their production run number. Your number will be defined by when you place your order.

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    TINITELL LAUNCH // Join our launch party in Stockholm, Sweden in the world's most pristine and unexplored archipelago. And please hang out with us at the office, or simply let us guide you through the fruits of Stockholm. Swedish midsummer is like nowhere else in the world. Flight, accommodation and party included!

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