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A film about life with M.E., the most prevalent and
               devastating disease your doctor has never heard of.
A film about life with ME, the world's most prevalent orphan disease.
A film about life with ME, the world's most prevalent orphan disease.
2,593 backers pledged $212,962 to help bring this project to life.

We are almost halfway day in!


Dear #canaries, #spoonies, #MEAllies and everyone who has supported and shared this project: 

We have raised over $20,000 in the less than 24 hours since our Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday! You have left us humbled, grateful, and (almost) speechless. And as you've shared your stories with us, and what this film means to you...let's just say, I probably cried five times yesterday, and we still have 30 days to go.

$50,000 gets us to a film that we're proud of. But if we want a shot at making a film that will change the way the world see M.E.--forever--we've got to aim for a professional, feature-length documentary film budget. 

But first, let's get to $50K! 

How do we do that? Share, share, share!

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      Nathalie May on October 23, 2013

      Jennifer, thank you so much for doing this!!!! You are my hero!! Looking at the footage of youre struggles makes me cry!! You are like a mirror image of ME. In the fall of 2009 I suddenly became very ill and within 10 months I was in a wheelchair, spent three years mostly bedridden, fully housebound, some days spoon fed, crawling to bathroom, unable to read or use my eyes and ears for anything. Because of my amazing doctors, Andreas Kogelnik from the Open medicine Institute in California and my local ME doctor, Dr. Ellie stein in Calgary Alberta I am starting to live again. Reactivated EBV and HHV6 looking like the possible culprits of my ME, I am one of the lucky people getting better on Valcyte. I can now walk about 200 steps on a good day and I have also started to drive a little, first time in three years!! Thanks so much for making a movie that will show that we are not "just tired"!! Some days I even wish I had a normal, accepted and understood illness instead of this cruel, alive but not aloud to live, type of illness. I look forward to meeting you at the screening!!! Nathalie May, Calgary, Alberta