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A film about life with ME, the world's most prevalent orphan disease.
A film about life with ME, the world's most prevalent orphan disease.
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Canary selected for IFP's "Spotlight on Documentaries"

Posted by Jennifer Brea (Creator)

This September CANARY is heading to IFP Independent Film Week at the Lincoln Center in New York. 

IFP's forum is one of the largest connecting new documentary feature projects with U.S. and International buyers, sales agents, and financiers. 

We can't wait to continue the conversations we started at Sundance and hopefully make some new friends for the film! 

You can read the full press release here:


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      Allison Haynes May on

      Congrats, Jen, to you and your team, on being selected for IFP's Spotlight on Documentaries ! I am so impressed with (and very grateful for) all the connections you've been making during the process of creating this doc. I am sure that it will get a LOT of attention when it is released. I am approaching my 26th anniversary of being hit with M.E., and my wish for the future is that nobody will ever have to suffer this long without treatment... I know that Canary will help make this wish a reality... It will contribute greatly to awareness, not just for the public, but for doctors, med school students, researchers, and those in government who are in charge of allocating money for research. Your film is a huge milestone in the history of M.E., and I thank you so much for all the work you have done, especially given the state of your own health. I can wait as long as it takes for the film to come out, because I know it depends on your health, which I do not want you to put at risk. When the film is released, you can count on me, and all the M.E. groups online, to spread the word far & wide. Thanks again, from my heart, and literally from every fibre of my being. With love, support, and immense gratitude. (from Allison in Canada)

    2. Jennifer Brea 2-time creator on

      Lastly, Forgotten Plague will begin screening in the next several weeks. They are directing their outreach efforts toward #MEAction's Congressional funding petition and I am sure will be using their film to engage with Congress and other stakeholders wherever the opportunity presents.

    3. Jennifer Brea 2-time creator on

      HI Esther – the film was never slated to be finished this early and I do not see any inherent tension doing good now v. ensuring the film actually reaches audiences. Moreover, our success certainly hasn't changed any of our ultimate goals. I have never forgotten why I am making this film or for whom. Re: early private screenings, I am sure that will happen when the time is right and the film is already doing good behind the scenes. What I can share at the present moment is just the tip of what is going on – I promise!

      In the meantime, please check out: Lots of activity happening there re: Congress and more to be announced in the coming weeks.

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      Esther Siebert on

      It's great that the film is getting attention from Sundance etc. but until it is released it does us no good in terms of getting massive compensatory research funding from the NIH post the IOM report. Remember the purpose of doing this film was to help ME/CFS patients, not to make a mark in documentary film making. The recognition is great but so far no one who can help us is seeing the film as far as I know. Please don't let perfection be the enemy of the good. This is the most propitious moment to publicize our dilemma because Congress will be making decisions about NIH funding shortly. While I understand that finding distribution opportunities is important,
      is there any way to arrange a showing of the film, updated with information about the IOM report, recent research and the problem of continual underfunding to members of Congress now? Thanks for your efforts.

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