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A welded steel matrix, like DNA, will be electrified to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with marine organisms in Cancun.
A welded steel matrix, like DNA, will be electrified to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with marine organisms in Cancun.
A welded steel matrix, like DNA, will be electrified to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with marine organisms in Cancun.
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Permit (sooo close!)

Hello all you supportive generous, patient people,

On August 31st, I received news that SEMARNAT (govt responsiblle for permit regarding a strip of land where our cable crosses) had signed the letter. Yea!! You know it has been a slow journey, so this is worthy of some hugs and high fives. It has since gone on to Club Med. 

I wanted to tell you all the minute I found out, but I was not clear what I was finding out. It seems the greenlight is not quite, BUT, we are CLOSER. 

Today I am preparing for the first Maker Faire to happen in Portland this weekend.  I will have a booth with the Biorocker and the community reef, people can make small wire models of sculptures, and I am very excited about the group creation of a new coral "species" out of socks and part of an old papasan chair. Since it is all about making at Maker Faire, and Portland is the capital of reuse craftiness, we have loads of colorful socks, all sizes, ready to be stuffed and added to one intriguing new organism.

I'll be speaking at 4 PM tomorrow about Living Sea Sculptures, corals and transforming seafloors.  So if you are in the area, please come by and say hello!   I love to see friends and will be at booth #65 from 10-6 both Sat and Sun. 

I have some other good news to share, events coming up, and photo of latest Biorock scale model, so will be back shortly. 

Thank you all!  Please take a moment to envision the DNA piece in the ocean today:)


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American Natural History Museum

Happy World Ocean Weekend!

Tomorrow is the Milstein Science Series Great Barrier Reef event at the American Museum of Natural History.

From 11- 5 we will be making a steel sculptural reef in the Ocean Hall.  A large creative collaboration with no certain formal outcome, although I hope it will be very cool (with all those kids, how can it not be?). 

I've worked the past couple days creating a basic sculptural framework with 1/8" steel welded to a beautiful spiral staircase railing (think helix) at the AMNH Exhibitions studio.  Kids and all will attach the crocheted corals, jellies, and needle-felted fish (Gossamer community reef) to simulate a real ecosystem.  And they will be adding wire and steel rods to help build the reef.  In my dreams, the sculpture (sans fibers) will be sand-blasted and immersed into the sea to become a coral or oyster habitat.

Big THANKS to Clay Connally for taking down the recent exhibit of the Biorock coral simulation installation at Emerson Space Case.  It was up from April 26- June 4 in a unique Portland window display gallery that is only for street viewing. Clay sent the critters and supplies to NY for this urban reef celebration I am getting ready for tomorrow.

Coral scientist, Anya Salih, will be presenting at 12 and 2. She studies fluorescing corals and how they may have an advantage in surviving climate change due to the proteins that give them their glow.  I will be speaking at 1:30 about Biorock.  And very exciting: "Coral: Rekindling Venus" by Lynette Wallworth will be playing in the Planetarium at from 5-5:45.   Love to see some of you there!!

Papers in Mexico?  still working on it.  And funds, coming along.  Your patience and  positive thoughts this way are hugely rewarding. I will do some kind of dance when I can share that we are going back to install.  August is still on my mind. 

here's a bit of press about a possible project in the works for oysters.

Latest TEDxMonterey "Sea Change" talk

razoo fundraiser still on. 

Below are photos of the Emerson Space Case exhibit...and lastly, the Caracol House on Isla Mujeres that instigated this whole Cancun production to begin with.  That photo was taken a year ago June 2.  MUST RETURN SOON!

thank you all! Colleen, Amphtrite and Miss Snail Pail

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TEDxMonterey; theBlu in Times Square

My energy is still high and hopeful for a July or August installation. Thank you for your emotional and financial contributions and belief in me, this project and the vision.

I'm just back from TEDxMonterey "Sea Change" last Friday in California.  It was a dream of a "job" to be invited to be the licensee and help create the event with Eva Gudbergsdottir, Bob Cole, and Colleen Ann Beye at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, MIIS. (will do best to use as many acronyms in this as possible, since I know they really like them at MIIS).  It was live-streamed in 7 languages!         If you are short on time: check out the photos at the bottom!!

From scientists to economists, dancers, to educators, seafood to subsistence fishermen, it was all oceans.  I was invited to speak: "Coral Restoration-Mutual Symbiosis in the Anthropocene" was my topic (thanks, Eric Berlow, for Anthropocene) and to have Trash Tara (latest alter ego in progress) be an interactive exhibit in the Innovation Lounge. No, I did not curate myself into the show! but was grateful to be asked and to invite some unique presenters and loungers: Sustainable Now Technologies 

and theBlu

"What is theBlu?

Inspired by the Oceans, theBlu is a socially-connected, global interactive screensaver. Each time you participate, your interactions and connections impact the flow of life in theBlu and everyone's experience of it.

TheBlu is created and curated Academy Award-winning leaders and world-class artists and developers - we call them Makers. Each time you purchase beautiful species and habitats to add to the globally-connected Ocean, you support oceanic conservation."

On May 4th theBlu launches in Times Square. 5-11 PM 43rd St. Please come if you can!

I will be in NY for an art opening May 3: Tria Gallery, 6-8 PM

and will help theBlu with their launch..
Amphitrite will be on the scene...

from TEDxMonterey photo booth

Those of you who made it to TEDx, thank you and happy to see you there! Everyone else, happy to share with you that the coral refuge is still on track.

Paraphrasing Lynne Cox, swimmer of the English Channel and other cold vast waters, the path (straight) may look like 5 hours, but it is 12 hours after you have to snake around and navigate the currents, tides, and wildlife.  that is why it is a challenge and why people dream big dreams. not because they are easy. Yes, i am talking to myself here.

I received a reassuring photo of the DNA sculpture from Jason deCaires Taylor this week. Safe under a tarp...Can't seem to upload to show.

We are back to $5500 towards installation and documentation between the razoo donation page and paypal. wahoo!

here is a photo of Alyssum Pohl--aquaculturist, artist, performer-- and I at the TEDx.  She was my creative cohort in the Trash Tara exhibit where we displayed the costume in-progress and invited people to help make her "catch-all" out of 6-ring plastic holders and fish nets. A way to compassionately collect trash and transform our negative guilt or denial about our garbage into something more positive and pro-active. 


Trash Tara parts in-progress

"catch-all" on wall in progress

fishing net found 25m down in marine sanctuary (donated to project)

all photos by Alyssum Pohl

the sun is shining and cherry blossoms are snowing on me in Portland. Thanks and  love~ Colleen and Amphitrite

Cancun Kiss

Here's a "Cancun Kiss" (song) to celebrate the coral refuge and all of you!

Julie Stein (conservation biologist and co-founder of The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network) and Aaron Raitiere (songwriter) produced the song as a musical gift to support the vision. They have set up a "tribute" page to share the song and lyrics with their web visitors.

The Living Sea Sculpture is currently being reviewed by a board of conservationists, including members of the Zoological Society of London and the Wildlife Conservation Society, to determine if it fits their criteria for a Wildlife Friendly Certification.

They have not yet certified ocean work, so this is setting a precedent for the potential for marine rehabilitation to be included into their scope of projects.  I'll share what I can about their process and decisions. 

Still working towards installation this summer! Please stay tuned.

thanks!! Colleen and the LSS team

TEDxMonterey "Sea Change" -applications are open

In case you are heading to Monterey, CA this spring, or want to visit the west coast, there is an independently organized 1 day TED event on April 13, 2012.

applications to attend are being accepted for TEDxMonterey "Sea Change" now:  Reviews begin on Feb 20th, and notification early March.  Hope some of you can make it!

Super serendipity led to my being invited by the TEDxMonterey "Sea Change" team at MIIS (Monterey Institute of International Studies) to be the licensee and a speaker for this TEDx.  Lots of fun working with the creative team to co-organize.  They are doing all the producing, planning and details, so my role has truly been to bring ideas, people, and threads together with them. 

I grew up along the Monterey Peninsula, seeds of my ocean connection, so it's exciting to participate in this present day Sea Change convergence.

LSS news: Jaime, National Marine Park Director in Mexico, said with conviction in our conversation last week: "We need to break through this bottleneck." He told me his steps..He is on it.

If you haven't visited yet, From the Shore to the Seafloor: Living Sea Sculpture deploys 

It's sunny in Portland:) thank you all! Colleen

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