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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, January 19 2015 4:11 AM UTC +00:00


The Pi is a beautifully rendered open source smartwatch, a development system that just happens to look good on you! Pi is the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet, also known as 3.14, which explains pretty much everything round. We chose the name for our watch because of its unique and useful round lcd and touch ring.

The Pi is built for everyone. Novices will enjoy the simple setup and online tutorials, while experts will appreciate the best in class speed and hardware. It comes loaded with demo software that will get you up and running in no time.

Pi is great for the beginner and the simplicity of the Arduino ecosystem makes it a fun and easy first step into the world of electronics. By the time Pi is in your hands, we will have step by step tutorials available on our website. You will be able to learn at your own pace, with fun and interesting projects.


1.4"  220x220 Pixel 262K Color TFT LCD

Round is beautiful, and this display takes your project to a new level. Bright colors and 160 pixels per inch make everything you do look good.

32 Bit Cortex M4 with 256K Flash and 64K RAM

This powerhouse of a cpu will run circles around any Atmega328 powered projects.  Paul and Robin over at PJRC.COM have put a huge amount of time and effort into making the Teensy 3.1 one of the best Arduino compatible systems on the market today. This mature development system has lots of examples, libraries, and support from great people in the PJRC forum.

Real Time Clock

Another benefit of the CPU we just mentioned? It has a built in Real Time Clock so your Pi can actually tell time! 

LSM303 3 axis Accelerometer and Magnetometer

Projects come alive when you can capture motion and direction.   Build a compass, control your robot with motion, silence your phone with a gesture or anything else you can think of!

BC127 Bluetooth 4.0 Module

This little radio from Blue Creation packs a lot into a super small size, making it a natural piece of the Pi. It can handle any bluetooth classic connection as well as the latest 4.0 BLE  protocols.  The Pi can connect to just about anything bluetooth.


Built in microphone and speaker for making phone calls, recording audio, and playing audio. 


A small vibrating motor for discreet notifications.

Infrared Transmitter

Ever wanted to control your TV with your watch? Now you can. 

Capacitive Touch Ring

The capacitive ring that surrounds the display is one of a kind. It can read up to 10 simultaneous touches (good luck getting ten fingers in there).  Press, press and hold, swipe, rotate, double press, or even create your own gestures the input options are practically limitless, and you never have to block the view of that beautiful display.

480 MAH Rechargeable Battery 

We packed as much battery as we could, and still keep the Pi slim on your wrist.  Internal automatic charging circuitry handles recharging whenever it gets power from the USB.  Want to know how long the battery will last? Look in the Questions section below.

Micro SD Card  Slot

The Pi can read cards up to 64GB. 

Micro USB Connector

The Pi is programmed via the micro USB connection which can also be used as a serial port when debugging your latest software. With the USB slave options provided by the Teeny 3.1 processor your Pi can even act as a mouse or keyboard!


The Pi also has two physical buttons, one turns the Pi on and is fully programmable after bootup and the other is used to initiate the program sequence if you ever need to start the bootloader again. If your program crashes for whatever reason pushing the program button will force the Pi to power down.


To create the case, we employed a modeling process that gives us maximum flexibility in design. A really good design takes shape incrementally, so we produced many different prototypes, evaluated them and made changes along the way. We started with a 3D CAD design, then moved to our machine shop where we cut plastic molds. These molds allow us to do a short run of parts for each iteration. The great thing about doing it this way is that the parts have the look, feel, and function of production ready parts. Once we are satisfied the design is ready, the molds are multiplied and production begins.

The Pi case also has a unique feature you wont find in other smart watches: we designed it to be easy to open and disassemble! Why? Because, like you, we like to see what's on the inside, and we might even want to change a thing or two. Pi will let you in, and you can get it back together without any drama. Spare parts will be available for the Pi, so tinkering is encouraged.


The Pi will accept any 24mm watchband, so customizing this might be first on your list of things to do. We have selected a single style of silicone watchband that is very sturdy, comfortable, and has stitching to match the color of the Pi case. Here is a picture of three of the color schemes we are offering.  We will vote in one more color during Pi month on Kickstarter.

The Colors of Pi
The Colors of Pi

What can you do with a Pi?

Okay, the specs are cool but what kinds of things could you actually do with the Pi? We are glad you asked. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination, but here's a few things we've been thinking about to give you some ideas.

Play Video

Yet another benefit of the blazing fast processor is video playback. Check out the Pi playing video in our video! So far the max we've seen is 17 frames per second with the CPU overclocked to 120Mhz. The playback you saw in our lead video was playing at a little slower 15 frames per second and we think you'll be surprised by how amazing the video looks even at this somewhat reduced frame rate. After watching quite a bit of video on the Pi we are convinced, everything is better round.

Password keeper

Because the Pi has native USB as well as bluetooth, you can program the Pi to emulate a keyboard! So why not build a password keeper that could enter passwords into your computer or phone! This is definitely on our to do list.

Control your TV in new ways

With it's built in infrared transmitter and various other sensors you could easily program your Pi to turn the volume up when you move your hand or turn your TV off at a certain time.

Build your own games

Flappy Bird? Round pong? Multiplayer over bluetooth with your friend's Pi? There's simply too many things to list them all here, but you get the idea. The hardware is there and ready for you to build awesome games.


The high speed nature of the Pi let's you create some really smooth gauges. You could connect to an OBDII bluetooth module and display speed, RPM, temperature and any other sensor data your car has! You might even want to pull the straps off and install your Pi in a gauge pod... we'd be okay with that.


End of January 2015 - Pre-production Pi watches are built

End of February 2015 - All components in house, production starts

Mid March 2015 - Shipping commences to the first backers. In full swing, we plan to ship 25 Pi watches every weekday until complete. This is our target, we are hoping we can do better, but there is always something that slows you down. Our goal is everyone will get their Pi before the end of May 2015. Of course this date depends on how many people decide they want  Pi.


Where is the source code and design files?

Right here! You'll find completely functional code, but be aware that it's still a work in progress (that's why we are here on kickstarter!). Our hardware design files are also in a constant state of change so we haven't included these yet. They will be released when they are finished however.

How long will the battery last?

This question is not easy to answer, because it depends on how you are going to use the Pi. We did some battery testing with the sample code that will be delivered with the Pi to give you an idea:

Is Pi ready for production?

Yes. The Pi is real and ready to move into production. We have watched many crowd funded ideas come to the public a little earlier than they should have, so we waited until we were absolutely sure we were ready to deliver on a reasonable timeline. We are almost finished with the 7th design and build iteration. This will be finished before the Kickstarter comes to a close and you will see a pre-production Pi watches before January comes to a close. This is a small group of hand built units that confirm the fit and function so we can be sure the hardware is ready for volume production. We may ship these to the first backers if we deem them worthy (the watches that is... not our backers).

Generations of Pi
Generations of Pi

Is Pi water proof?

No. The Pi is by no means water proof. We are finalizing some water resistant measures for the display and the back door, but it is not meant to be in contact with water.

Where does Pi come from?

The idea, design, and hardware all come from Space Projects Ltd. A small, family owned tech company located near Fredericksburg, Va. We do everything in house, the case design, small scale production, PCB design, assembly, and of course software. We have been at this since 1981, and we have created a lot of technology over the years, but Pi takes the cake! That was bad, sorry. We hope you are as enthusiastic about this new piece of technology as we are! 

For a little more specific history on us check out our website

Can you explain the shipping costs?

Figuring out shipping costs for worldwide distribution is complex.  We chose the US Postal Service because they offer flat rate zoned pricing, which is easy to predict and less expensive than many of the alternatives. We have three shipping options:

US Domestic $ 6.00

Canada $19.00

Worldwide $23.00

When you order, be sure to select the shipping that matches your location!

These will ship from the United States, so please consider the shipping time to reach you.  Also, you are responsible for any additional fees, taxes, import duties, or paperwork that might be required to gain entry into your country. 

What is included with Pi?

Each Pi will come with a quick start guide, micro usb cable, micro SD card, silicone watchband with complementary color stitching, and a thank you note.

Thank you for supporting us!


Risks and challenges

Any technology product can suffer delays, mostly because it is nearly impossible to foresee every trouble and avoid it. However, if you take a look at our website you'll see just a few things we've built over the years. We've done this type of production before, and we have the ability to work through unexpected issues. Suppliers, shipping, production errors, damage, rain, hail, sleet, snow — we will deliver. Our scheduled delivery dates are estimated based on what we know today. But hang in there if we end up a little late, the Pi will be worth it.

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    First Pi! Because you jumped in early, you will be in the first group to get one Pi, along with our gratitude for getting us going! Black is the only color option for this reward. Comes with 2GB microSD card, micro usb cable, and black silicone band.

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    Colors! Not only are you getting Pi well below a projected retail of $199, you get color options! Your choice of black, red, yellow or carbon fiber. Comes with 8GB microSD card, micro usb cable, and black silicone band with color matched stitching.Welcome to the Pi team!
    This Pi perk starts shipping in April and will continue at approximately 25 a day until everybody has their Pi.

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