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A film about life with ME, the world's most prevalent orphan disease.
A film about life with ME, the world's most prevalent orphan disease.
2,593 backers pledged $212,962 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Katherine Reynolds on

      All I can say is Ive had such a blast following this. Jen you and I have been sick the same amount of time: three years. I lost a career I loved, but through grace I met the love of my life and married after I was ill. I decided to come out of the M.E. closet immediately. I've studied writing with npNatalie Goldberg since 1999 and she has taught me to be a fearless writer. I'm so glad you are a fearless film maker. So proud to see you on video. I have nothing but joy in my heart. I was angry too and in deep grief. The kind people in the Hunter Hopkins Private M.E./CFS and FM have saved my sanity, but you have given me hope and joy. my heart is singing for you because I know what transformation looks like and I got to witness it all month as I followed you on this amazing journey. This is just the beginning. We are a movement whose time has come. Much love and blessings to you and your family. Namaste.

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      Danette Madonna on

      Just laying in bed with tears flowing, but instead of tears with frustration,anger or an overwhelming feeling of loneliness or feeling defeated, they are tears of pure hope and comfort in knowing that I'm NOT alone and a feeling of validation that hopefully people will finally understand what I've ( all of us ) have been going thru! Kudos to you Jen & all who are helping spread the word. Words can't describe how truly grateful I am- as I'm sure we all are. I WILL help you in any way I can, just get in touch with me any way YOU can. Much love and you are in my thoughts and I will continue to pray for our voices to be heard. Xoxo

    3. Svenja on


    4. Missing avatar

      Kate Daniel on

      (deep happy sigh)

      Yes. This is right. This is needed. This is brilliance!

      This is not only hope for those with ME, and lesser environmental damages, it is hope that society at large will finally look at its canaries and recognize the dangers. I have a seventeen-month-old grandson. I want him to raise his own children in a cleaner world, where fewer face such conditions.

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      Wally Cleaver on

      Sending love right back to you Jen (Omar and Kiran too!). Congratulations!

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      Yair Oren on

      You have made me hopeful again....we will be heard! Thanks from the deepest part of my soul!

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      Kaye Soulsby on

      Just woke up to find.....OMG WOOHOOOO!! You did it Jen, God bless you! You did it Kiran Omar and everyone who helped with even $1! We all DID it!!! Strength, courage, generosity and LOVE has already triumphed over this WICKED illness. Even without voices, our truth can echo around the world! Tears of complete and utter JOY rolling down my face :-))) Congratulations, light, love and peace to all. We WILL rise! hugs xxxx

    8. Julio B. Soler on

      Congratulations! This is amazing!

    9. Gloria Council on

      Yeas, tears are running down my face. Thank you Jen for your perseverance and
      for caring for all of us.

    10. Gina Livingston on

      Tears of joy right now, you sure have touched so many of us with your warm beaming light~

    11. Tami Gates on

      Thank you Jen and team for keeping our hope alive! Sending love and ENERGY!

    12. Gina Livingston on

      You are a beautiful soul Jennifer, THANK YOU for creating this miracle for all of us. I'm here and not going anywhere.