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A film about life with ME, the world's most prevalent orphan disease.
A film about life with ME, the world's most prevalent orphan disease.
2,593 backers pledged $212,962 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jennifer Brea 2-time creator on

      Now, also, in Melbourne!

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      Martha Pace on

      Jen, May God continue to bless your life. What you are doing will have a profound effect on the medical profession as well as the patients. You give us hope. For that, I am forever grateful.

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      Amy Trotter on

      If I can get some of my local ME friends to donate and do a little personal video/interviews could we send the videos to you as possible snippets to use? I have your E-mail from a previous interview and have wanted to update you but then I saw your movie is going to be made and figured you might be to buisy for an update. I have met a handful of "patients" and think we could help tell a side of ME. Either way I want them to contribute to show our numbers! You are one strong and inspirational woman!!! Much love and can't wait for the full movie...

    4. Linda on

      Hi Jennifer:
      Sometimes my fingers hit the send button before my brain actually engages. I realized afterwards the reason for the 6509. So my apologies. I am glad to be a backer anyway and wish you well.

    5. Jennifer Brea 2-time creator on

      Hi Linda, Thanks for your comment. Our goal was always to raise $200,000 from various sources. We thought if we could raise at least $50,000 of that sum on Kickstarter, we could "prove" to general donors and foundations that there is an audience and a need for this film, and that it would be they who would help us round out our budget. When we raised our first goal in just three days, we realized that we did not need to prove to anyone that our stories matter! Rather, that it might be possible that most of our budget could come from the community itself - the community of people who suffer from ME, our friends and family, and patients with a different chronic illnesses but who have had similar experiences.

      As for why 6509. The greatest number of backers a documentary film has ever received on Kickstarter is 6508. If hundreds of people donate $1, it won't substantially impact our budget, but it will allow us to demonstrate, as we apply to film festivals or talk to distributors who might not otherwise see the potential for broad appeal in a film about ME, that yes, there is a large and passionate audience for this film.

      You can learn more about our rationale for aiming high and trying to make history if you read this post:

      And watch this video:

    6. Linda on

      I don't understand why you are requiring more people to donate just so that you reach 6505 backers. You have already raised almost 3 times more than you originally asked for.
      This sounds a little opportunistic to me.