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A welded steel matrix, like DNA, will be electrified to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with marine organisms in Cancun.
A welded steel matrix, like DNA, will be electrified to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with marine organisms in Cancun.
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Progress in Cancun

Posted by Colleen Flanigan (Creator)

What a full-tilt adventure! We completed the land-build of Living Sea Sculpture. No less than 14 anchors to hold it to the seafloor once installed. Plans to deploy and wire the electrical are delayed due to further contracts that emerged in the final hours. Without power to catalyze a protective layer of minerals, the steel will rust and dissolve into the sea, so LSS is being stored until final clearance. Your contributions bought new tanks, regulators and cutting torches for metalwork, rental work spaces, steel and tools, electrical design and supplies, accommodations, deployment, sculpture transport,...Grateful we had such a resourceful team and collaborators to reach this milestone.

Pablo Pantoja located the site with me and was my local liaison/daily ally. (Better not begin listing all the huge support of the people in Mexico, never get through!! special thanks are at the bottom:) Wendy Thompson and Terra Nyssa did a fish survey to observe environmental impact of the project; will fish and others quickly populate the sculpture once it is in place? Lots of rain and murky waters almost prevented them from snorkeling the site, but luckily the sun and ocean gave them one bright calm day. 

Mike Gerzevitz captured some great interviews and footage of the making (as well as participated in the making). Here's a little timelapse for you:

Now Margaret Andres will begin to weave the stories as she edits. Looking forward to what Mike films underwater with his 3D camera when we go back to finish this coral refuge.

Thomas Sarkisian helped immensely with forming the metal by hand, body and foot; and with Tom Goreau, prepared the power supply for phase 2--deploy. Will have to bring Thomas back over from Thailand to calibrate and install his BOLPS (Biorock On Land Power Supply prototype 3). Hope to return for phase 2 very soon! Hurricane season is stirring up, so we aim to process the paperwork and see what the weather holds. 

Below is a photo tour taking you from "open air studio" to stainless steel the bank by the deployment boat at Puerto Cancun.  Last you see the waters of Punta Nizuc's tropical AquaFresh blue--that is the future 15 feet down. (photos by Mike G. and me)

Once again, update # 7 details how to download "Reef Reborn." Other rewards in the works.

For more from Dr. Tom Goreau about Biorock and his take on Climate Change:

And Sylvia Earle about the Coral Reefs--Rainforests of the Sea:

Gracias para todo!!

special thanks to Marcia de La Pena and Leif, Pablo Pantoja, Fredy Ulloa de La Rosa, Joel Lopez, Jason deCaires Taylor, Roberto Diaz, Mario and Enrique Chacon, Jaime Gonzales, Alain Ibanes, Todo Inoxidable - Guillermo, Suzie, and Jose Luis, Diego Gioseffi, Jorge Luis, Fernando, Lorenzo Guerrero, Kevin Watt, Karen Salinas, Rodrigo, Salvador, the staff of Aquaworld and Marenter, and of course, MUSA...the long list continues of people who have offered creativity, skill, friendship, strength, and resources in Mexico.

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