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A revenge film equally suited for art house cinephiles and die-hard genre fans.
A revenge film equally suited for art house cinephiles and die-hard genre fans.
438 backers pledged $37,828 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Daniel

      Fair enough. I must admit I did not expect a reply, so kudos for that. I'll send my paypal address through the message system. thanks for hearing me out and best of luck.

    2. Jeremy Saulnier Creator on

      Daniel! Very happy you enjoyed the film. Sorry to hear about your DVD troubles. I'm a bit scattered now, trying to prepare my latest film for it's upcoming premiere, but I want to help! Do you have Paypal? I'd be happy to reimburse you for a non region locked DVD. I hope you understand the very modest roots of our film and that the DVDs were manufactured by our US distributor. Our campaign was to solicit support for our art, which turned into commerce- we certainly tried our best but will never hold a candle to! Let me know and I'll try to remedy this- but please be patient as I'm off to the sound mix and I've got a thousand things to finish!

    3. Daniel

      finally got the time to watch the dvd.

      Great movie, but there was one thing that, in all honesty, totally pissed me off: The DVD itself.

      Why, oh why, is it region locked? I had to spend one of the limited region changes on my laptop just to be able to watch the movie (which will become 2 changes when I revert it back to my own region). Not only is this extremely limiting for my ability to actually watch the movie in the future, but I find it somewhat arrogant to send us-locked dvd's to 'international' backers.

      It actually made that I will never again support a kickstarter for a movie in the future, since I know now that I might risk getting sent movies from a different region if I do.

      Totally disapointed in your handling of the dvd itself, despite the movie being good.

    4. mike smith on

      Got the Tshirt, poster and book in a giant triangular box reminiscent of a huge Toblerone!


    5. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Awesome! I can't wait. Thanks Jeremy!

    6. mike smith on

      Heh, don't send them with United :)

      (they are not going to live that youtube down)…

    7. Jeremy Saulnier Creator on

      Ryan! Guitars are going out this week, too, with the rest of the stuff. (They will be packaged separately, however.)

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      What about the guitars?

    9. Jeremy Saulnier Creator on

      Apologies, Glenn! Had some trouble with the t-shirt delivery, but your things are en route to you now!

    10. Glenn Copeland

      So last update was 5 July, admonishing slackers to get on the stick or they'd get stuck with a size Large t-shirt. I have seen the DVD in my local media hard copy shop for a couple weeks now, so I'm wondering when anything might actually show up in my mailbox.

    11. Twitziller on

      Saw the film at a local art house theater on May 2. After anticipating the film for ages, I was still blown away by Blue Ruin. Looking forward to the DVD special features, so we can experience more of the story of the people who clawed and scratched this film into existence. Well done. Can't wait to see what's next.

    12. Missing avatar

      James Williams on

      Just finished watching the movie, it was stunning. Well worth the money and I'm very glad that you delivered. Congratulations on all the success, hope you go on to even better things.

    13. Justin Poirier on

      Emailed my local indie theater (Amherst Cinemas in MA) to see if they'd try to get the film. I'm hopeful I'll get to see it in theaters. Glad to see great reviews rolling in! I really enjoyed Murder Party which led me to back this and I'm so glad to see so much success for everyone involved!

    14. Missing avatar

      Chad Bullard on

      Jeremy, I just finished viewing the film at the Film Society in NYC. It was stunning. I am truly happy I stumbled upon your project, and congratulations!

      I hope the Q&A goes well this evening. Good luck with your future projects!

    15. David Ross Watson on

      @Glenn Copeland

    16. Glenn Copeland

      Damn you David... Now I've got something in my eye.. I think it's a grain of hope for humanity.

    17. David Ross Watson on

      Thank you Jeremy. It's good to know that it's water under the bridge.
      Looking forward to the movie more than ever! :D

    18. Jeremy Saulnier Creator on


      You are a true gentleman.

      There is absolutely no need at all to apologize but, since you did, we want you to know there are no hard feelings whatsoever. Hugs and high fives: we're all good.

      This has been a great learning experience for us and, if we could do it all over again, we would account for the (slim, so very slim) possibility that we might win "The Indie Movie Lottery" and have a full year unexpectedly dominated by promotion, travel, contracts, negotiations, and the seemingly endless technical finishing work. If we could have anticipated what was in store for the movie, we would have adjusted our rewards schedule accordingly and given you a more accurate idea of what to expect.

      But since we didn't know what was in store, and since our rewards schedule did get blasted to pieces, we sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience. And we mean that for every single one of our Kickstarter supporters. Posters and t-shirts and comic books aside, we hope that the real reward for our supporters is feeling like you bet on a winning horse and, even more importantly, that you enjoy the movie when you see it.

      Whether you gave $5 or $35 or $100, you are a part of this movie's (surreal and even embarrassing) success. If you got a little miffed because the rewards were delayed, we totally understand that and we apologize again but, ironically, it was your initial faith in this project that helped to shape that success, which temporarily diverted the delivery of the rewards!

      *cue 'Circle of Life' from The Lion King*

      Thank you again for everything, David and everyone else who may be reading this. We are forever grateful to you, we hope you enjoy the rewards as they begin to arrive, and we hope that you feel proud when you see the movie's end credits start to scroll.


      Jeremy & The BR Team

    19. David Ross Watson on

      To Mr Saulnier:

      On August 17th 2013 in Update 13 we were informed by you that there would be some delays with regards to getting the film out to backers, the reason being that The Weinstein Company/RADiUS now owned the distribution rights and Blue Ruin was scheduled for many more film festivals before we'd get a chance to see it.

      In my petulance, this made me angry and I "suggested" with an undue level of arrogance that "you'd better make this up to the backers in some way."
      "After all," I thought "I've helped this project succeed and I'm ENTITLED to the reward I was promised!" I was upset.

      So why am I posting this seven months later? Recently, another company I backed on kickstarter was bought out for $2 billion dollars - and I was happy for them. This was great! They could now build the product they'd dreamed of building and ship it to begin a technological revolution that would mark the 21st century in the history books!
      "But... why are so many people angry about this?" I wondered.
      "Isn't this what we wanted? For the company to succeed beyond our wildest dreams? It's not like we *OWN* a part of their success, they did all the work after all and we got the products we paid for. We don't have any claim on the soul of their vision, we're just along for the ride." And it was in that moment that my mind reminded me (with the strength of a hammer blow) of a strain of hypocrisy within me.
      Hadn't I done the exact same thing with Blue Ruin? Yes, I had. In the moment of someone else's pinnacle of success I decided to remind them that they *OWED* me a part of that identity - because I chipped in a measly $35 bucks.
      The shame of that realisation made my stomach drop with regret that I could have said something so stupid - and worse that someone might take what I said seriously.

      I lost sight of what a pledge means. It is a vote of confidence, a gift to a dreamer ready and willing to make it real and not a receipt claim-check on the rewards they reap.
      I made that blunder publicly, so publicly I say: I am sorry - I did a very foolish and selfish thing. Perhaps you think I'm over-reacting, perhaps you'll never even see this message and perhaps if you do it will mean nothing to you - but regardless of that in the space of seven months I have grown acutely more aware of how rare it is for us to find our Icarus moments and how wonderful it should be to live in those tiny moments of joy.
      Never again in my life do I want to even attempt to rob someone of that fulfilment and I think that today the realisation of my hubris has ensured that.


    20. James Barnes on

      Where's my junk? Drag Macon out of his cave and have him sign a hammer or something for me.

    21. Kristen Coates on

      Really looking forward to seeing this at Art House Convergence :)

    22. Reilly Smith on

      So, any updates post-TWC purchase?

    23. Gargoyle on

      "Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Rain has won the FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) prize for sidebars in Cannes." ...... I read this today ... CONGRATULATIONS Jeremy!!!

    24. Glenn Copeland

      Good job going to Cannes, but I came here to share this bit of serendipity:

    25. Missing avatar

      J.J. on

      Came to say Congratulations on Cannes and my mom beat me to it! Good Luck!

    26. Marilyn Doherty on

      Jeremy and Macon, what an honor to be selected for Directors Fortnight at Cannes. Wow, no pressure eh? Rooting for you....Marilyn D.

    27. Missing avatar

      James Williams on

      Hey Jeremy o/ How is production/post production going, would love an update :3

    28. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Hi Jeremy. How is post production going?

    29. Anthony Rodriguez on

      Congratulations! It's great to see a movie that values the story get funded!

    30. Missing avatar

      Andre Gusmao on

      Congratualations! Seems like a film with a lot of promise. Looking forward to sering it!

    31. Ben Reichelt on


    32. Ben Reichelt on

      30 seconds to go...

    33. Ben Reichelt on

      Aren't the 85 and the 90 dollar rewards the same? And is there a way to get both the signed Hellcity and The signed Murder Party?

    34. Magnus A on

      Congratulations on the funding! I'm truly looking forward seeing the result.

    35. Gargoyle on

      Congratulations Jeremy!!!

    36. Wayne Williams on

      Congrats on making goal!

    37. Low Road Pictures on

      Great project Jeremy! You're so close, I'll spread the word.

    38. Wayne Williams on

      I really didn't have the money free this month for backing this but if this movie is even half as atmospheric as the camera test footage then it would be a crime for it not to be made so I just decided that eating ramen for a week wouldn't kill me. It worked in college anyway. Break a leg guys! I look forward to the film.

    39. Missing avatar

      Victoria Porterfield on

      Good luck, Jeremy! I'm very excited for you!

      Vicky Porterfield

    40. Carl Jensen IV - Ignominious Productions on

      Can't wait. Good luck, man. I'll be sharing.

    41. Jeremy Saulnier Creator on

      Thanks for the kind words! Our short term goal is to raise $35K to make this film a reality- our long term goal is to do y'all proud!
      - Jeremy

    42. MarxistGrouch on

      More guitars! All guitars!

    43. Missing avatar

      Kerem Trolander on

      I'm a huge fan of putty hill and really loved the cinematography (ending sequence was amazing, for one). Best of luck raising the rest of your funds!

    44. Missing avatar

      J.J. on

      Good luck! This is the first I had heard and it is all very exciting! I am honored to be able to contribute!

    45. Missing avatar

      valerie poliakoff on

      good luck jeremy! if this film is anywhere near as good as 'largo' was then i cant wait to see it!

    46. MarxistGrouch on

      Huge Murder Party fan, can't wait for my Tshirt!