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The Survival Games - A multiplayer survival combat game featuring archaic weaponry, natural disasters and ever-changing environments.

The Survival Games - A multiplayer survival combat game featuring archaic weaponry, natural disasters and ever-changing environments. Read More
pledged of $20,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 11, 2014.

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Hello, fellow Kickstarter! This funding campaign has been cancelled, but game development continues! For more information about The Survival Games Early Access Alpha and to follow our progress, please visit our website and check us out on Steam. Links below:

The Survival Games Official Website

The Survival Games Community Forum

The Survival Games on Steam

The Survival Games Steam Community Group

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

The Survival Games is a player-driven combat multiplayer game in which competitors must fight to be the last survivor standing in unpredictable wilderness environments.

Stretch Goals

We're putting every dollar raised into the game's development and Kickstarter Rewards fulfillment. Our plans and improvements go beyond what is explained below, but here are our main focuses for enhancement!

The Survival Games is a 1st-person multiplayer game in which players must fight to survive in ever-changing, rich, dynamic environments. Survival Games are present-day deathmatch contests in which combatants fight to the death with an expansive arsenal of medieval weaponry.

Skirmishes take place in various wilderness locales on unique maps. Ambitious warriors like yourself compete in hopes of earning hefty amounts of cash for being the last fighter standing.

Players will have to utilize their instincts, reacting quickly to unforeseeable circumstances to gain the advantage against their opponents in a gritty fight to the death.

  • Players will create and customize their avatar’s combat abilities and survival skills to their liking, providing desirable in-game advantages. While fighting, characters can try to team up with other combatants on the battlefield, or fight as a lone wolf.
  • The Survival Games is being developed for the PC (Windows), Mac and Linux platforms, using the Unity Engine. We also hope to release it on mainstream consoles in the future.
  • The game will be available in English. We plan to add more languages during development.
  • The game will be distributed through Steam in addition to many DRM-free alternatives if deemed necessary. Please note that when the full game releases, backers will have the option to choose between a Steam key or a DRM-free download. (However, Alpha and Beta access will be exclusive to Steam!)

The Survival Games aims to become the world's first multiplayer 1st-person game to be fully supported with virtual reality technology! In addition to being fully playable on traditional platforms, our game is being designed from the ground up for use with the Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni platforms!

Never before has a first-person shooter video game been developed with VR support specifically in mind. This is a genuine milestone in gaming history, and we are delighted at the prospect of revolutionizing multiplayer gaming for many years to come!

"The Survival Games is virtual arena insanity! Bringing the Omni into the gameplay culls the herd based upon the player’s endurance, speed and agility, something never before seen in an FPS Arena game. Imagine The Survival Games after 20 minutes of intense Omni action. You and one other player are left. Your body is drained from all your previous combat and your opponent suddenly appears. Will you survive? Step into The Survival Games on an Omni and experience an entirely new dimension in immersive survival action!"

- Robert Brackenridge, Director of Developer Relations of Virtuix Omni

Again, the game will also be fully developed for traditional platforms!

The Survival Games is being developed on the Unity Engine, a game development platform used by many renowned titles such as The Forest, Wasteland 2, Rust, Gone Home and Among the Sleep. We feel that this tool is perfect for the specifications and demands of our game, and has already tested extraordinarily proficient as the engine for our prototype!

Throughout development, The Survival Games will strive for the following goals:

  • satisfying combat system. We’ll deliver raw, tenacious combat to provide a competitive and realistic experience.
  • varying, rich environment. The dynamic and unpredictable environment will ensure that no two matches will ever be the same. Unstable weather, natural disasters, roaming wildlife, a day/night cycle, and sudden supply drops are just a few of the events players can look forward to experiencing in The Survival Games.
  • Aiming for a balance of realism and fun. We’ll ensure that everything is engineered on that basis, such as heavy injuries sustained with hits to the vitals, or bleeding from wounds that could result in death. Players can even cook over a campfire to avoid food poisoning! Our team is also vitally aware that there needs to be a sensible balance between realism and simple, effectively fun gameplay. Too much (or not enough) of a good thing can severely impede a solid gaming experience.

The Survival Games will emphasize personal player preference.  Players will create and customize a character, then develop and hone their character’s combat and survival skills. Players can customize various aspects of their character, such as height, build, hairstyle and color, skin tone, gender, and more. Additional customizations like face paint and new attire can be bought in-game, using cash that a player has earned by competing.

Abilities and skills can be customized and tailored to a player’s preferred method of competition.

Players can earn experience by prevailing or performing well in matches, or training in The Village. Using weapons like swords, axes, and bows, along with abilities such as climbing, sliding, crafting, and fishing, players will hunt and be hunted, while contending with the environment itself.

Combatants can try to use the sudden changes in circumstance and the environment to try to shift the odds in their favor. A smart player will find a way to survive dangerous surprises, but a shrewd combatant can turn dilemmas into advantages!

Tell me more!

We were doubtlessly inspired by the brutal, stark nature of The Hunger Games when ideas for our game began taking shape. Gamers have indeed cried out for a game reflecting the experience portrayed in those movies/books, and there have even been “Hunger Games” mods for games like Minecraft.

However, we have distanced ourselves enormously from The Hunger Games, building on the core concept of “Start unarmed. Kill or be killed.”

We’re targeting a much faster-paced experience than other titles in the survival game genre (like Rust or DayZ).

Survival games are competitions comparable to tournaments, in which players are likened to gladiators competing in a much larger arena than the Colosseum. There are no supernatural beings, mythical creatures, or magical elements...only you, your opponents, and Mother Nature at her most unpredictable.

Once a match is initiated, no one else can join. Players start unarmed and must wait for the countdown to fully commence before they can safely move.

There is an abundance of weaponry at the Trove, a large, easily-recognizable structure in the middle of all arenas. Players can attempt to sprint for it at the beginning of the match to gain an early advantage, or steal away into the wilderness to avoid unnecessary risk.

Crafting is present in The Survival Games, but not as dominantly as games like Rust or Minecraft. Those games put crafting/building at the center of gameplay with conflict being a secondary (though important) aspect of the game.

In contrast, our game will place combat at the center of the experience, and players can utilize crafting to gain advantages over other players. Combatants won’t be spending time amassing large amounts of resources. A player may find the right materials to craft a trap to snare enemies, or build a glider to soar through the sky, or construct makeshift skis for faster travel in the snow; but it’s a priority for us that players not be bogged down with concern regarding crafting when their lives are on their line.

Technically, crafting is completely optional. A combatant doesn't have to craft anything while competing, but resourceful players will learn to incorporate crafting seamlessly into their arsenal, utilizing it effectively to come out on top.

We know players want a visceral feel to combat. They want to feel like they’ve landed a hit, or incapacitated someone, or know they’ve been knocked upside the head with a club. So, we plan on presenting combat in a way that players will really feel the rush of victory or the sting of defeat.

On top of all of this, players can form alliances with other combatants mid-match. This adds an edgy dynamic to the deathmatch. Players are allied only according to their honor; there’s nothing to stop an ally from plunging a knife into your back, or abandoning you during a fight. On the other hand, effective, honorable alliances can produce great results.

Still, when all is said and done, there can only be one victor!

Games like Rust, or DayZ, for example, are survival games by genre. They take place in post-disaster settings (post-apocalyptic and zombie outbreak) and aim to provide an open-world multiplayer experience for players, emphasizing freedom and danger.

Both games have open-world, sandbox environments that focus on player interactions and the ability for prolonged (even endless) gameplay if a player is fortunate enough. Players do not want an endgame when playing those games; and there isn’t one for either game, as of this writing.

The Survival Games is completely different. It combines the simplicity of classic multiplayer deathmatch gameplay with the complexity of survival elements like crafting, hostile wildlife, and climbing.

Glider down! (In-game screenshot)
Glider down! (In-game screenshot)

Our game does not feature an open-world environment where players are going to plan on surviving for long periods of time. Rather, matches take place on individual maps, set in various locales of remote regions in the wilderness.

We feel like a return to the primitive kill-or-be-killed multiplayer game, combined with the survival aspects of online gaming that so many players crave now, will be a hit with gamers...if it’s executed correctly.

Wolves! (In-game screenshot)
Wolves! (In-game screenshot)

And in The Survival Games, it will be executed correctly, because we desire to work directly with fans and the gaming community as development progresses!

On top of all this, with the incredibly immersive technology of the Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni platforms at our disposal, we strive to make The Survival Games a multiplayer experience that is unlike any other in gaming history.

We intend to take danger, tension, and immersion to unprecedented heights in gaming; no other first-person game of any genre has ever been specifically tailored to incorporate the countless possibilities offered by Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni!

"Tsunami Destruction" by Sonny Lavallée
"Tsunami Destruction" by Sonny Lavallée

Currently, the tornado and meteor strike have been implemented in the prototype, and are fully functional. Tornadoes can form in stormy conditions, their winds dangerous to both players and supply planes. Meteors streak down from the sky and slam into the earth, killing unlucky combatants or destroying structures on impact.

Bail out! (In-game screenshot)
Bail out! (In-game screenshot)

Our team plans to flesh out the two disasters we already have, and create new ones, like the earthquake and the tsunami.

Ideally, besides simply causing massive damage amidst a darkened sky, the tornado will rip trees, shelters and objects from the land as it carves a path across the map, stirring up dust and debris while sending players and wildlife alike sprinting away for their lives. A meteor will produce a crater upon impact that is greatly affected by the terrain below, while kicking up plumes of dust and dirt into the air, obstructing vision for long periods of time.

A meteor obliterating a structure (In-game screenshot)
A meteor obliterating a structure (In-game screenshot)

The earthquake and tsunami are two disastrous phenomena that we dream of implementing into The Survival Games. Both would be rare in occurrence, and would literally reshape the battlefield while players attempt to survive the events and their aftermaths.

Earthquakes will shift and move terrain, topple structures and destroy vegetation depending on their severity.

When a tsunami hits the shore of select maps, the titanic wave will sweep over the coast and head inland, completely flooding much of the mainland. An abundance of debris and even fish (including sharks) will be propelled in with the water.

In either scenario, players may be killed during the chaos, or be resourceful (or lucky) enough to survive. If they do, they will continue to fight it out against their enemies amidst the fallout!

Random natural disasters and hostile wildlife coupled together in a fight to the death make for a daunting, dangerous challenge for players. At times, they can even be more threatening than enemy combatants.

Supply plane down! (In-game screenshot)
Supply plane down! (In-game screenshot)

But make no mistake: other players are not to be trifled with. They will level up just like you do, fleshing out weapon abilities and combat skills while learning how to survive in the savage environments of The Survival Games.

Players are not split into groups before a match begins, and there are no “team-based modes”. So, in order to add depth to the edgy nature of the game, players can form alliances with other players.

You may be wondering what cements this kind of pact during gameplay.

The answer: nothing but the honor of both players.

There is no guarantee that the bruised and dirty combatant you just allied yourself with five minutes ago won’t plunge a dagger into your spine. There is nothing to promise that any friend(s) you make in a match won’t simply flee a battle and leave you to the mercy of other contenders.

However, if you can find trustworthy allies in the field of battle, your group will discover a sizable advantage over other players. In battles, strength in numbers is a clear edge over the competition, and you will be more formidable offensively and defensively, assuming the success of your alliance.

If going solo is your preferred style of play, worry not! There are many skills and abilities a smart and resourceful fighter can execute to take on overwhelming odds. Allies may be strong in battle, but against one clever, strong warrior, numbers may count for nothing!

It all comes down to whether you want to risk trusting others, or rely on yourself as a lone wolf. Both can be effective, if executed correctly.

"Disaster and War" by Jon Russ
"Disaster and War" by Jon Russ

You won’t find rocket launchers, handguns or assault rifles here. Players are going to have to get up close and personal with their opponents (excluding the bow & other projectile weapons, of course). It's no secret that players enjoy virtual hand-to-hand combat.

Plus, we love it. There’s just something rather (and perhaps primitively) satisfying that comes from dropping an opponent with a blade instead of an AK-47 from afar.

You can fight unarmed in a match if you really need to. Perhaps some players will prefer martial combat over armed combat; but we’re willing to bet most will pick up a weapon when there’s combatants hunting you down and wolves looking for their next meal.

Some examples include two-handed war hammers, swords, bows, crossbows, throwing knives, axes, and pole-arms like spears (which you can throw as well).

Rushing to the Trove unarmed (In-game screenshot)
Rushing to the Trove unarmed (In-game screenshot)

The more frequently a player uses a certain type of weapon, the more proficient they become in wielding it. You will learn to strike faster with all weapons. Weapon skill trees have abilities and special attacks for you to unlock; some of these include being able to throw weapons at faster velocities to greater ranges, or using a war hammer to cave in the roofs of smaller buildings.

We will also integrate weapon attachments and customizations (yes, for medieval weaponry) for the battle-scarred combatant to completely utilize. 

Another important feature to talk about is being injured. Sometimes players may simply be handicapped rather than killed.

You may be on the receiving end of a wicked swipe from a sword, and suddenly you are on the ground, wounded and bleeding out. Your opponent can either finish you off on the spot or leave you on the ground to die.

Allies or generous players may choose to lend a hand by preventing further bleeding and bandaging you up, allowing you to continue fighting.

We desire to eventually integrate locational damage into the game’s mechanics. How many games have you played where you land what should have been a fatal hit, only to have them shrug it off and hit you back?

Since we're aiming for a healthy dose of realism (while still maintaining balance with fun gameplay), we believe realistic damage will be more satisfying for players. With locational damage included, players will capitalize on a well-aimed arrow to the head, or a slash to a combatant’s arm resulting in blood loss.

Bleeding and bone-crushing hits will pave the way for the addition of a first-aid healing system, something else we're looking forward to!

"Building Warfare" by Sonny Lavallée.
"Building Warfare" by Sonny Lavallée.

Survival Games are held in remote areas in the wild around the world. These locations, and the ambitious plans we have for them, are among the greatest features of the game.

Matches are held on individual maps, not unlike games such as Call of Duty or Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, rather than on one large, open-world region.

Maps will showcase forests, rivers, hills, tropical and coastal areas, all punctuated with an abundance of thick brush and foliage, rocky terrain, and more. We plan on including new map packs often during production, and one of the features we’re most excited about is the varying climates of the game.

Shot of the environment (In-game screenshot)
Shot of the environment (In-game screenshot)

We plan to add winter and desert environments, both including unique features and natural disasters.

On winter maps, players will hear the snow crunch beneath their feet as they hunt enemy combatants through frosty forests, across frozen lakes, and near arctic seas. Avalanches and blizzards will always be a potential danger. Polar bears will stalk through the winter, and you will be able to spot whales in the sea. Glaciers may even crash into one another, causing massive chaos across the entire map!

Desert maps will feature quicksand, old ruins, temples, an exotic oasis, and new wildlife like desert cobras and jackals. Devastating sandstorms with scorchingly high wind-speeds can settle in across the land, forcing players to take cover. Those unable to find shelter from the lethal storm will soon perish as the whipping sands scrape the skin from their bodies.

Dusk at the Trove (In-game screenshot)
Dusk at the Trove (In-game screenshot)

We are aiming to create incredibly vibrant, detailed, and organic maps for The Survival Games. We want you to feel like you’re actually there. 

Your surroundings will be alive; dangerous, yet breathtaking (especially when played on the Virtuix Omni). With the help of Kickstarter backers, regions of The Survival Games will be truly unforgettable!

Combat Records & Player Reputations

Eventually, we will incorporate online player profiles for each and every player, extensively documenting their play history. Games, such as newer Call of Duty titles, boast undeniably thorough combat records for players and tracking stats in just about every area possible.

We know players like taking a look at their own statistics from time to time. However, typically (not always), players aren’t really interested in going through the combat records of other players.

We want to somehow streamline this aspect of multiplayer gaming, and at the same time, produce a dynamic reputation system for players. For example, if you find yourself in a lobby or match, you can actually see visual representations of the types of contenders you’re about to stake your life against.

Are they experienced, veteran warriors? Do any of them have an honorable penchant, having cooperated well with allies in matches? Do any of the players in the lobby have a dishonorable reputation, having killed many of their allies in past battles? You might want to remember their names when the game begins, as they may be potential companions...or scheming fighters you should avoid approaching.

We’ve seen reputation systems in games. There have been a wide variety of ways reputation has been instilled, but we’re aiming for a more organic approach. Since all Survival Games are voluntarily joined by competitors looking for ultimate victory, we feel that players should want to know who they’re fighting, and we intend to streamline this facet so that players don’t have to sift through pages upon pages of stats and records to find out.

Reputation will matter and be a real part of the experience.

Click here to learn more about our team!
Click here to learn more about our team!

The Survival Games is being developed by Hella Games Entertainment, an independent game developer company based in Houston, Texas.

At Hella Games, our goal is to base our game on the desires of the players themselves rather than business executives, and to bring this objective to fruition with our talented team. We are dedicated to making this game possible, and are happily open to the ideas from players to further refine The Survival Games!

Our company is a melting pot of talented individuals from around the world. Among our ranks are many seasoned professionals, including an animator who has worked in commercials, 3D animated feature films, and video game CGI; a 3D modeler with years of experience working on major movies like "The Avengers" and "Jurassic Park"; the CEO of Jupiterion Studio, who has professionally produced music for games and movies for two years; and a programmer with over 18 years of experience in the game industry on several indie game titles. 

We have the experience, and we know what gamers want. Hella Games seeks to maintain a close connection with our fans as we move forward. Passion, dedication, and innovation; that’s our promise.

Many other indie game developers that needed funding for their projects have experienced fantastic results with Kickstarter crowd-sources. Our desire is to create this game without being reliant on publishers. In doing so, we at Hella Games will be able to develop direct relationships with the gamers themselves, and avoid a generic, watered-down experience. We know what gamers really want, and are eager to embrace the crowd in every respect.

Kickstarter grants us the privilege to create an authentic, stellar gaming experience with your help! Hella Games Entertainment believes in purity of development, unique creativity and fresh ideas. We know the importance of pouring our dedication into making our game the best we possibly can for our fans. We will gladly implement fan suggestions that have the potential to boost the experience of The Survival Games.

So, we are requesting your help. We’ve spent the last nine months and all the money we could spare from our own pockets to make The Survival Games a reality. With your consideration, we promise to simply create a game people will love to play.

We are deeply humbled by your contributions to our cause. Anything you can spare will breathe life into our production.

We're all grateful for your time, and we want to extend a heartfelt “Thank you!” to anyone interested in our efforts to see this through to completion.

"The Poor Village" by Leon Tukker
"The Poor Village" by Leon Tukker

The short answer: making the game exponentially better.

The initial $20k will only bring us to the Pre-Alpha stage. We are well into development, and as the game evolves, we have been able to pinpoint $500,000 as the mark we need to reach to make The Survival Games what we ultimately envision it as.

We have ambitious plans for every dimension of the game. Better visuals, realistic natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes (in addition to the tornadoes and meteor strikes we have already included), vast additions to maps (rivers, lakes, caverns, etc.), gameplay enhancements, more player abilities and skills, extra customizable options for characters and weapons, additional maps, destroyable terrain, premium network mechanics (for the best online experience possible for players), and so much more!

Click this Header to see the list of Add-ons
Click this Header to see the list of Add-ons

By pledging at an amount above the Tier you have selected, you can include Add-Ons. At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, you will receive a survey that will let you specify which Add-Ons your additional pledge amount is for

Risks and challenges

Video games are extremely complex, intricate, and expensive projects. Our people are cut from the best cloth. Every member of our team has at least five years of experience working in commercial gaming companies and excel in their respective fields.

We firmly believe in our vision and the game’s success; in fact, we have poured many months of our lives and our own money into completing the prototype of The Survival Games.

We’re asking for funding to develop this game. This is to pay for the studio costs of development, and the work it will take to complete such a daunting project.

We hope this will be a commercial success so we can bring more creative, fresh games to the industry. Our team doesn’t believe in working for publishers who don’t see the importance of fully prioritizing truly unique, creative passion over old, exhausted ideas. Our talented team is completely dedicated to designing the game we’ve always dreamed of.

Survival-themed modifications have been made for other games, but there has never been a standalone game dedicated to the art of survival. So as huge fans of the genre, we decided to bring a new Survival Combat experience unlike any other.

This project will not be possible without your funding. As we make more plans to further flesh out and enhance the game, and schedule a release on consoles, we need more funds and are humbly asking our supporters to spare what they can toward our cause. As promised above, we’re even rewarding your generosity with gifts of our appreciation.

Once we reach our desired goal, we’ll be able to deliver the complete game: polished, honed, and satisfying. A game that features gritty survival and intense combat far outside the boundaries of civilization. A game that we all dream of!

Remember, the more you can donate to your project, the better the game is going to be. Every dollar, every cent, will sharpen the edges of The Survival Games, for everyone’s benefit!

We want to thank you again for making this game a possibility. People like you are going to be the lifeblood of the project. Just like you, we would love to see The Survival Games be fully realized in a dangerous, unpredictable, competitive, and fun world that can be visited by all. With your help, it will become a reality, and the best game we could possibly craft.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • By pledging to the $25 "THE ROOKIE" tier (or the Early Bird $20 version of "THE ROOKIE" while still available) or any higher tier, you will receive a copy of The Survival Games. Check your Tier Rewards for specifics (Digital vs. Boxed Copies, etc).

    Or, simply wait until the game is released to purchase it. Please note that Kickstarter Backers receive a discounted price for the full game!

    Last updated:
  • Currently, no single-player mode is planned. The Survival Games aims to be a purely multiplayer experience, and therefore all of our resources, time and efforts will be poured into making it the best multiplayer game it can be!

    Even so, our writers are working on adding background lore and depth to the game, on everything from NPCs to history of the Games, as well as backgrounds on various maps.

    Last updated:
  • The game will be available on PC (Windows), Mac, and Linux systems. It will also be fully compatible with the Oculus Rift!

    Last updated:
  • Besides basic mechanics like jumping and sliding, players will be able to learn and become more efficient in survival skills like skinning wildlife, grabbing fish from the water with their bare hands, and climbing rock walls.

    Weapons are a big focus of The Survival Games, naturally. The more you fight with a weapon, the faster you learn to strike with it. You can learn advanced fighting techniques in your skill trees.

    For example, players proficient with war hammers can crack & destroy the tops of weaker structures, bringing the roof down on their opponents inside. Players can learn to throw a spear as they become more adept at fighting with one. It’s also going to be possible to learn to dual-wield smaller weapons!

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely! Frankly, the more languages we can develop the game for, the better! We intend to add languages like German, French, Spanish and Russian, to name a few.

    Last updated:


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    All Tiers include access to the Official Community (forums & Kickstarter comments) of The Survival Games, where backers can provide feedback and be polled on certain aspects of game development.

    Any Reward granting communication & collaboration with our team on any and all aspects of game development and content will require a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

    When the full game releases, all backers will have the OPTION to choose between a Steam Key or a DRM-Free download. (However, Alpha and Beta Access will be STEAM ONLY!)

    When a Tier "includes all Rewards from <Tier Name>", the # of Digital & Boxed Game Copies, and Closed-Alpha & Beta Access Keys, are excluded. New bonus quantities of these items are always noted at the end of a Tier's Rewards (if applicable).

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    Receive all Rewards from THE VETERAN + the Warrior Forum Badge + physical Limited Edition Survival Games Mouse Pad! Gain exclusive closed-Beta access, only available to Kickstarter backers! + Receive The Survival Games Wallpaper Pack, a collection of beautiful high-resolution desktop wallpapers + Limited Edition Physical "The Survival Games" Mouse Pad!

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    Receive all Rewards from THE MARAUDER + the Pathfinder Forum Badge + Receive a UNIQUE custom in-game glider color of your choice (used whenever you craft a glider), and a Kickstarter-exclusive Tactical Combat Uniform! Bonus Digital Game Copy!

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    Pledge $525 or more About $525 USD


    Receive all Rewards from THE RAIDER + the Gladiator Forum Badge + You will have the opportunity to have your personal company logo displayed in the Game Credits. You DESIGN and provide the NAME and DESCRIPTION for a minor NPC in the game (acknowledged in Dev Credits)! All future DLC content free of charge! Every physical item is signed! Bonus Digital Game Copy! Bonus closed-Alpha Access Key! Bonus closed-Beta Access Key!

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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  15. Select this reward

    Pledge $750 or more About $750 USD


    Receive all Rewards from THE GLADIATOR + the Acclaimed Forum Badge + Your company logo will also be featured in the Opening Credits of The Survival Games. Special Thanks to you in the VIP Credits. Granted a Skype Chat with the developers. A special request/suggestion to the game will be considered and approved if it aligns with the team’s vision of the game; this item/suggestion will be noted with your name under “Additional Design” in the credits with the development team! All future Hella Games Entertainment releases will be sent to of charge! Help our team design a hostile EVENT on a map of your choice (subject to approval)! Every physical item is signed! Bonus Digital Game Copy! 2x Bonus closed-Alpha Access Keys! 2x Bonus closed-Beta Access Keys! Bonus Boxed Game Copy!

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
    1 backer
  16. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD


    Receive all Rewards from THE ACCLAIMED + the Champion Forum Badge + Custom-shaped in-game statue (destroyable) of your character, with your name engraved! Pitch an idea for a map for The Survival Games, and help us develop it! One pair of Official, AUTHENTIC Survival Games Tactical Gloves, as worn by Combatants in-game! Design a UNIQUE custom forearm tattoo for your in-Game character! YOU name a Supply Company for The Survival Games - your name (or company name/logo) painted on in-Game Supply Planes and Drop Crates! Every physical item is signed! 2x Bonus Digital Game Copies! 3x Bonus closed-Alpha Access Keys! 3x Bonus closed-Beta Access Keys! Bonus Boxed Game Copy!

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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  17. Select this reward

    Pledge $3,500 or more About $3,500 USD


    Receive all Rewards from THE CHAMPION + the Peerless Forum Badge + Bonus Character Customization Pack included! Your character’s house in The Village gains additional tier-exclusive add-on options (note: if appropriate funding for The Village isn’t achieved, you’ll instead receive a reward of equal or greater significance)! Early access to Alpha, Beta, and other game features. Physical combatant figurine based off your in-game character w/ The Survival Games logo engraved. Physical cloth map of the wilderness of The Survival Games. An experienced SURVIVAL EXPERT (with years of training) will craft a Physical GENUINE stone knife, stone axe, or wooden spear for you! Your choice of 3 Exclusive Face Paint patterns! Every physical item is signed! 4x Bonus Digital Game Copies! 5x Bonus closed-Alpha Access Keys! 5x Bonus closed-Beta Access Keys! 2x Bonus Boxed Game Copies!

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD


    Receive all Rewards from THE PEERLESS + the Legendary Forum Badge + Work with our team to personally customize your in-game character’s face design and detail specs, purely exclusive to your character ONLY! An in-Game BANNER displaying your name, (or your company’s name/logo) will fly over the Trove in one map of your choice! Receive an EXTREMELY LIMITED Personalized Plaque acknowledging your contribution to The Survival Games! You (or your company) get PRIORITY placement in Opening Titles/Credits. An in-game weapon will be specially named after you! Receive an EXTREMELY LIMITED Kickstarter-Exclusive Collector’s Hardcover Edition of the game, and Leather-bound Edition of the Strategy Guide! Play with the developers of The Survival Games upon official launch! LIMITED EDITION Physical Concept Piece, Painted on Canvas, SIGNED & numbered by the artist, with a special thank you from our team! Every physical item is signed! 9x Bonus Digital Game Copies! 9x Bonus closed-Alpha Access Keys! 9x Bonus closed-Beta Access Keys! 4x Bonus Boxed Game Copies!

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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